Saturday, September 5, 2009

Homeschooling or Obama Youth, you choose

I am quite certain that everyone by now has read or heard about the controversy surrounding Obama making a speech in public schools this coming Tuesday addressing children directly. The corresponding curriculum asks students to “write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president” and to discuss what “the president wants us to do.”

Forget what the law/Constitution wants us to do, or ***GASP*** what is right to do based on what GOD wants. No, what does the king want us to do? I mean, if he says do this, or do that, or shoot these people, or take this vaccine, or turn on the gas chamber, we just need to follow orders, right?

Hitler knew the importance of reaching the young, as these two posters saying "Youth serving the F├╝hrer - All 10-year olds into the Hitler Youth" demonstrate. Obama learned from the best about teaching children to be concerned about his needs, rather than our country's, without stopping to think about right and wrong. Did you know that the Hitler Youth was NOT compulsory? It wasn't. No doubt, there was a lot of pressure (from peers and politicans) to join, but I have met several elderly Germans who were raised in strict "religious" homes whose parents would not allow them to join no matter how much the children begged.

Such is not the case in our very own school district, Tempe Elementary School District #3, which is not permitting parents to pull their children out of class during the Obama speech. Nor are they waiting for the children to turn 10, but rather include even the youngest preschoolers in this propaganda. In fact, all teachers are required to watch the speech, also, regardless of their policical persuasions.

“I have directed principals to have students and teachers view the president’s message on Tuesday,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Arthur Tate Jr. said in a statement Thursday. “In some cases, where technology will not permit access to the White House Web site, DVDs will be provided to classes on subsequent days. I am not permitting parents to opt out students from viewing the president’s message, since this is a purely educational event.”

Wow, this guy is really someone. I guess if we put our children in government schools, he would have final say over our children instead of us. Really, anyone not listening to this speech will have serious gaps in their education. Who cares if they graduate kids who can not read well, spell properly, speak coherently, use logic, or understand basic math, as long as they all heard Obama's speech of historic importance, read off no less because the guy doesn't even know how to articulate himself intelligently.

Most school districts around the country are less strict, and do allow parents to opt their children out of viewing. Of course, they may not be informing you about other more damaging agendas, such as reading books like "My Two Dads" to your kindergartener.

Oh, and please, I did not like or approve of Bush Sr. or Jr. any more. I did not approve of their appearances in public schools, or much of anything else they did. They were warmongers trying to bring about a one-world government, just like Obama. Not everyone who is against Obama voted for McCain/Palin.

This Tuesday, my poor children will miss the speech. Instead, my 7-year old will be studying fractions, how to add/subtract/multiply/divide/reduce them, a basic math skill that seems to be all but lost these days. Our six year old will work on his spelling, while I will sit down to have my 4-year old read a book to me. I know all this will pale in comparison to this important speech, but such is the lot of homeschooled students - they are expected to study and think for themselves.


  1. It's very shallow to draw an opinion on his speech when the transcript hasn't been released. I didn't vote for him and don't agree with his policies. But, I do agree that kids should get a good education - where ever they receive it.

  2. Amen, Mrs. Anderson! I don't know if our child's school will show the speech or not because we have been out-of-town since Tuesday. I may go to our child's school Tuesday and ask him to be excused or take him home if his class is expected to watch this Presidential speech.

  3. Not all schools are going to watch the speech. My kids' school district is against it.


  4. As a public school teacher, I will begin by saying that I personally have no problem with the President delivering a speech to school children. There is nothing to indicate to me that he plans to say or do anything other than encourage children to work hard and be successful. I really don't see what all the hoopla is about. However, I do think parents have the right to decide what their children see and listen to. I don't agree with school systems that are requiring students and teachers to watch the video, nor do I agree with school systems that are banning the speech. In my own school district here in West Virginia, it is left up to the teacher to decide whether or not it is appropriate for his/her class. Parents can contact the teacher if they don't want their child to see it. I would like for my class to watch it, but I've already had one parent who has told me that she doesn't want her child to see it. I am sensitive enough to a child's feelings that I'm not going to single her out and remove her from the classroom while I show the video, so I've decided not to show it. Also, it isn't on at a convenient time for me. I will be teaching math at that time. Yes, we still teach academics in public schools.

    As for the accompanying lesson plan, it is not at all unusual for teachers to get suggested lesson plans whenever we have a guest speaker or go on an educational field trip. If Ronald McDonald comes to school to tell the kids to just say no, we get a lesson plan. If Smokey the Bear comes to teach about fire prevention, again we get a lesson plan. Next month my school is going on a Jacques Cousteau Ocean Adventure field trip, and yes, we already have a suggested lesson plan.

    I would also like to say that I admire you for homeschooling your children, and I do think that it is the best way to educate children if it is done right. Your children are fortunate to have an intelligent, educated, dedicated mother who can teach them. Unfortunately, that is not the case in many families. We are experiencing what I believe are the worst parenting skills in history. For many children in this country, the 6 or 7 hours they spend in school are the only good hours of their day. We are living in a day when mothers won't even drag themselves out of bed long enough to see their children get on the school bus safely, when mothers go from one live-in boyfriend to another (boyfriends who molest their little girls while they look the other way), when children ask for extra helpings at lunch, then horde the food in their lockers because they aren't sure they will have anything to eat when they get home. These people have no business homeschooling their children, and their kids are definitely better off in school.

    I guess I live in a more conservative area than you do, because I guarantee you that no teacher in my district would be reading a book about 2 dads, or 2 moms, or gay penguins, or whatever. It's just not something we believe in around here.

    Sorry this is so long. I understand if you don't publish it. Maybe I should write my own blog post on the subject.

  5. This topic has been haunting me for days now. My children go to the Finley Farm Elementary in Gilbert AZ and I went back and forth on the issue. Because my husband’s work is still very slow we needed extra income so I have been working full time (can't home school even if I wanted to at this point until things pick up for him).
    I wrote the school an email stating that since I really don't have a choice to keep my child home they will be attending that day. I added that I very much disapprove of what the scum bucket of a president is doing. Long story short my older son is very politically savvy so I'm not too worried. I spoke to him in great length about this and about what is so wrong about what he is doing. My son's comment was "haven't we heard enough of this guy." He's not looking forward to this. My 5 year old I don't think he fully gets any of this but I could be very wrong.
    I think it's crazy that the school needs a permission slip to take our kids on a field trip BUT the twisted freak in the Whitehouse can indoctrinate our kids as he pleases. So are they going to drill my child on how many guns we have in the house? Or how their parents feel politely and how he can help the president change "their minds?" Hell will freeze over before I let that animal do that to my kids.
    The vaccination is freaking me out more and more each day. My husband and I already agreed that we will pull both kids out of school immediately if they make this vaccination mandatory. I really am starting to believe it’s a scare tactic AND that they are trying to do population control with this vaccination. He is the MOST frightening president we have had yet. He moves quickly with little immediate disruption… quickly enough for many to not even notice that their lives have so drastically changed. All I can say is what has this country come to?

  6. Oh my goodness, I just thought I'd let you know that your husband was apart of my nightly news broadcast tonight on FOX, it was very weird. They showed footage of him arguing with a protestor about Obama. I'll just say that the news broadcast didn't seem to report anything that wasn't true.

    As for the speech tomorrow, my county isn't broadcasting it, I'm not sure why though. But I do agree that is quite eerily similar to the whole Hitler youth thing. Thanks for bringing this subject to my attention!

  7. Please open a thread on AXJ as well.

  8. I have read the text of the speech and I don't see anything inherently harmful in it. It is basically talking about how kids should work hard in school and education is important. He's not pushing any particular political agenda that I can see.

    Nonetheless I do feel parents should have the right to opt their kids out of it if they see fit, and it's odd to me that your school district isn't allowing that. I guess it's fortunate that you're homeschooling. ;)

    I am planning to let Jamie watch the webcast of the speech later on today.

  9. I also teach my child to think for himself, this is why I will allow him to watch this and we will discuss it afterward. He (my son, I can not speak for other peoples children) needs to know that there are other opinions out there and why we believe the way we do. I think his thinking should be challenged. Usually when a belief system is challenged the person comes back to what they believed and they understand why the believe it. This is just my opinion. I think you are a wonderful mom (from what your blog speaks about you.) and it seems you are doing a fantastic job training up your children.

  10. "We need every single one of you to develop your talents, skills and intellect so you can help solve our most difficult problems," Obama said. "If you don't do that — if you quit on school — you're not just quitting on yourself, you're quitting on your country."...
    I don't find that offensive one bit..& to compare what hes doin to what Hitler did is just downright silly..

  11. Dear Christine,

    First off I would like to say that I have such respect for you that you are a teacher and do your best to provide a good experience for your children. It takes a special person to do your job and do it well.

    I have to say that Obama's speech though seemed very harmless it does have things that just seem like the sugar to make the cake. He's giving the kids the "ow you poor kids who have no support at home, daddy and mommy are helpless, mommy/daddy have no money and you can rely on ME to reassure you that everything is going to be fine with ME being here for you".

    I know some may think I am looking at this to deeply but reality is sometimes we must to see beyond the surface. Something about him just makes my skin crawl.

  12. I'm really having trouble comprehending what the problem is, exactly. I did a whole blog post on the subject. I must say I appreciate the perspective of grade1teacher.

    We have a little bit different view of public school, maybe because my husband actually works at one, and actually sees what goes on, and can see that although it gets a lot of flak from home schoolers, it really isn't the devil, and that kids can get through it and be strong Christians just fine.

    I don't see the problem with this speech airing. If parents do their job then their children ought to be able to think critically, and think for themselves, and this speech shouldn't be a problem. Nobody is "forcing" anything on the kids because last I heard the school district was NOT putting guns to students heads telling them they MUST believe everything they are told by Obama.

    If parents have had their kids in public school, they shouldn't be worried about viewing the speech beforehand since every day they allow the school to teach a curriculum that many of them haven't previewed. Just seems like a HUGE double standard to me.

    I doubt the speech will be very motivational anyway...the majority of kids aren't even going to care and will goof off and then forget most of it anyway.

    I am not raising my children to think exactly like me. I am raising them to hopefully do what is right and love the Lord, and if some of what they believe differs to what I believe, I will be glad that they have enough brains of their own to think about these things.

  13. Actually it was a wonderful speech. I don't know where you got that he was going to tell children to "write letters about what they can do to help the president and to discuss what the president wants them to do." Obama didn't say anything like that. Here is everything that was said today.

    Someone gave you misinformation because the speech was nothing like what you posted.

  14. I loved the pictures linked to your blog entry.

  15. I feel grateful and blessed that my five year old daughter attends a private school and was not exposed to the speech. Thanks for being so brutally honest regarding this subject! Its nice to know that in such a democratic city (NYC), I am not alone in my beliefs.

  16. Of course, this first speech sounded innocuous. The feds aren't stupid. They want everybody to say, "See, Obama's not so bad, and the government is your friend." Then when they've got everybody won over to their side, they'll start slipping in the dangerous stuff. Study the nature of propaganda in tyrannical countries over the course of history. It always starts out sounding reasonable then gradually adds the irrational. Unfortunately, our society has become not only godless but non-thinking as well, and we are ripe for deception.

  17. disney,
    A lesson plan *was* provided for the schools to instruct the children in writing a letter to themselves about what they could do for Obama. The students would have watched the speech, then the teacher would facilitate a discussion (however short or long), and finally the students would write the letters.

    This lesson plan is mainly what the uproar is about. I personally think that Obama's "speech" changed after the uproar about the lesson plan, because, as you said, the speech he gave on Tuesday said NOTHING about what the students could "do" for him.

  18. jane,
    The Department of Education posted a lesson plan that teachers could use if they chose to. It wasn't mandatory. The Department of Education changed one sentence of the lesson plan because apparently it was not clear enough for some people.

    I've got four kids left in the public school system, two in college, and one out of college and working. I've stressed to my kids the same things that were in Obama's message, but there are a lot of children out there who need to hear these things because their parents do not stress the importance of a good education.

  19. Christine - all state have exemptions for shots. There are 3 - religious, medical, ethical. You can see what your state allows and just fill out and sign the form.

  20. disney,
    Earlier you stated, " 'I don't know where you got that he was going to tell children to "write letters about what they can do to help the president and to discuss what the president wants them to do.' "

    This is the sentence that was changed:

    "'The original lesson plan asked children to “write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.” It has since been changed to say “Write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals.” '"

    But, apparently you already knew the answer to your original question. I feel kind of silly for trying to help you, as it appears you were not asking in a sincere manner.


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