Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The swine fluke

What a surprise, a "pandemic" just in time to detract and scare us all. Gov. Rick Perry used it as an opportunity to issue a disaster declaration for the entire state of Texas.

Symptoms of swine flu in people are similar to those of regular or seasonal flu and include fever, fatigue, lack of appetite and coughing. Some with swine flu also have reported runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Sounds like any flu, doesn't it? According to the CDC, "About 36,000 Americans die on average per year from the complications of flu." Let's see, that's an average of almost 100 deaths every single day. They estimate that 5-20% of Americans fall ill with the flu each year. So far in the US, the swine flu has sickened 91 people and killed one child who was visiting here from Mexico, which is far less than is caused by the flu every single day in spite of widespread vaccination programs.

Of course, the WHO, our coming one-world medical agency, does not consider the "regular flu" a "level 5" pandemic even though it kills and sickens many, many more than the "swine flu".

At best, this is just a media-hype to detract us from pressing current political issues and lining the pockets of pharmaceutical companies who are now making "vaccines". This "pandemic" gets people used to the government first declaring a state of emergency or martial law, and then doing whatever they feel like is the most they can get away with in order to "protect" us all. What a joke!

Wash your hands, take your kids out of daycare/school, eat fruits and veggies instead of ready-made junk, stop going to the doctor for the sniffles, and run screaming the other way when you hear the word "vaccines". Our kids are the healthiest kids I know. Please don't waste your time writing dissenting comments unless you have five children who have been to a doctor less than three times between all of them in the last six years. I only accept health advice from people who are healthier than we are, which is almost impossible to find.


  1. I agree that it's hyped up...possibly to make money etc.

    wow your kids are sure healthy!!

  2. I agree that most of the coverage of the swine flu is a lot of hype. Although I understand the main concern is while the "regular" flu kills mostly the very old and very young, the swine flu has killed otherwise healthy people.

    I disagree with your position on vaccines, but I think handwashing is the best thing people can do!!

  3. Swine fluke is right. The media is having too much fun with this. If the regular flu kills or sickens more people than why is this particular virus getting so much attention? I have never known anyone to die from the flu or any other virus. Did those people in Mexico really die from the flu virus or did they die from complications that resulted from not properly treating the illness?

  4. I agree that the swine flu is hype and whilst the things you say for keeping healthy may be true, not all health issues are preventable. I will be taking my daughter to the doctor for the second time this week because of allergies (this time it's potentially cashew nuts which can be quite a dangerous allergy). Other than breastfeeding which I am still doing at 24 months (or not marrying someone else with allergies) I am not aware of anything I could have done to reduce the risk of allergies. If you know better, please do tell.

  5. I agree that there is far too much media coverage about this, and I think the people who are over-reacting are idiots, BUT, I think you don't really understand the situation.

    Swine flu is obviously far more contagious than the 'common flu', and is more dangerous, so I think its unfair to compare the two. We have cases here in Europe, and some of them are people who have not been to Mexico, and were thousands of miles away.

    Blaming the government is not the answer to everything.

  6. Well my husband is 30 and the only time he's ever seen a doctor was when he needed his physical for his life insurance. I've never seen him sick in 7+ years. Yet he grew up in a slum, went to public school, was vaccinated (at school without his parents even knowing) and ate nothing but junk growing up. So I guess one never really knows how things will turn out?

  7. History has repeated itself many times about viruses...there are more people who actually get sick and/or die from the VACCINE then from the virus as fast as you can from any vaccine...they are the REAL killer.

  8. According to the BBC, outside Mexico almost all patients (there has been one death in the U.S. but guess what? ANY flu will kill someone!) got "mildly ill and made a full recovery".

    There was a swine flu outbreak in 1976. Huge media/government hype and number of deaths? 0.

    Swine flu is real, but it's no worse than any other flu and evidence that the flu vaccines are useless.

    Thank you for not being a blog that is screaming that swine flu is a sign of the Rapture. I've been seeing way too much of that lately.

  9. You know many people said Obama would become president if pigs flew. Well, swine flu! LOL

  10. Just "Follow the Money" and see who stands to profit the most (pharmaceutical companies) and I agree it is also about government control. Here is a great article by Dr. Mercola about pandemics.

  11. just a quick question. i've noticed that you've posted a few clips from alex jones in the past. do you generally recommend his show, and would it be worthwhile to listen to? thanks :)

  12. Hi Zsuzsanna.

    I also think this is somewhat hyped up, but mostly by the media, I don't see the government doing anything drastic. However, the % deaths in Mexico is worrisome, and they should find the causes for that. A 10% mortality rate for a flu as it is there should be carefully monitored.
    You are somewhat harsh here from the point of view of people who don't have super-healthy children like yours. You really make it sound like people with sick children are doing something horribly wrong with them, but sometimes this is not the case, there are children who get sick a lot even if their parents don't vaccine them, homeschool, etc. Like you said, you don't know many children as healthy as yours. You may want to consider the fact that you are doing most of it right, but you are also pretty lucky.

  13. Hi Zsuzsanna,
    sorry for the anonymous comment but whilst I do read your blog pretty regularly, I don´t have a Blogger log-in and generally content myself with being a quiet reader. Being a midwife student I just wanted to put one thing out there, prompted by Anna´s comment for the most part. Have you considered consciously exposing your kids to certain illnesses? I know this sounds perverse at best but it´s doubtless that they´ve avoided a lot of sickness by being homeschooled. However it´s beneficial, or in some cases life-saving, to get natural immunization through dealing with for example mumps and measles now. I´m concerned for when your beautiful children enroll in high schools or colleges and the blow that it is going to be for their healthy, strong, but utterly unprepared immune systems.
    Aside from that, I´d like to seconds Anna´s thoughts and sentiments. There´s a lot that can be cushioned by healthy lifestyles but not avoided. Allergies, respiratory problems, poor immune systems leading to frequent infections are just the top of the iceberg and it´s not something that just surfaced today; it is only that in this day and age and in our "developed" countries more children are saved with the help of doctors, hospitals and strong drugs, that would simply die a century ago, so that these problems are becoming "normal". You have good reason to be proud of your children but perhaps great humility, grace and thankfulness for this awesome blessing of our Lord would be more in place.

  14. Amen sister! My response to the "swine flu" (such a silly name) was the same as if I heard any other flu was going around.
    I love your last statement here about only taking advice from people healthier than you...I'm right there with you!
    Lots of love,

  15. Like probably many others, I became acquainted with your blog as a result of the border patrol incident.

    Interestingly, I too have strong feelings about many things, just as your family does - but in some areas I disagree with you completely while in others I agree completely.

    There may be a safe way to be vaccinated - but the fight to get a doctor to get monovalent vaccines and space them out may not be worth the effort, especially if you have lost faith that vaccines ever had any merits in the first place.

    I'm recovering a vaccine-injured child and it pains me to think that what he has endured may have been not only avoidable but also intentional. My kids won't get any more, and given a choice between "none" and the assault they endured - I would pick "none" if I had it to do over again.

    He's *almost* completely well. Or, at least he is in regular classrooms, never had any aides. Still a little socially awkward, and still very poor hand strength and hand writing. Please pray that I will figure out how to get him everything he needs so that he will heal completely, stop being socially awkward, and gain all the physical strength he needs to be on level footing with his peers. As you might guess - insurance pays for nothing he needs, and the school system only helps people who seem to do nothing to help themselves. We have spent thousands and thousands on biomedical interventions which have worked for our son. Thanks and blessings to your family with your legal struggles and to all other families affected by autism.

  16. I know this post is pretty old but had to comment anyway because I totally agree. The media took this thing and ran away with it. Now it seems to have died down and they are on to the next thing, but I never could understand why people were panicking about this....well, it's just because of the government and the media! Crazy!

  17. Beware of Alex Jones, he serves money, not God~


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