Friday, June 26, 2009

Feed me, I'm yours!

So much to say, but I am too tired to write anything. This week, I have done some major home repairs around the house. Photos to follow once I'm done. My allergies are still bothering me, but I am feeling better.

Just wanted to show the world the following picture. I absolutely, positively adore this little girl. She has the biggest, most sparkly eyes, and is always full of sweet smiles. Life is good when you have a baby, there's just no way around it. I love all of our children the same, but there is such a special bond between a mother and her nursling. I'm off to bed to snuggle up with this little bug.


  1. Look at those eyes! So cute. I agree with you. When your kids get older, they mature, and you just don't have those little cute baby things they do anymore. Hard to explain but you know what I mean. I love how they try and communicate with you in their own way. How they still get excited to see you in the morning. :D

  2. Yes, she is a cute little bug!

  3. Wow, she does have big beautiful eyes. I agree that there is nothing better than having a sweet little baby. I love snuggling up with my little one, too.

  4. She is such a cutie! I know exactly what you mean.


  5. she looks like your husband :) She is so cute and I love her big eyes too :)

    I hope you are feeling better

  6. Michael Jackson, the famous pop singer, died yesterday at this time. I wonder if this Sunday's sermon will include a brief celebratory mention of this fact.

  7. Years ago, when my babies were nursing, I, like you, enjoyed feeding them during the night while they lay next to me in bed. It was very comfortable for both of us, and less sleep-disturbing than getting up to sit in a rocking chair. However, the SIDS campaign has made this a big issue, so my daughter, who has recently had a baby (my first grandbaby!) is terrified of keeping the baby in bed with her to nurse at night. The medical community has created such a scare about this, and I am undecided about how much to be worried about it. What are your thoughts on this?

  8. Jan, I am expecting a baby next month and my husband and I are co-sleeping. Believe me, I've seen/read/heard about all the warnings against co-sleeping from the American Academy of Pediatrics and such and here's my general conclusion - don't let them confuse SIDS with co-sleeping. When you read warnings against co-sleeping, articles and such always say that it increases the risk of SIDS because "parents can roll onto their children" (then don't co-sleep drunk, drugged, etc...), "blankets can suffocate the babies" (then don't have a lot of blankets up around baby), "babies can get stuck between the headboard and footboard" (then make sure there are no gaps, use a rail, etc) and other such comments. The problem with that comparison is that NONE of those causes of death is SIDS. SIDS is a condition with UNKNOWN causes. Yes, we know there are strong correlations to things such as belly-sleeping and so the recommendations for always putting a baby on their back were developed. But a correlation does not equal a cause. If a parent rolls onto a child...that child died of being squashed, for lack of a better word, not of SIDS. If a child gets under the blankets or trapped by the bedside, that child died of suffocation, not of SIDS. Again, SIDS is a diagnosis of exclusion - you rule everything else out and if you can't find a cause, it's presumed to be SIDS. But many anti-co-sleeping articles, etc, like to equate death via KNOWN causes (suffocation, crushing, etc) with SIDS and all it does is incite fear.

    Sorry for the long post, but as a future co-sleeper the dishonest portrayal of SIDS and co-sleeping really bugs I just wanted to share. :)

  9. I actually believe a lot of deaths dubbed "SIDS" are vaccine reactions. Some cousins I had "suddenly" died of "SIDS" within 48 hours of their first round of shots...

    I don't husband neither sleeps drugged, drunk or anything else, and he still tends to roll onto me, let alone a baby. I do have a bassinet for right beside the bed though. But it's probably not as important for me because I've not been able to nurse (my milk comes out rancid as well as numerous other issues even though I ate healthy).

    By the way Mrs Zsuzsanna, my husband saw your baby's picture when I was looking at your blog and he said "oh what beautiful little eyes". :)


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