Friday, June 12, 2009

Update on Court Case

Some of you may have known that my husband's pretrial conference was yesterday. The prosecuting attorney and our attorney did not come to an agreement, so my husband's case is going to court. This is regarding the two traffic-related misdemeanors he was charged with, blocking a public highway and failing to obey an officer's orders directing traffic. He was not charged with resisting arrest or anything similar, nor with violating any immigration laws.

This case is separate from the civil suit that my husband is going to file against border patrol (Department of Homeland Security) and highway patrol (Department of Public Safety), and the agents involved.

We recently received the records of the Taser gun used by officer Mitchell. He first deployed it for 13 seconds (meaning he activated it three times, and cut it off while it was going), then for another 7 seconds (which means he activated it twice more). In case you didn't know, a Taser gun will completely paralyze the victim and render them defenseless, so why it was necessary to tase my husband for 20 seconds is beyond me. Much less so since he was sitting calmly, covering his eyes, with his head in his lap in anticipation of flying glass. The report went on to say that they were considering pumping my husband's car full of gas, but that they decided against that since they were afraid that he would pull out a gun in all that smoke, or try to put the car in gear and use it as a ram. Should 12 public "armed servants" really be that scared of one unarmed citizen who is just obeying the Constitution? These people are sick and insane. Yes officer, I mean you. I wonder what kind of movies these guys watch at night to come up with all these "what if" scenarios.

The doctor that my husband went to see expressed surprise that my husband did not suffer heart problems and arrythmia, which is apparently very common. I guess getting shocked with 50,000 volts can do that to you (a regular outlet has 110). His neck has been sore ever since, which is probably due to the border patrol agents jerking his head and then stepping on it. One of his fingers on the right hand has damaged ligaments and keeps popping out of joint, which is both painful and making his job harder. If it does not improve through immobilization soon, my husband will have to seek more invasive treatment.

This reminds me of the ER bill we got after my husband was taken there to get stitched up. Officer Jones first took him to an urgent care, where they quoted him about $500 for the stitches. After the officer found out that we did not have health insurance, but that my husband didn't care and could more than afford to pay the bill, the officer then took him to the ER because he claimed that would be cheaper. How dumb anyone would have to be to think that the hospital charges less than an urgent care is beyond me, but then again, we are dealing with government employees here.

Finally, below are YouTube clips made by Shelton from The Phoenix Revolution who came out for the rally.

Shelton is also very involved with Those of you who do not live in Arizona probably do not know that in addition to having speed cameras at almost all major intersections (operated by the various cities), there are also over 100 permanently mounted speed cameras every few miles on all major highways across the state. These cameras are operated by a private, Australian-based company (hired by the state of Arizona) who gets a share of the revenue, meaning that basically they more tickets they write, the more profit they make. The camearas record any and all vehicles that drive by, 24 hours a day, whether speeding or not. License plates of all vehicles are scanned, run through a database to see if they come back "clean", and time, date, and GPS-stamped. On top of all this, the Arizona DPS has unmanned patrol cars with mounted cameras, as well as real officers, up and down our highways. It is really just sickening and surreal to see "law enforcement" and cameras in all directions everytime I am in public. And all that not to make our roads safer, but to try to cover the state's budget shortfalls.

But back to CamereFRAUD - Shelton and some others are going to put up a billboard right in front of the checkpoint and are rasing money to do so, you can read about that here.

So much for tonight. I hope to get a chance to write a personal update of the last week sometime this weekend.


  1. The cameras have nothing to doing with keeping the roads 'safer' and everything to do with the almighty buck.

  2. True that. Cameras increase rear-end accidents dramatically. I just witnessed one last week.

    The mobile vans are stationed under freeway overpasses in the shade (even though they are unmanned), where because of the bright sun they are hardly visible until one gets right in front of the overpass. Rear-end accidents sound minor and harmless, but on the freeway they are anything but. The one I saw, the car slammed on his brakes even though he was not speeding, he just thought he was. A big truck just a few feet behind him went barreling into him, it was horrible.

    Many people automatically slam on their brakes when they see these cameras, because they are assuming that the speed limit must be lower for some reason, even though it isn't. I am forced to drive 55 in a 65 or 75 zone because the people in front of me who are not speeding start slamming on their brakes. People aren't used to seeing permanently mounted cameras along a 75 mile per hour freeway.

  3. Dear Zsuzsanna,

    In lieu of your husband's beating, someone recently sent me an email that is poignant and ties in perfectly with what is going on in America today with so called 'authority figures'...the person who sent me the email asked that I post it on YOUR blog for anyone to read...she is aware of your husband's incident and has been following your blog...she didn't want to be identified, but is hoping the public will get the bigger picture about 'rogue cops' stalking the streets of America...she, herself, lives in fear...for her very own husband IS one of these 'rogue cops' who gets a thrill out of beating innocent people senseless.

  4. Sorry...but the link above is not is the open letter -

    Open Letter

    To the Tens of Thousands of Rogue Cops

    February 16, 2008 -

  5. I believe that he had answered to "Are you a United States citizen?"; if this is correct, then he had CONTRACTED with them. (Never say that you are the above; you are NOT a 14th Amendment citizen, but a Citizen of these United States, nor answer to anything!)Assert your 5th Amendment right to remain silent and ask if you are being detained or free to go. [view this and associated:] Once one contracts via answering any question, showing ID with the STRAWMAN name (your "name" all caps), obeying any directives, etc. then they can take action! That said, they have broken their oaths of office to protect Pastor Anderson, and must all be sued as INDIVIDUALS (not the agencies) for their crimes. Obtain their bond (insurance) numbers, and also obtain from the state attorney the oath of office and bond number of the "judge" (trustee) who will be presiding, and get it noted in a court of record! Present it NOT to the recorder's office, but to the judge as exhibit A! Also assert your rights pursuant to UCC 1-207!

    Mary Croft has a free ebook available, which everyone MUST read! Also research Winston Shrout, Charlie Sprinkle (who sued Ronald and Nancy Reagan for refusing to protect his right to travel), Roger Elvick and Robert Menard. I wish you the best! Spread the news!

  6. Zsuzsanna,

    Exactly what are you advocating here? Presumably, police use tasers as a less-lethal alternative to guns.

    I know you would have preferred they leave your husband alone altogether. But once the cops decided they needed to subdue him, regardless of the correctness of that decision, would you have preferred they shoot him?

  7. You must not really know any government employees if you think we're dumb. We keep this country running. Don't group us with the people who did this to your husband.

  8. It's great to vividly see you all in action in the protest videos. No doubt you got their attention. Seems like DHS and DPS are at least worried about you all and your protest, and don't want you around protesting, especially not in or near "their zone." Pastor Anderson is even braver, more confident or convicted in his principles than I thought for him to return to the hive of villany where he was traumatically attacked, injured and shocked. Of course We The People own every square inch of Arizona and our other states, and that the Border Patrol is who blocks Interstate 8. However, there probably is one or more laws that prohibit parades, pedestrians and protests on I-8 and other interstate highways. There are signs along the one in my area that says that. The First Amendment of the Constitution is more important and supercedes state statutes and U.S. Code. I think we should rebel or revolt through defunding and depriving taxes or through overpowering the government with more arms, force, and numbers of people, which We The People do have! Enough of us freedom fighters and liberty lovers should run for and win a government office and then deport the UN, dismantle the FRS, IRS, injustice system, lawless enforcement agencies, the rest of awry gov't and their spy cameras down to its constitutional minimum! Arrogant, complacent, criminal government employees and officials should be imprisoned and prosecuted.

  9. Hi,

    I noticed above that you said you don't have health insurance. While I don't have it either - I feel it's too expensive when I can just take the cost of the premium and put it in a savings account for myself - I was wondering why you chose not to do so.

    Also I was wondering on your thoughts about life insurance. I know you don't work - what would happen if something happens to your husband? Do you have just a large amount of money saved or do you have a policy to ensure your family is taken care of in the event of an accident?

    Just wondering your thoughts on this.

  10. I never speed or run red lights yet the cameras are just frustrating all together. It's like Big Brother everywhere.

  11. Your comments are discoverable in the civil case. You ought to think about keeping them to yourseld unless you want a defense lawyer cross examining you on your views expressed here.

  12. I am really sorry for what happened to your husband, the force was indeed excessive, but the scenarios they had thought up are not out of line, or from bad movies.. they are from every day life. I am the proud wife of a 911 dispatcher, do you know what the most dangerous thing for a cop is? routine traffic stops. People in today's society are crazy, and they did not know your husband from Adam, Charles Manson or a home grown terrorist. Also depending on the exact type of training the dog has had, they do teach them to give subtle tells, it cuts down on the dogs being killed as such a dog id just a dog and could have given a false positive. As horrible as the situation was i am sure god has a lesson for all involved.


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