Friday, April 3, 2009

Still here...

Although it seems like I may have fallen off the face of the earth, I haven't yet. Nor do I have anything exciting to report, such as another impromptu vacation or a child's birthday party that kept me busy and away from the computer.

Instead, I was busy this week doing some serious spring cleaning around the house, which really was more organizing than cleaning. We have a very nice house, but with seven of us living here, it's not overly spacious. Having a place for everything and making sure it's put there is really important to me. But sadly, I am a minority on that score. Going through the kids' closets is always an adventure.

Then a couple of days ago, the baby started running a fever. Not too high, and other than being a little stuffed up she has no symptoms. I myself had a very mild sinus infection this week, so I'm guessing we both had the same thing. The fever keeps her up at night, so I haven't slept well in four nights now. Not sure why I am on the computer right now rather than catching up on some sleep, but here I am.

Lastly, I spent my free time this week reading this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone regardless of their family size. Then I downloaded all the episodes of the show about them to my computer and have watched about half of them so far. I find this family absolutely amazing. More than that, I find the mom marvelous. She is always smiling, kind, and soft-spoken, and I know it must be very hard for her at times. I would love to have a family like theirs someday years from now. Both my husband and I pray often, if not daily, that God would bless us with many more children. They are such an indescribable treasure, and we love them each individually for who they are - they are all so different one from another.

Well, it's time to go snuggle up with my little feverish baby. Hopefully, she will have a better night tonight, she really needs the sleep to help her get well soon.


  1. Hope you and the baby both are feeling stronger today. . . . . . As to why we blog, beats me! I think society is a little lonely these times and it's just nice to know there is "somebody" out there. Or maybe it's a hi-tech version of "dear diary." About the time I'm ready to pull the plug on it someone comes by and says they are encouraged. But family comes first, for sure. . . . . . . Now spring cleaning -- ain't goin' there! Blessings, Liz

  2. It's good to see you post again! I hope your baby gets better soon.

  3. hmmm, sounds like we've had a very similar last couple of weeks.
    Hope your little girl feels better soon.

  4. I also find large families amazing! It keeps life interesting and new every day I am sure. I have seen some of those episodes, and I think God has truly blessed them, just like He will keep blessing you too!

  5. I hope baby feels better soon! That is funny you just read that book. It is my favorite!!! I even purchased it before it was even printed. They are an amazing family and a good example to follow. I had friends tape the episodes for me and watched them. It was a real treat!! Glad to see you post again.

  6. I hear you on the space issue! Living here in Arizona as you well know the houses though very nice are limited in storage space (well space in general) and it can be a real project trying to get everything in just the right spot so that you can have things neat.

    My son has a neighborhood friend and I stopped by their house to drop something off to his mother. Well I was just amazed how her house was so organized, clean and spacious compared to my house which is nearly the same design. She has 2 kids and one on the way and she is so on top of it. It inspired me to organize my house so that's what I did with all this lovely rain in the morning.

    It always feel great after you do it!



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