Monday, July 6, 2009


On Fourth of July, we watched fireworkas


By now, we were a teeny bit close to the base, but I was still scared(at this point we were still far from the base)because I did not wish to to get burned by fireworks.But Mom did'nt stop.She kept going.(at this point, we were kinda close to the base)Just then...

...I SCREAMED!!!!!

There were two fireworks that looked like they were going to burn me up.John screamed,too.

2.When I toughened up

(at this point,we could see the fireworks being lit)Finally,I stopped screaming.I toughened up a little.(by now Dad is by us)Then,I toughened up rapidly.Later,those same fireworks came,and I did'nt scream!

At the end,they let the fire works run WILD!They let 'em flash,pop,boom,whatever they wanted!


  1. That sounds like fun! Good job toughening up! I'll see you Saturday!

  2. wow solomon, you must be tough. I would have kept screeming.::-)


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