Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lots of new photos

This post may not seem like much, but it has literally taken me hours to put up. My camera is still broken and giving me lots of trouble; I can only use about 1 of every 5 pictures I take. The software on the computer that I use to "fix" the pictures (remove red eyes, crop, etc.) is not working any more, and I have to do all that in a really round-about and time-consuming way. The computer crashed twice in the process, when it's not crashing it is painfully slow, and Blogger is giving me lots of grief. Still, I am going to win this battle! I am determined to share the pictures that I have been waiting for weeks to put up here.

Because we are doing a lot of unit studies for school this year, each of the kids has their own binder to keep their work in. Miriam really doesn't need one, but she insisted on having one just like the big kids. They all decorated their own binders.

We went on a tour of the Cerreta Candy Company, where Solomon and Isaac were allowed to make a treat.

The next few pictures were all taken at the Arizona Science Center. They were hosting a traveling Legoland exhibit. The kids loved playing with the Legos and all the costumes.

Becky loves bathing in the kitchen sink. It saves my back, too - much easier than kneeling on the floor next to the bathtub. Miriam also wants to bathe in the sink now, and on days that I need to wash her hair I let her because I use the spray thingy on the sink to do it. No more tears or screaming!

Cute picture of Becky

I sewed this gardening set for a friend's birthday. It has an apron, a gardening tote, and a sun hat. The pattern was super easy and explained every very well.

Miriam and John working on some worksheets. They both enjoy "school" and often ask to work even on days that we are "off".

Some friends visited from Idaho and gave my husband a "Your Best Life NOW!" board game for a gag gift. We actually played it, and it was so weird it was funny. At one part, you had to look in the mirror and tell yourself all the wonderful things about YOU. We really enjoyed having our friends' company, in spite of the goofy game.

Isaac surprised me with these flowers, that he bought out of his own money for me one day while we were out shopping. He was disappointed that he did not have enough money to buy a dozen roses, but I absolutely loved these, and told him they were much nicer than roses. They lasted for a really long time. What a sweetheart! We have the best kids!

A few weeks ago, we threw a surprise pregnancy shower for a lady in our church. This is NOT a baby shower. This is just to celebrate Mom and the fact that she is pregnant. We had lots of ice-cream and yummy cake.

Becky LOVES strawberries. She can eat dozens of them at a time. It's messy, but very cute. See for yourself in the video below.

We finally went to see the huge meteor crater up in Northern Arizona. It was pretty impressive. Miriam brought her stroller along, her new obsession. Everywhere she goes, it goes, along with ten babies/stuffed animals, a play carseat, and at least one purse. It's really quite the production to tag all that along in addition to my five kids. John pretends to be Miriam's husband. They have names for all ten kids, and they range in age from newborn to three (scary, huh?). The 3-year old, Tad, is bratty and gets in trouble a lot, because he is the oldest and thinks he can do whatever he wants. Or so I have been told.

Isaac standing in front of the apartment where he was born in Citrus Heights, CA.

Photos from the railroad museum in Sacramento. Solomon took the picture of me. In the third photo, Solomon is pointing at Billy Graham's two mail slots in the mail sorter car.

At Apple Hill with Grandma (my husband's mom). Boy, did we find some killer apple doughnuts there! I wish I had one right now. This will have to do next time I get a craving for them.

Pictures from Old Sacramento. We rode the old steam train on a 6-mile trip, and then browsed the restored historic downtown area.

Because we were traveling with five squirmy little kids, we took three days to drive back to Arizona from Northern California. My husband had work to do along the way, so it worked out well that way. The first night, we stopped in Morro Bay, right on the ocean. The second night we spent at our favorite resort in Indian Wells, which was totally deserted. The kids had the pools and water slide completely to themselves, there was literally nobody else there. Thanks to Priceline's "Name Your Own Price", we paid $60 for a huge suite with 3 queen beds that very comfortably accomodated all of us. Much cheaper than Motel 6 (they charge per person), and definitely much nicer!

We are back home now and things are slowly returning to normal. My husband lost much of his business because of all the media hype - his biggest customer dropped him. He had to let all of his employees go, and has to do all of the work himself again now, which involves a lot of travelling. Hopefully, he will be able to rebuild his business over time.

The kids are finally starting school this coming Monday. More on that in another post.


  1. When you had mentioned in another post that things were going to get tougher financially, I had wondered what that meant.

    Hopefully his business will rebuild quickly and you all will be able to make do with the money that does come in until that time.

  2. Thank you for sharing your pictures. All look wonderful and seems like you had a wonderful time.

    So sorry to hear about your husband business. I'm sure things will start to turn around. Once the attention is off of your family people will begin to forget this even ever happened.

    God Bless

  3. You have such a lovely family! The pictures were so fun to see, thank you for sharing those :)

    I pray things have calmed down a bit for you guys.


  4. I love your precious pictures. We are doing unit studies this year, too, and we love them! What curricula are you using? Many blessings!

  5. Sorry to hear about the business..... The Lord is your provider so no worries!!!! Great and fun pics.

  6. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics!! I loved how you said the kiddos said they pretend they are married and have ten kids hilarious!! You are such an seem to get so mcuh done and still do tons of fun stuff with the kids!!

  7. Okay, that video of becky eating the strawberry has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen! I love how she just stops everything and all eyes on the strawberry lol.

  8. Love the pictures! The children are all adorable! I love the sense of humor your friends had with the game. That is so funny!


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