Friday, September 4, 2009

The Alex Jones Show

My husband was a guest on the Alex Jones Show again yesterday. You can view the interview below (there are four parts to it).


  1. Praying for someone to die, is NOT a christian trait. That is something that is left up to god to make the choice. You wishing death, or hardship upon someone is as bad as doing that action yourself. That is a view taken directly from the bible. I think the dark deeds the government are very wrong, and I think they should be exposed publicly. However, using your division of faith is not the way to do this. You are misquoting the bible, and commiting your own sins by wishing these horrible things upon people.

    ---As for the police beating, I hope you win your suit against them. Police brutality is getting way out of hand. There was no call for the numerous taser hits.


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