Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Solomon's birthday

Solomon turned 8 on Monday. Time sure flies. Seems like just yesterday I held him for the first time, and now he is almost up to my shoulders.

He had requested a soccer-themed birthday party, which was held at church on Sunday afternoon because as usual everyone in church was invited.

The cake and cupcakes:

The frosting looks kind of toxic green, but I actually used all-natural food colors.

Solomon and John. Notice the fake smiles... :)

Becky ate a whole cupcake by herself in about 12.9 seconds.

Silly string...

We played a round of crab soccer. I am using the term "we" very loosely as I was the referee.

Miriam didn't really get the "crab" part. Or she is the first and only bipedal crab.

Can you guess which team won?

We also played slalom dribble and soccer bowling.

Blowing out the candles

Opening gifts

Opening gifts from us at home on Monday

I am hoping to take Solomon and Becky for their birthday portraits this week, and post those pictures on here soon. Becky is turning 1 in three weeks.


  1. Happy birthday to your precious Solomon.Becky is so cute!

  2. that cake look great! I'm a little jealous ;-) I have to buy mine because I am just awful at decorating, they always seem to turn into ugly blobs haha.
    Happy b-day to your son

  3. We always make a big deal out of our children's birthdays, also. They look forward to it months in advance! We want them to know that they are individually very special to us, and that we were so happy that they were born! Speaking of, I am nine weeks along with number five! Due May of 2010. Very excited- this will make two May birthdays in our family! Happy birthday to your son, and good for you for making it into a grand celebration!!! ~Cassandra

  4. Happy Birthday to your son! What a great party!


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