Monday, August 31, 2009

A new blog

Due to the recent influx of traffic to my blog, I have started a new, private blog that is open to invited readers only.

IF you have been a regular reader of this blog, and IF I feel like I know you from previous comments/emails/personal contact, and IF you would like to be invited, please leave me a comment with the email address that you would be logging in from. Your comment will not be published as to not make your email public.

I will continue to post on this blog as well, but there will no longer be personal information and/or photos.

Edited to add: I cannot invite you unless you send me your email address. Also, since Blogger will only allow a total of 100 readers on a private blog, I am just "collecting" email addresses this week and not adding many, in case there are more requests than that and I have to chose by priority.

Also, I had to rename this blog since the new, private blog took the original name. Sorry for the confusion. This is still a work in progress.

Edited to add (9/4): Thank you for the many requests to be added as readers to my blog. There were about a dozen requests that forgot to include their email address, without which it is impossible for me to send an invitation to our private blog. If you sent a request and have not yet been invited, this may be why.

Also, due to the many requests from faithful readers, I will "mirror" my personal blog somewhere else when I exceed the 100 invited readers (which I am close to) so I will not have to turn anyone down just for that reason.


  1. Hi Zsuzsanna,
    I would still love to read your blog .I have been reading for nearly a year now. You do so much resarch that I don't have time to do. Thank you for all your stories and informative blogging.


  2. My husband and I love your blog and have following it for about a year now up here in Alberta, Canada. I know we have never commented or made an effort to establish some kind of relationship with you, but it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to continue reading your new blog, and thus continue being inspired by your life, words, and children. 100 readers is not a lot, and you have a great community to add before considering me. I may not make your list, and that's understandable! But if there does happen to be some spots open in the end, please consider counting me one of the lucky :) Thank you!


  3. Well Mrs.Anderson I must say that I am disappointed to read that your blog will no longer be open to the public. I have been reading your blog since January of this year and have enjoyed myself with reading your posts and seeing your beautiful family. I am 24 years old a wife and mother to 2 beautiful children my son Michael 3 and Esther 2. I understand your reasoning behind closing your blog and am disappointed in myself for not having made myself more present in the past. Thank you very much for your time in reading this comment and in your service to many of us through this blog.

    In Christ,
    Bianca Samuels

  4. I am so sorry you have had to do this, however I think you've done the right thing. You just never know whos reading. I read often but comment rarely so will fully understand if you don't want to add me. I would however like to keep up to date with your husbands struggles. God Bles You and and your family, stay safe and healthy. Kaje xx

  5. Hi Zsuzsanna,
    I would like to be considered to be on your new blog - I love reading about your family. I do understand if you need to only include your family, church friends, and known friends - but if room, I do enjoy reading about your days and would like to be included. I love your calmness with your children.

    On your recent blog entry about Michelle Duggar - Our family has met them (though we are closer friends with Anna's family (she is Josh Duggar's wife) - You can even briefly see me and some of my family members in their wedding video! Michelle is the same person in "real life" as you see in TV interviews. I wrote about Josh's wedding and meeting them in the first entries on my blog. Just some info....


  6. Zsuzsanna,
    I wonder if your husband has thought about the potential damage to your children and/or you that could arise from his behavior. His in-your-face hate speech is very incendiary and folks looking for a reason to do harm could very easily make you a target. I suspect that's why you've suddenly removed all pictures & personal info from your blog. Unfortunately, what he says reflects on all of you. There are a lot of unstable people out there (some would argue he is one of them.) While I vehemently disagree with Steven's views and behavior, I don't wish any harm to your family. I just hope he is considering the possible ramifications.
    As an aside, I mostly disagree with your views, too...but I've been interested in some of the birth stories you've posted. And, being a pro-choice person, I find it despicable that some of these medical procedures are performed against the wishes of the patient (mother).

  7. Dear Zusuzsanna,

    I recently visited the website of your church and I have a few questions. I don't want to attack your beliefs or ideals, I was just a bit confused about some of the statements on the site and their Biblical basis.
    1. The website said that your church believes in only the local church and not the universal church. Is there a Scripture reference you could supply to clarify that?
    2. I noticed that you are very critical of Rick Warren's "The Purpose-Driven Life." What are some of your objections to what he says?
    3. Do you or your church believe that all male OB/GYNs are evil or perverted?
    Again, I don't want to insult you or start an argument. I was just wondering what you think.

    Thank you.

  8. Elizabeth, Bianca, Kelsey, and Fourkid,

    I published your comments on here to let you know that I would like to send you an invitation to the private blog, but I do not have your email address. Please leave another comment with your email address. Thanks!

  9. Hi,

    My name is Miranda I am 28 years old with 6 blessings. We are a homeschooling....home everything LOL family. I have been reading your blog for a while now but have never posted.

    Id love to follow your new blog.You can check out who we are at my blog at fruitful abundance


  10. THe Lord has called me to Nogales Mexico as a missionary and I am thankful for your spanish class. I will be praying for you. Dios te bendiga.......hermano Fred


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