Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Breech pregnancy/birth

If you have had a breech birth, or are currently experiencing a breech pregnancy, please consider participating in this survey.


  1. Well, it took a while to fill it out, but I did it- I have to get bragging rights for delivering a breech baby with no c-section, don't I? And my friends are sick of hearing the story- so it was fun to tell it to someone new. =)

  2. I was breech, but I wasn't a feet or even a butt presentation. My back was lying across the opening. No chance I was coming out like that!

    Mom said that when the intern realized I was breech, he just reached in and turned me, and pulled me out by my feet. Having a C-section was never even considered by the intern or my mom.

    It was painful, but Mom didn't suffer any long-lasting damage. She was doing normal housework two days later!

  3. My grandmother's first baby was breech. When she got to the hospital, they put her in a wheelchair and discovered that the baby's foot was sticking out of her! They put Grandmother under to deliver the baby.


  4. My last baby (#5) was born breech @ home.


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