Monday, August 31, 2009

What is CNN scared of?

CNN first called my husband last week about wanting to do a live interview with him, to which he agreed. However, due to the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, the interview was postponed. In the meantime, my husband did a live radio interview with Alan Colmes, as well as a few others, in all of which he came out on top and the hosts all flustered and mad.

Suddenly, when CNN got back to my husband, they now only wanted to do a pre-recorded interview, from which they (by their own admission) wanted to take clips. My husband declined, reiterating that he was only interested in doing a live interview that would not be cut into soundbites and taken out of context. At that point, CNN backed out.

You can watch this clip of my husband talking about that.

I pity anyone who watches CNN and actually believes it. They said on air that they have confirmed that Pastor Anderson was investigated by Secret Services.

This is simply a lie. We have not been contacted by ANY government officials. I guess CNN thought it would make their story more credible if they made it sound like what my husband preached was borderline illegal when it wasn't.

How do the people at CNN take their job seriously? Why would anyone want to be a dishonest failure, no matter how much money they were paid?


  1. I, like your husband, would be very wary of trusting CNN with anything other than a live feed. I saw an interesting documentary once where they showed how they put these types of news things together and it's amazing how they can really twist someone's words around. It is very unfortunate that the majority of Americans get most of their news from either CNN or Fox both of which have obvious agendas and very strong bias. And, even more unfortunately, the vast majority of people are unable to pick this bias or agenda and as a result believe what they are being fed. That's truly scary. I have my trusted news sources but even then I think about who is writing the article and for what purpose

  2. CNN and their content are globalist and extremely Democrat/Liberal. The last time I watched a bit of that channel the anchor/host rudely cut off a caller. I know they often cut off the guests abruptly too. They probably would've spun or twisted your (pastor's) words whether interviewed live or pre-edited/recorded. The Christians and conservatives in Georgia should kick CNN's headquarters out of their state, just as the UN should be kicked out of our country!

  3. Oh my goodness. It is mind blowing when you think about how biased the main stream media is. I am glad to see a family standing up for what is right. God bless.

  4. It has to be VERY fusturating to have your words twisted on a news channel and you're watching it thinking, "That's not what I said!"

    I feel for you and your family going through this. I think it's a bunch of media hype and just a waste of time for them to make such a huge deal out of this. The fact that those idiots stand outside your church and try to get in is just mind blowing. Don't we live in a free country where you can say what you want?

    I told my husband there should be a group of people who stand out there with Pro-Pastor Anderson signs just to get on their nerves but in the end that's what they want is a scene. It's got to get old after a while.

    God be with you all and keep you safe.

    Gilbert, AZ


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