Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quick update

Today, my husband will be a guest on FoxTalk 1360 at 10 am PST.

I apologize for not updating this blog with my husband's interviews over the last couple of days. I will see if they are available online and if so, post links to them here.

For those of you who missed the Alex Jones Show, you can view it on YouTube:

My husband's stitches were removed on Wednesday, and his cuts are healing well - but it is obvious that there will be several gnarly scars left on his forehead to tell the story. His camcorders have still not been returned. There is no news on his legal case yet, as it is all just in the early phase, but I will update here as the events unfold.

I have been making a real effort to keep life as normal as possible for the kids, which is not always possible. We have been able to keep up with school work and our regular field trips. A couple of the kids have caught a bad cold but are handling it fine, other than taking turns keeping me awake at night because of it.

Night before last, we were somewhat alarmed when friends of ours, who had come over to have dinner with our family, called us from the road on their way home to inform us that a patrol car had been following them ever since they left our house. Our friends even turned into a business complex and waited, but the patrol car also pulled in and drove in circles until they left the parking lot again, at which point the patrol car resumed following them. They were finally able to get rid of whoever was after them about 6 miles down the freeway. Much of this incident was videotaped, so there is a good chance it will end up on YouTube. Maybe this incident was just a coincidence, but it was definitely a little weird.


  1. The interview on FoxTalk 1360 is during a program called Community Spin. Here's the link to the Community Spin Podcast Page where the interview should be:

  2. Not the same but kind of. I was taking my dog to the vets yesterday. He is an American bulldog and looks like a giant white pitbull. So, there I am with him in the front seat and listening to the Crystal Method, and I noticed a cop car following us. I turned, he turned. I made a weird turn, so did he. I pulled into a parking lot, and so did he. I finally drove to a dead end part of the mall lot, and he followed up. I parked and waited. He drove on finally.

    What is it with cops doing this crap? Was it because I fit a profile of a trouble maker? Anyway, I know it's not the same, but it's just weird how cops will do this instead of just pull you over. Oh wait - they can't - neither I nor you harassed friends were doing anything wrong.

    Hang in there, mom of five. The reason your friends were being followed is because you have a viable case, and the police are probably embarrassed.

    I truly do wish you the best.

    Even though I made a remark earlier that I would have let the cops search my car, I'm on your side because the Bill of Rights guarantees your right to say NO. I get it, and I feel bad for what happened to your husband.

    Keep on plugging, and I hope you sue their butts off. I hope the men involved are removed from being able to be public servants ever again.


  3. I can believe the car following your friends because anyone who is contacting you on this blog, goes to your church, is friends with you are now certainly under watch by the government.

    years ago I had seen a simular situation they are just watching and listening (and reading) so if you just ignore them eventually they go away. With your husband in the spot light it may be a while.

  4. I believe you would benefit from reading the work of Mary Croft and the FreeMan on the Land Movement. Is it not true that Jesus said, "make no oaths"? Then sovereignty is our natural right. This movement helps people to claim their sovereignty and only make agreements they are consciously making.

  5. Hooray and hugs to Pastor Steve Anderson, our active military and veterans, Dads, patriots, those who believe in or support and/or who post in defense or support of them, our freedom, liberty, rights, the U.S. Constitution, and opposition to government (i.e. injustice system) abuse of authority, citizens, power and taxes!
    Our government is civil servants who answer, serve, submit to, work for and are paid by us, not vice versa!!

    The Border Patrol, Dept of Public Safety, DHS, FBI, highway patrol, Clintons, Obama, police, State of Arizona, Maricopa Co. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, most judges, many of our arrogant, complacent and corrupt government officials are guilty of abusing power, intimidating, oppressive, punitive, terroristic and treasonous actions under color of law, including undermining, violating and warring against the U.S. Constitution. Globalist, socialist, badge-kissers, politician-kissers, Taser-kissers and tax-return-lovers defend and support them and their abusive actions.

    These domestic/internal checkpoints/roadblocks, the supposed illegal immigration policy, the War On Drugs, and the War On Terrorism are really a conspiratorial cover and deception to criminalize, dominate and terrorize the American population, steamroll and wage a War On The Bill Of Rights, innocent citizens and their liberty and privacy, and search and seize their personal information and property as they please!

    Law enforcement agents are more hinderance than help. I've been harassed many times unnecessarily. I know of at least four crimes committed against me or my family for which the authorities have failed or refused to investigate or arrest. I think their main agenda are to deceive and entrap (regardless of guilt or innocence), consume coffee and doughnuts, hold a double standard between them and the public about: asking and answering questions - obeying laws - the right to carry and use arms - and shining flashlights at you, to interfere in civil matters, intimidate with badges guns and uniforms, invade people's privacy, occupy the public like an invaded military, obstruct justice, help raise revenue through citations and fines, spend (waste) tax revenue, suspect and detain and interrogate people as guilty until proven innocent, and to terrorize and torture with guns, Tasers, and other means. Citizens and taxpayers are their masters. Law enforcement agents are public servants, just as any other government employee or official. They are hired to protect and serve but don't really care about citizens' families, justice, liberty, privacy, property, rights, safety, sovereignty, truth, etc. like We The People do !

    There's a double standard and like a taboo between law enforcement officers/personnel and the public about the right to carry arms and use them or other force for defense. "They can but you can't." When civilians fight back, otherwise use force or shoot a cop they get "the book thrown at them", are condemned and reviled by all other cops, the whole justice system and society. When cops beat up, demean, dehumanize, humiliate, intimidate, murder, mutilate, shoot, Taser, terrorize, torture or traumatize people they usually are only put on temporary "administrative" leave and the incident is merely cursorily or nominally "investigated" or "reviewed" before returning to work as usual. In civil and criminal lawsuits the decisions are often in cops' favor. Courts are usually persuaded by cops' evidence and testimony over civilians'. Abuse and corruption of power is so prevalent among cops and other government agents that they each should be considered just as another armed individual and potential threat rather than legal and reliable protection. In a group they can be as dangerous as, and should be considered as, a criminal or military organization.

  6. I wish you and Pastor Steven all the best. Steven has become a lightning rod in a tense, energy-filled atmosphere. I accept that there is a war underway to reduce, perhaps completely eliminate, freedoms and rights we think are Constitutionally guaranteed. As you both well know, as long as you remain grounded in the Lord, you will prevail. In the meantie, the authorities will not be happy.

  7. I will be praying for justice for your family. Why are the interviews disabled?


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