Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Court Documents in PDF Format

For those of you who are interested in my husband's case in the border patrol incident, you can read up on all of the legal correspondence on his blog.

More personal blog posts to be published shortly.


  1. Although i don't agree with the rhetoric and tactics of your husband and find some of your husbands opinions doubtful to say the least, i found the border patrol infringement on his rights, and their brutality, despicable!

    This America not Mexico or Colombia!

  2. I read about this some time ago and find it deplorable what this country is doing to it's own citizens. The government is looking to infringe upon the rights of others at every turn and they're not going to stop. I hope you are victorious in your suit against them.

  3. Hello Mrs. Anderson We recently found out about the incident regarding Mr. Anderson and the boarder patrol, we find this completely appalling and controversial, we enjoy listening to your husband preach GODS word and we will be praying for Mr. Anderson on getting his case dismissed which should have happened his first court date, we find this unfair for a man of GOD to be going through this because he stood up for his rights. We were also wondering if Mr.Anderson would be returning to Sermon audio in the near future we miss his preaching the Word of GOD and again we pray that this mistrial is thrown aside so your husband may be able go on with his life of preaching GODS word.

  4. You are a Hero! I am praying for your victory in this. Thank you for pursuing justice. You fight for us all.


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