Monday, August 31, 2009

Our plans this week

Originally, we were going to start school today, although in the back of my mind I had always entertained the option of starting next Tuesday instead. I like the old-fashioned idea of starting the day after Labor Day, but then again, there is always the possibility that I could get pregnant again soon, in which case a 9-month pregnancy and a 9-month school year would go together very well, rather than having to take a baby break and then do school for another month or two to finish out the school year. Hence the decision to start today.

But, that was before the events of the last two weeks. I really do not know why people are suddenly so outraged by my husband's preaching, since it has been the same since we started the church. He preached against President Bush just as harshly, a fact that the liberal media has failed to acknowledge, choosing instead to label him as a right-wing Republican (which my husband is not) and a racist (which he is also not). Personally, I am not all that bothered by the phone calls, hate mail, and death threats, and there have literally been thousands of these. I believe in what my husband is doing, and am certain that God can protect us in any situation. Always carrying a gun also helps. :) I also wanted to clarify that none of us were interrogated/interviewed/visited by Secret Services. We have never met them or talked to them. CNN made up that lie to give their story credibility, and to make it seem like my husband was doing something borderline illegal. CNN also edited Chris, the Black gentleman who goes to our church and brought his automatic rifle to an Obama demonstration (it was all over the national news a few weeks ago), to make him appear like a White supremacist. Figure that one out.

In order to give the kids a break, and to make it a fun family time, I have decided to not start school until next week, after all. This gives me a chance to tie up some loose ends around the house. I will post later this week about my final curriculum choices, what is new this school year, etc.


  1. well didn't you know? It's perfectly alright to speak harshly against Bush (I guess because he's white). The same people who criticize Steve for his preaching against Comrade Obama are the same ones who said worse things about President Bush. The communist news network is liberal dribble and I hope no one actually believes anything they have to say if they're actually wasting their time watching that trash.

  2. I like the name of your other blog :) Clever.... So sorry you are going through this. We saw the CNN thing and how they said the Secret Service talked to him. We were worried. I am so sick of the world we live in. Enjoy your kids this week!!! We were going to start school this week but they are all throwing up and ill today.... Such is life. Lots of laundry today!!

  3. Wow, what lies are flying around out there! Thanks for giving us the real scoop on things. I did listen to that sermon, and I understood your husband's point. I also agree that your husbands preaching hasn't changed, and he has been just as harsh on other issues/people.

    I pray for this to all calm down soon for your family's sake. Glad you are taking an extra week to just enjoy your babies!!


  4. My uncle made the comment to me last Thursday that he believes the media in this country is responsible for getting Obama elected. I thought about it for a few days and after seeing the CNN report about your husband I believe he could be right. They are communist and wicked to the core. So of course they will attack anybody who says anything harsh about Obama.

  5. I'm sorry you've been going through stuff like that. I haven't seen the news, but we don't have TV so I don't really keep up with stuff. Probably a waste of time anyway since they don't tell the truth. I was studying journalism and social work and all that kind of stuff in college in Australia (pre-salvation) and it is interesting how they teach you to lie but they make out it's ok because your story has to be "newsworthy".

    I haven't heard any of your husband's sermons, I have read a few as I prefer a text format on the computer. However, his style hasn't bothered me. I think people like Dr Ruckman are pretty harsh sometimes too, but usually they are RIGHT and what they are saying needs to be said. Hope he doesn't mind being compared to Dr Ruckman lol I think that man is awesome.

    I too tend to be pretty blunt etc but apparently that is "not appropriate" for a woman. You are lucky that you have a husband that appears to appreciate you being blunt as well. My husband always gets mad at me for "offending people" and "starting fires". Apparently he thinks that being blunt means that I don't have a sweet spirit. Yes, I know I need to work on the sweet spirit thing, but I'm still not sure that the two are mutually exclusive, you know?

    Anyway I think I have written enough now LOL.

  6. We start school the day after Labor Day. We have a small, one-room ACE school in our church- for our church member's kids only. My husband is the supervisor of it, so he is there with my two boys the entire day. I love it. He is a better teacher then I am. =) I am starting my daughter, who is four, in the ACE learning to read program this year. It has worked great for us. I have taught all my children at four to read, and they do great with the program. They then go to the school where Daddy is their teacher for first grade on up. It's great because we live in the parsonage right next to the church, so I can watch them walk over every morning, and I can bring them hot lunch. We always start the day after Labor Day. It's tradition. = )

  7. I rarely, if ever, watch TV (if I really want to watch something, we record it so that we can skip commercials) so I have been avoiding most of the media hoopla about all of this. The last I heard it was not illegal to criticize the president! Plenty of people disagree with him, just like plenty disagreed with Bush, and that is part of what makes this a good place to live, we are free to disagree with our elected leaders if we so choose! I am just sorry your family is bearing the brunt of all this criticism.

    About school--the public schools around here go back to school quite early. This year they started on August 19th. We decided to start the following Monday so that we could more or less keep on their schedule, since my son does have a lot of friends who are not homeschooled. That way I won't have to feel like we are getting "behind" if I let him take time off when they have Christmas break, spring break, etc. I also wanted to start earlier this year because last year we started late and ended up having to do schoolwork well into June, which I did not like. I enjoy having time off in the summer so that we can swim and do other outdoor activities.


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