Monday, April 20, 2009


Tomorrow at 11 am PST, my husband will be live on the air on K-Talk AM 630 in Salt Lake City, UT.

Also tomorrow, at 12 noon PST, he will be a guest on the "Alex Jones Show."

Both of these are live interviews.


  1. Hello. My name is CJ Grisham and I'm a military blogger at,, and I'm also an active duty Soldier. The story about the abuse your husband saddens and befuddles me. Why is this happening in the MY country? Why are the rights I'm fighting for being trampled like this?

    I have a weekly radio show that airs every Thursday night and I'll like to have your husband as a guest. The show airs at from 6-8pm CST.

    I would like to help bring more attention to what is happening here. Not only is he a target, but I'm being targeted as a subversive because I believe in the Constitution! Is this something you're interested in?

  2. most officers "expect" that folks will comply with a request to search if you dont have anything to hide... however, LEO's need to be prepared to accept a no unless you have probable cause.. it is NOT ok to "create" probable cause... I would like to think that officers would not do that, and in most cases they would not.. Mr.Andersons "uncoopertiveness" from the beginning might have been just enough to cause the officer to overstep and "create" probable cause (saying the dog alerted when it did not) if that is the case the officer is 100% wrong..

    I trust the truth will prevail in this case and in every case..

  3. I was very impressed with your stand against abuse of the law.
    If no one stands up to the whitewash of our laws, our rights will be eroded.

    Just writing a letter isn't going to change anything. I really think you had to force them to take action.

  4. Your husband's actions have really caused me to think. Yes, I think it's our right in our country not to have to prove we're not guilty just because we're traveling somewhere in a car. However, I'm not willing to take it to the level Steve has. It's a sad thing for me to admit. But it makes your husband my hero for taking up that sword for me. Thank you, and God bless.

  5. Hi Zsuzsanna,
    You are very saavy and I am sure have a good lawyer - so I trust you know that every word and picture you have on the internet, and your church's, and as well as your husband's sermons are now being gone over extensively by government officials. (and I am sure all that comment here will also be checked out- if not a file compiled on them as well!)

  6. I'll be praying for Steve and looking forward to hearing the broadcasts.


  7. I sure hope your husband prevails, there has been a steady and rapid erosion of our Consitutional rights and it's looking more and more like it will eventually take a revolt to get our rights back. Take a look at drug seizure laws and the rampant police abuse and corruption that has spawned. Or take a look at the relationship between our elected government and the Federal Reserve Bank (a privately help corporation) and how that's benefiting the special interests on Wall Street while literally stealing from the taxpaying citizens of our country. The Federal Income Tax is another example, it's not legal, yet we sheeple comply. The government looks at any money as "their money". We don't really own anything or have any rights, remember, "you're either with us or against us !!"

  8. Ok so if the Boarder Patrol dog alerted on something in your car then why didn't the agents find anything in your car?! Because they lied about the dog alerting on something obviously! Brother, you need to sue! I get SO frustrated when people don't sue over these situations because it just serves to embolden these snakes to continue doing the same thing to the rest of us!!! I would sue the US "government," (We The People are the only legitimate government this country has EVER had!!!) and each individual agent personally for assault and for violating your Constitutional rights!

    Rod Jacobs!

  9. Amazing interview on today. Thank you for defending our Constitution.

  10. Espanola Police Man of NM bruised a blind man at our house. We complained and complained, no lawyers would help us.

  11. I got to hear most of both interviews live via the internet and Steve did a great job!


  12. I'm proud to be associated with a true American and am happy we have men like you involved in the cause of liberty.
    sic semper tyrannus

  13. I counted 7 crimes against Steven for which a good attorney should seek jailtime for the officers, and financial restitution:
    unlawful detainment
    destruction of private property
    unlawful search and seizure
    assault & battery
    unlawful imprisonment

  14. I really enjoyed the interview with Alex Jones! I liked what Pastor Steve said about the newer bible versions completely taking Romans 13 out of context to make it seem as though we need to be submissive to our corrupt government officials. Thanks be to God that we have the King James version in our hands! I really like the Pastors stand for freedom! John 8:32 (King James Version). 32And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.!
    Annette :)

  15. I feel that one of the greatest abuses with these so-called drug-detection dogs is the obscenely high numbers of false positives which agents will gladly use as an excuse to intrude and tear apart your property. Some animal trainers have analyzed 3rd party videos taken of these searches and have found a majority of the so-called positive responses were actually induced responses initiated by the handler through an innocuous verbal command or physical tap/pinch that only an animal expert would notice if specifically watching for it. Hard to prove even with videos (their expert witnesses will never divulge this, under oath or otherwise) but it's there, and one could technically bluff the dog handler into performing a fair search by calling him out on it before the search and making him think that you know what to look for. While I doubt it would work, it might make some agents think twice about attempting to abuse your rights. I still don't like what you or your husband stand for, but someone's gotta fight the corruption...

  16. It is clear that this entire case hinges on whether the dog actually alerted on the vehicle or not

  17. Could you say you were a victim of "terrorist interrigation techniques" that are being talk against by our President and his staff?! Just a thought!

  18. We caught the Alex Jones interview this afternoon. We really enjoyed your ability to see scripture illustrating our present reality. Thank you for sharing. I like how you share your sermons on your website too. Be safe.

    Bless yall.
    -Family of Six in Texas

  19. Supreme Court Puts New Limits on Vehicle Searches

  20. please look this site over! you and your husband will continue to be abused until you change your status.
    god bless.

  21. I was proud of finally seeing a Christian pastor speak the truth about Romans 13 and how the Church needs to talk about the New World Order in the pulpits to wake up their sheep that they're responsible for. As a Christian, I've been very sad that pastors have been silent and afraid to speak the truth about tyranny but our Christian forefathers weren't---read the 200 yr. old book called PASS THE TORCH OF LIBERTY TO THE NEW GENERATION at American Vision Books.

  22. The Future:

    Police and BP will work hard to confuse the incident

    Higher ups will CYA themselves to avoid trouble

    Your husband will be acquitted

    Low Level people will be
    reprimanded or fired

    You will sue and win

    Fired and reprimanded DHS and BP agents will sue to get their jobs back and additional compensation

    We the Taxpayers will foot the bill.

    This kind of violation of the Constitution will go on

    Everyone looses !!!

  23. Hooray and hugs to Pastor Steve Anderson, our active military and veterans, Dads, patriots, those who believe in or support and/or who post in defense or support of them, our freedom, liberty, rights, the U.S. Constitution, and opposition to government (i.e. injustice system) abuse of authority, citizens, power and taxes!
    Our government is civil servants who answer, serve, submit to, work for and are paid by us, not vice versa!!

    The Border Patrol, Dept of Public Safety, DHS, FBI, highway patrol, Clintons, Obama, police, State of Arizona, Maricopa Co. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, most judges, many of our arrogant, complacent and corrupt government officials are guilty of abusing power, intimidating, oppressive, punitive, terroristic and treasonous actions under color of law, including undermining, violating and warring against the U.S. Constitution. Globalist, socialist, badge-kissers, politician-kissers, Taser-kissers and tax-return-lovers defend and support them and their abusive actions.

    These domestic/internal checkpoints/roadblocks, the supposed illegal immigration policy, the War On Drugs, and the War On Terrorism are really a conspiratorial cover and deception to criminalize, dominate and terrorize the American population, steamroll and wage a War On The Bill Of Rights, innocent citizens and their liberty and privacy, and search and seize their personal information and property as they please!

    Law enforcement agents are more hinderance than help. I've been harassed many times unnecessarily. I know of at least four crimes committed against me or my family for which the authorities hav failed or refused to investigate or arrest. I think their main agenda are to deceive and entrap (regardless of guilt or innocent), consume coffee and doughnuts, hold a double standard between them and the public about: asking and answering questions - obeying laws - the right to carry and use arms - and shining flashlights at you, to interfere in civil matters, intimidate with badges guns and uniforms, invade people's privacy, occupy the public like an invaded military, obstruct justice, help raise revenue through citations and fines, spend (waste) tax revenue, suspect and detain and interrogate people as guilty until proven innocent, and to terrorize and torture with guns, Tasers, and other means. Citizens and taxpayers are their masters. Law enforcement agents are public servants, just as any other government employee or official. They are hired to protect and serve but don't really care about citizens' families, justice, liberty, privacy, property, rights, safety, sovereignty, truth, etc.
    like We The People do !

    There's a double standard and like a taboo between law enforcement officers/personnel and the public about the right to carry arms and use them or other force for defense. "They can but you can't." When civilians fight back, otherwise use force or shoot a cop they get "the book thrown at them", are condemned and reviled by all other cops, the whole justice system and society. When cops beat up, demean, dehumanize, humiliate, intimidate, murder, mutilate, shoot, Taser, terrorize, torture or traumatize people they usually are only put on temporary "administrative" leave and the incident is merely cursorily or nominally "investigated" or "reviewed" before returning to work as usual. In civil and criminal lawsuits the decision is often in cops' favor. Courts are usually persuaded by cops' evidence and testimony over civilians'. Abuse and corruption of power is so prevalent among cops and other government agents that they each should be considered just as another armed individual and potential threat rather than legal and reliable protection. In a group they can be as dangerous as, and should be considered as, a criminal or military organization.

  24. I've been keeping up pretty well with media coverage of Pastor Steve, except for the interview on K-Talk Radio in Salt Lake City on Tuesday the 21st. I only heard the beginning of it. I can't hear the rest yet since it's not available online. If anyone has it, knows how to get it or recorded that interview, I'd like a copy.


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