Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another perverted male OB/GYN

The following is an excerpt from a lawsuit brought against Scott Pierce, an OB/GYN, by a lady who was attended by him during her birth.


[Begin excerpt]

Labor & Delivery Process

17. At 4 a.m. on March 1, 2008, Plaintiff’s contractions were eight minutes apart. She and her husband Larry proceeded to the Emergency Department at Rush medical Cetner. Upon arrival, Plaintiff met Meagan Hansen, M.D. (hereinafter referred to as “Dr. Hansen”), the resident assigned to her. Dr. Hansen called Defendant Pierce, the obstetrician, who had agreed to deliver Plaintiff’s baby in Dr. Weitzner’s absence.

18. Dr. Hansen checked the Plaintiff and told her she was dilated to four centimeters. Dr. Hansen recommended that the Plaintiff get an epidural immediately.

19. Dr. Hansen contacted Defendant Pierce at approximately 4:00 – 4:15 a.m.

20. Plaintiff could hear Dr. Hansen’s side of the conversation with Defendant Pierce. She could tell Defendant Pierce was argumentative with Dr. Hansen when she told him that Plaintiff was dilated four to five centimeters. Defendant Pierce wanted to know if it was four or five centimeters. Dr. Hansen rechecked Plaintiff and told Defendant Pierce it was closer to four centimeters.

21. Defendant Pierce apparently wants patients to call him first before proceeding to the emergency room at Rush Medical Center, which is not a Rush hospital policy.

22. Plaintiff was moved to labor and delivery when she had dilated to six centimeters. She was being attended to by Rhonda Stankiewicz, R.N. (hereinafter referred to as “Nurse Stankiewicz”) and Dr. Hansen. Both Nurse Stankiewicz and Dr. Hansen agreed that the time was right for an epidural. Nurse Stankiewicz called anesthesia for the epidural.

Meeting Defendant Pierce

23. At approximately 8:10 a.m., Defendant Pierce arrived. He approached the Plaintiff, who read his name and saw the Rush Medical Center logo on his jacket. Plaintiff believed Defendant Pierce was an employee of Rush Medical Center. He immediately stated, “Did you call anyone before you came in?” Plaintiff perceived that he was very angry. Plaintiff responded that her instructions from Dr. Weitzner were to come down to the Emergency Room if she went into labor since Dr. Weitzner was out of town for the weekend. Dr. Weitzner had not instructed her to call first. Defendant Pierce responded with words to the effect of, “By law someone has to cover for the doctor. And people need to plan. You should know better since this is your fifth child. You should have come in sooner at ten to fifteen minute contractions rather than eight minutes.” Defendant Pierce complained that he had to arrive in a matter of minutes but it had been over four hours since he was first called. His drive took approximately eighteen minutes.

24. At all relevant times Plaintiff believed Defendant Pierce was employed by Rush Medical Center because of his jacket with the Rush logo. Plaintiff believe that she was in good hands because Rush described their medical services in advertisements as follows: “It’s how medicine should be.”

25. Over the next two to two and a half hours, Defendant Pierce would not let the patient have an epidural or any other pain medication. He told Plaintiff and her husband that the baby would be born in ten minutes, which he knew or should have known was false, given Plaintiff’s degree of dilation. Even after the baby was not born in ten minutes, Defendant Pierce still didn’t let her have an epidural or any other pain medication, just letting her suffer all that time unnecessarily.

26. Dependant Pierce repositioned the Plaintiff in the stirrups so that her toes were turned in (pigeon toed) and her buttocks were no longer on the table. This positioning required Plaintiff to support herself with her arms. Despite her repeated requests to be repositioned because her right leg was cramping, and she had two herniated disks in her back, Defendant Pierce refused and made her remain in this position until he left the room after the delivery.

27. Defendant Pierce would not answer any of the Plaintiff’s questions and would interrupt her repeated saying “Shut up, close your mouth, and push.”

28. At one point during the delivery, Plaintiff was in the middle of a very strong contraction when Defendant Pierce decided to perform a vaginal exam. Plaintiff specifically stated, “No. Stop!” Defendant Pierce refused and performed a very rough vaginal exam causing Plaintiff extreme pain.

29. Defendant Pierce proceeded to ask for a “hook” and break Plaintiff’s water bag. Defendant Pierce told Dr. Hansen that the water bag broke spontaneously, without admitting that he artificially ruptured Plaintiff’s membranes with a hook. Defendant Pierce again stated that the baby was going to be here in ten minutes.

Predicted Hemorrhage

30. Defendant Pierce told the Plaintiff that she was probably going to hemorrhage and that the blood had better be ordered. At that time, the chances that the baby was going to be born in ten minutes were zero. The chances that Plaintiff was going to hemorrhage were not increased, as she was not a grand multipara.

31. Plaintiff was extremely frightened by the statements. Defendant Pierce specifically stated that both she and her unborn baby might die. Plaintiff had experienced a stillbirth several years before which was very traumatic for her and her husband.

32. After the room was prepared for delivery, Defendant Pierce took a seat on a stool between Plaintiff’s legs at her perineum and requested that Dr. Hansen sit next to him. Defendant Pierce began cross-examining Dr. Hansen in an extremely rude and aggressive manner that Plaintiff found distressing.

Cell Phone Calls About Abortion During Delivery

33. Defendant Pierce then took a phone call from a resident on his cell phone. Defendant Pierce proceeded to talk at great length during his phone call about an abortion he was going to be performing that day. Defendant Pierce scolded the resident on the other end of the call for taking heart tones on a baby that the resident was about to abort. The conversation was overheard by everyone in the room, because Defendant Pierce spoke in a very loud voice.

34. Plaintiff was shocked by Defendant Pierce’s statements and continued to feel fearful for her life and that of her unborn child.

35. Despite Plaintiff’s request to see the fetal monitor so she could control her pushing, Defendant Pierce would not allow her to see it. When Nurse Stankiewicz tried to turn the monitor so the Plaintiff could see, Defendant Pierce yelled at her to stop. He said, “Do not help her.”

36. Defendant Pierce repeatedly said words to the effect of, “there is only one voice in this room and it is mine.” No one else was permitted to speak. When the Plaintiff tried to ask questions she was again told to, “shut up, shut your mouth and push.”

37. Defendant Pierce, by keeping the Plaintiff in the stirrups for at least 1 ½ hours, greatly increased her risk of deep vein thrombosis, in addition to greatly increasing her physical pain.

38. Despite Defendant Pierce’s representations that the Plaintiff was dilated to eight centimeters at 8:15 a.m. when he left the room one hour after that, Dr. Hansen checked Plaintiff and said she was barely dilated to eight centimeters at that point.

39. Despite Plaintiff’s statements to Defendant Pierce that her other children had been delivered when she was dilated to ten centimeters; he continued to insist she push, saying words to the effect of, “eight, nine, ten had nothing to do with it.”

40. Defendant Pierce continued with his cell phone calls, calling people “assholes” and telling someone to “kiss my ass.” He made comments such as “that stupid woman, she has no business being pregnant.”

41. Despite Plaintiff begging him to wait for the contraction to end, stating, “I’m in the middle of a contraction,” Defendant Pierce inserted a catheter during one of Plaintiff’s contractions, which was extremely painful for Plaintiff.

Threats of a Cesarean Section

42. Defendant Pierce told Plaintiff, “this baby is coming out or it’s not” putting Plaintiff in fear of either fetal distress or a cesarean. Defendant Pierce kept asking Nurse Stankiewicz “did you order enough blood? Because she is going to hemorrhage.” Plaintiff found this terrifying. Dr. Hansen stated words to the effect of, “she probably won’t need blood.” Defendant Pierce responded with words to the effect of, “she will hemorrhage.”

43. Finally, at approximately 10:23 a.m., on March 1, 2008, Plaintiff experienced an uncontrolled delivery which caused a three centimeter right periurethral laceration. Defendant Pierce caught the baby by her arm and leg almost dropping her. Defendant Pierce held the baby up by one arm and leg for everyone to see.

44. Plaintiff asked to hold the baby. Defendant Pierce said, “no.” When Plaintiff’s husband asked to hold the baby, Defendant Pierce said, “No, the mother always holds the baby first.”

Post Delivery Laceration Repair

45. Defendant Pierce asked for a 25 gauge needle to inject the local anesthetic. A 25 gauge needle is not even stocked on the obstetrics floor. The head nurse brought the needle to Defendant but stated that such a needle was not used in obstetrics and was only used to do spinal taps.

46. Defendant Pierce proceeded to stitch the Plaintiff without adequate anesthesia. Each stitch was excruciatingly painful, Defendant Pierce requested that Plaintiff’s husband hold the Plaintiff down because she was squirming in pain. Not knowing what else to do, Plaintiff’s husband held her down.

47. The Plaintiff repeatedly asked for pain medication during and after the delivery and the laceration repair. Defendant Pierce repeatedly denied the Plaintiff any pain medication. Defendant Pierce was very rough when he cleaned Plaintiff after the stitching, jabbing her with a sponge.

48. After Defendant Pierce left the room, Nurse Stankiewicz finally gave Plaintiff some pain medication which had been ordered by Dr. Hansen

49. When Plaintiff was wheeled out of the delivery room several people had gathered outside of her door because they had been alarmed by her screaming. Plaintiff had never screamed during the delivery of her other four children nor had she ever experienced the excruciating pain and abuse inflicted on her by Defendant Pierce.

“Pain is the Best Teacher”

50. Defendant Pierce told Nurse LeJeune Dixon-Pickett that the Plaintiff deserved to feel pain because she had not called before coming in and that sometimes “pain is the best teacher.”

51. Defendant Pierce never visited the Plaintiff during her entire postpartum hospital stay, in violation of hospital policy.

[End Excerpt]


  1. Ugh this is horrible!

    By the way, I posted my birth story on my blog and thought you'd like to know. I really appreciate your prayers, especially since you don't even know me.

  2. What a freak. He should be locked up or at the very least pay damages and never be able to practice medicine again. I would never trust a male OB, sticking with a midwife now and for the future.

    1. That's as sexist as this doctor appears to be. It's not what's between your legs that matter, it's what's between your ears. There are great male OBG's and there are terrible female OBGs and midwives too. Find an intelligent, competent, and caring HUMAN BEING OBG and stick with that person. And, BTW, it's scandalous that our medical care system pays all the OBG's the same. The good ones should be paid more and the not-so-good ones less!

  3. That is indeed a horrible story which makes me very angry. I feel so sorry for that poor mother. I hope that she wins the lawsuit; unfortunately, there are probably many doctors out there just like this one. The arrogance among some doctors is unbelievable. Just this afternoon my daughter was recalling her birth experience (her baby was born 12 weeks ago) and regretting how she was manipulated into an unnecessary induction-epidural-C-Section routine. Many OBs(both male and female)tend to take advantage of vulnerable, scared expectant parents and force them into unnatural outcomes. My daughter is talking about looking for a midwife when she has her next baby.

  4. Some doctors are like judges and police, thinking they have the authority, discretion, immunity and invincable power to act out as arbitrarily and tyranically as they want. These excerpted averments sound like a nightmare of sadistic punishment or torture rather than obstetric health care. If that arrogant doctor doesn't like being on call he should find another arrangement, job or position rather than taking it out on delivering mothers. "26. Dependent..." is right because doctors and the rest of the healthcare industry are dependent on patients for employment and income, yet they always keep the tables turned by dictating the costs, policies, rules, etc. that patients are subject to. Many doctors need to learn bedside manners and/or customer service. His obnoxious cell phone conversations are a "nice touch" when signs warn patients not to use their cell phones during exam/treatment. I hope this Plaintiff is suing for malpractice and some sort of criminal negligence at least. The AMA and/or Ob/Gyn Board should revoke his medical license for such harmful, unprofessional behavior. What's the baby's condition?

  5. This story is HORRIFYING. :( Poor lady.

  6. I am so shocked by this, it makes me feel like crying that poor woman I hope this doctor gets struck off!!

  7. Dear Sister Anderson, Such inhumane abuse I have never heard of in all the time I worked in the medical field. This man should never, ever touch another patient.
    I was fortunate to have caring general practitioners in family medicine deliver my five babies, men who had known me for a long time and really cared about me and my family. I'm so sorry for this poor woman.
    Sincerely, in Jesus' love, LuEtta Antenne

    1. Men should not do this job ever. It is not their business. It is womens business only. Men who want into womens fields are perverts.

      Fiesty feline

  8. I don't even remotely know how to wrap my brain around this's just too sick...too twisted...too mind blowing...just makes me sick and mad as hell.

  9. I read the lawsuit and news coverage of this incident. It's truly appalling, and I feel terrible for the woman, but it sounds like Scott Pierce is just a crappy doctor, not a pervert.

    Also, in addition to the lawsuit, he got fired by his hospital practice and lost his hospital privileges as a result. He's on license probation, which puts him under additional supervision by the state and at risk of losing his license if he gets any more complaints.

  10. Wow, that's just awful!!!!!! What a wicked, evil man! What is a doctor who performs abortions doing delivering babies anyway?? He obviously does not care about the life of any baby or mother!

    1. Abortions are very much within the purview of obgyn. But men should not be doing them. Midwives should. Evwn the christianiest midwife does abortions secretly.

      Fiesty feline

  11. As a former paramedic/trauma nurse, there is not a doctor alive who would be allowed to treat my wife, or daughter, that would have gotten away with the first five minutes of his "care and treatment". Not sure he would have stayed upright after his cell phone call.

    He has a website, oddly enough his court case isn't listed among his accomplishments. Although he does love himself and is very important, just ask him.

    All husbands and fathers need to do more research in how to help and protect the women in their lives during any and all medical issues.

  12. Wow. Sounds like a total eugenecist sadist for a "doctor". Probably all in a huff another being who's below him decided to bring more useless eaters into HIS already overpopulated planet.

    Why do people let these sick serial killers deliver their babies? If Jeffrey Dahmer had a medical degree there'd be nobody that would let him anywhere near their infant but sanction the murder as legal and it's just fine.

    Also, her husband seems like a complete non-entity.

  13. That man is a sadist and needs to have his credentials permanently revoked.

    - Sally

  14. Sorry for the double post; I just thought of something. I wonder whether there are any laws about such malpractice and abusive treatment of a patient because if this is not a criminal case, then it should be.

    - Sally

  15. I asked my husband about this since his specialty is law and after reading/discussing the lawsuit (I've only read what you posted) he says that there isn't much in the way of a case. There is no doubt this doctor is a complete MORON and shouldn't be practicing medicine but in terms of being rough, etc that isn't's just downright MEAN! I truly hope she does win some monetary damages. If there were me who had to live through that it would certainly be the last time I got pregnant.

  16. If that was my wife, that doctor would have a broken nose. I don't get it. Her husband is just as much as guilty as the Doctor. What a loser.

  17. That sounds like a terrible experience. Please post the outcome of the case when it's resolved - I'd sure be interested in knowing how the "doctor" responds to the allegations.

  18. No wonder the medical profession does not want to perform births.

  19. I hope her husband will step up next time and protect her if she's in such a defenseless position. Step in between her and that quack if he needs to, but you step in as her mate. You tell him, "don't touch my wife" and you call for another doctor.

  20. I agree this guy is a major jerk and should not be practicing medicine. Not seeing where he is a "pervert", though, not in the sense I think of "pervert".

    Where was this woman's husband?? It states that he held her down for the doctor to stitch her up. Why on earth did he stand by and allow this nonsense? I cannot imagine how horrible this must have been for this poor woman.

  21. Irresponsible?...I think not...this is just plain SADISTIC!...this man clearly gets his kicks inflicting pain onto another human being...may this man get everything that is coming to this life or the next.

  22. And while I'm at it...WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE HUSBAND, TOO?!...allowing his wife to endure undo suffering?...and holding her down, too?...childbirth can be painful, but this poor woman is screaming at the top of her lungs!...does no one care?...not even her husband who is supposed to protect her?...and what about the 'First do no harm' oath these doctors take? I missing something here?...this whole thing just blows my mind!

  23. while I don't think this guy did anything that proved him to be a pervert, he did prove himself to be a terrible dr and he shouldn't be in any specialty except maybe pathology. I really hope this woman wins her lawsuit against this guy. As some of the others said, what the heck was wrong her husband allowing this man to abuse his wife that way?? I think mine would have decked the guy.

  24. This scares me! I have very little trust in doctors to begin with. But this is just ruthless and needs punishment.

  25. What a disturbing story.

    I am a midwife and the men I have worked with have mostly been committed and humane.
    I have seen some however who are just mean. This also applies to women actually, who can be very mean too.

    For those with some unexpressed or subconscious rage against women, or the human race in general, obstetrics provides a soft target. The 'victims' are about as vulnerable as they come.

    This potential for abuse is an issue in all areas of public service where there is some 'power' involved (teaching, law enforcement, healthcare etc) Ideally, that power is wielded benignly, but when it's not, the potential for harm is very unsettling.

    A very crucial part of the midwifes role is to be a strong advocate for the woman.
    It doesn't sound as though anyone advocated for the unfortunate mother in this case.
    I would be MUCH quicker to point the accusing finger at the other professionals in attendance than the poor father, who must be guilt ridden.
    He was probably as terrified as his wife and manipulated by 'respect' for the professionals into believing that he had to subordinate his instinct to protect her to their over riding clinical judgement.
    He was probably hoping that 'they knew best' and having lost a baby before was petrified of the same thing happening again.
    Many people in a stressful situation like that believe that their best hope lies in 'being good' and not making trouble for the professionals who are 'doing their best'.
    Reading this account, I felt very sorry for the couple, and very angry, principally with the doctor, but also with the other members of staff who looked on and didn't step in to advocate for the mother.

    By the way, to the commenter who said that this mother was "screaming at the top of her lungs", this is unlikely to have been the case.
    Contrary to popular assumption, people under great stress and in pain are often almost quiet.
    Think of someone in shock. Screaming at the top of ones lungs is also a very energetic activity that can't be sustained over the long haul.
    People in terrible pain can be fairly quiet. The absence of screaming does not mean they are coping ok, it may merely mean that they are in shock and have zero resources to register their distress in the usual fashion.

  26. Is this doctor on drugs?

    If only a quarter of what is written here is accurate, I hope he is prevented from practising medicine ever again.

    I hope justice prevails in this case.

  27. Dr Pierce used to be my doctor, but he isn't anymore. I always had this feeling that he wasn't a good doctor. My feeling wasn't confirmed until I heard about this lawsuit. I stopped by his office this morning after a dentist appointment because I never received a phone call last year after an endometrial biopsy and I wanted to know the results. Dr Pierce's office has moved to this tiny little office. There were only two office staff members and no patients in the waiting room.

  28. What a sick man!!!
    The hospital staff r at fault for not grabbing my by the neck and hauling him away from the poor woman! It's quite obvious he was abusing her! They should have called security on him.
    Why on earth did her husband not do something either? You have to know a doctor is not right in the head by the way he was talking like that!

  29. Litigate this horrific expirience but also consider sending a copy and filing a complaint with your state dept of health with the professional conduct office for physicians and they will do an independent investigation.

  30. Wanton, unconscionable, indifference to human suffering; abusive in the extreme. Dr. Pierce is one seriously callous, soulless, piece of work. State Board of Medicine needs to order a full psychological battery on the guy, and then act on the results (which are not going to be good) by rescinding his license. This guy's gotta go!!

  31. In 2016 a google search shows this Dr is still in practice in the field of OB/GYN in the state of IL, USA - how is this possible?

    How is it that it seems he was only fined $500 with probation/suspension for a year and now gets to have a website 4.5 review rating, with just a vague reference to 1 malpractice with no details?

    How is it that the US fails to warn potential female patients since they have allowed him to remain is his field?

    His actions, language and cruelty has revealed him to be unworthy, yet women have not been sufficiently protected even after he has been exposed.

  32. Dr. Pierce, if you happen to read this, you are one sick, twisted, sadistic piece of crap. Your not even a human being!!!! Any doctor that thinks a patient deserves to feel pain is mentally ill. Shame on you and may you rot in hell......


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