Monday, May 25, 2009

Little girls

I would never want to trade having daughters for anything. They are both so sweet, loving, and affectionate.

Becky in the infant area at the children's museum:

Playing with her baby doll - she was just so cute!

Miriam feeding Johnny chocolate chips that she secretly grabbed from the kitchen cupboard.

Miriam feeling something furry at the pet store

Miriam at the mother-daughter tea party (more details on that to follow)


  1. Too cute
    Thanks for sharing. I keep hearing over and over from so many people, that girls are so hard to deal with (moody, demanding, bossy), much harder than boys, so It's nice to hear something positive.
    One common thing I can't help but notice is that often, in these families where tha parents says the girl is harder to deal with than the boy, the mom is also the one to wear the pants a little more and I can't help but think that the little girl is stubborn and unsubmissive cause the mom runs the house and is bossy.

  2. I just ran into your site. I'm trying to figure out how many boys and how many girls you have. :) Girls ARE sweet. I have 3 boys (soon 4) and it's just so different that having little girls. My boys have a special place in their heart too... but something about the girls. Man, I have to be stronger with her because she's so darn cute.

  3. Your sweet little baby is getting so big!! I remember starting your blog when she was born. They grow quickly huh? Time for another one :)


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