Monday, April 13, 2009


Sorry to be on my soap box about vaccines again, but after a concerned e-mail from a relative of mine, I took a look at the current US vaccine schedule.


Does a baby by 18 months of age really need 26 injections??!? 5 of which are actually combination vaccines in themselves? I mean, even if vaccines were safe, isn't that a bit of overkill on an immature immune system?

Sorry, I just don't see any need to vaccinate my kids for STDs like Hep. B and normal illnesses like the flu just to keep Merck & Co in business at the expense of my child's lifelong health.

Between all five of our children, we have taken them to the doctor 3 times in the last 6 years, and even then the doctor acted like I brought them in for nothing and I was wasting their time (even though he was getting paid by me!!). Our kids just almost never get ill. So apparently, they enjoy great health. I find it amusing how people whose kids are going to the doctor more often than ours for illnesses that ours never get want to teach me what is healthy and what isn't. Every vaccinated child I have ever met or heard about was sick more often than our kids.

Oh, how I would like to write on this subject all day long. But alas, if I did, my kids (who just got up from "quiet time" and are bursting at the seams with penned up energy) would just get into trouble in the meantime.

Here are a couple of links you can check into yourself. Please note that just because I link to a certain website, it doesn't mean that I condone any and all content on that site.

Making an Informed Decision

Natural Parenting and Birth Blog

AAP Vaccine Refusal Form

Vaccination Liberation

Please do not take my word for how bad vaccines are, but rather research it yourself and come to your own conclusions.


  1. I have never done the flu one. I think that one is really unnecessary for a child. I got it once because my doctor thought that my asthma and pregnancy would put me in high risk. Can I tell you I was SICK AS A DOG!!

    I told my children's doctor to not even think about giving that to my children.

  2. I was never vaccinated as a child and I rarely get sick. My 4 children have not been vaccinated either and they hardly ever get sick. On the other hand my various neices and nephews who have had all their Vacs are constantly sick...I mean. All. The. Time. And then of course every time those poor kids get a cough or a sniffle they run a get them a dose of antibiotics....but that is another story.

  3. I don't think that all vaccines are bad. I often get th flu shot every year. But I wanted you to read about what happened to one girl in my community who got the HPV vaccine. It's truly sad. I personally don't support the HPV vaccine anyway because I feel it may encourage some teenage girls to have sex outside marriage which is against God. You can find the article at

  4. Hep B is not just an STD, it is transmitted through bodily fluids. As a nurse, I have been vaccinated for this, as I deal with blood, etc on a daily basis (I delayed this one for my kid though...she doesn't need it yet and the jury is still out on the HPV one as well.).

    Other than Hep B my child has been fully vaccinated and so far has been incredibly healthy.

  5. As a nurse and a mom I researched alot on this. I think there is a happy medium. My ped and I worked out a great schedule, vaccines are spread out. My oldest does not get flu, neither do my hubby or I, my youngest gets the flu vaccine due to his asthma.
    My kids are rarely sick and I mean rarely. Even my youngest who has adx of asthma, never needs a rescue inhaler, hardly gets sick (and when he does it is just a little cold).
    I have to say it is all 50/50 for me. I know parents who don't vaccinate and their kiddos have gotten sick, and vice versa.

    On ther other hand as a nurse I have seen whooping cough outbreaks even last year, children die of flu and pneumonia, chicken pox. So it is hard for me to say no way to vaccines, they have helped erradicate illnesses that used to wipe out millions.

    I definitely think it is a personal decision for every parent to make and to me there is no right or wrong.

  6. Glad someone else speaks the truth about vaccinations. We are looking into homeopathic vaccines, although not sure if we will use them eventually or not.

  7. Dh and I and 5 of our children don't get the flu vac, but my 5yo son does. He has diabetes. The first two years he got the vac and stayed healthy. This past winter I never got around to bringing him in to get the shot and of course he got the flu. He threw up for 8 days straight and his blood glucose got dangerously low. He ended up in the hospital. So I am thankful for the flu shot.

  8. I had my children vaccinated with all of the REQUIRED vaccines; but by the time my 12th child was getting hers, the required list had gotten very long! She had to have 7 shots at one time. I think that's horrible, especially when some of the vaccines have been developed because of rampant promiscuity. One nurse actually said,(when I refused the Hep B for my baby), "Well, she'll need it when she goes to college anyway!" She assumed that everyone goes to college and lays around.
    But, it gets worse. Now, it appears, almost all vaccines for children are developed from fetal tissue. There are Catholic watchdog groups that claim that modern vaccines are made from aborted fetuses.

  9. Well it is great that your children never get sick. But I take it you have little idea on how the immune system works then. Sorry to break this to you but getting sick and creating antibodies is a /good/ thing. Which is why the vaccines work.

    It's all well and good that you don't want to vaccinate your children with the flu vaccine; the reason why it is recommended is because, guess what, infants and the elderly are /very/ susceptible to the flu virus. Which is why every year elderly and infants are at the top of the list.

    Also, go ahead and forgo the Hepatitis shots, because hey, only the immoral get it. [sarcasm]I mean I have never heard of someone catching Hep B who wasn't a fag or drug user[/sarcasm]....oh wait! What about the case in (scary for you) Arizona where a hospital got fined in the millions for reusing syringe canisters for /years/?

    But hey, continue down your soapbox. You're really sticking it to Merck & Co by not taking a vaccine that costs $5.

    Also; yes, you can get vaccinated and never get sick. The problem is that there are diseases that are considered to be nothing now (Polio, MMR) /because/ of vaccines. Sure now people can get away without getting a vaccine and won't get sick, but once you increase the number (and it is a very small percentage) of unvaccinated people, the risk of an outbreak increases exponentially.

    In short; Vaccines are great, they build up an immune system without exposure to fatal viruses. And vaccines do not determine how sick or not sick your child will get from other dieseases. It just allows them to build up antibodies against certain viruses.

  10. Not quite sure how you feel on this idea Zsuzanna, But Naturally, all vaccines and life changing modern day medicines are nothing more than a creation of the heathen government, to infect us pure folk! It breaks my heart to see children being subject to what is a doctor's "suggestion". The town's trusted house visit doctor even told me all my john (4, diagnosed with cancer) needed was strong faith and anymore money spent on a doc in the city is just a waste of time and money out of our pocket, and into their's! John sometimes can't feel, well, anything at all, but the rest of the family makes it to church daily and we know he will turn around soon! Bottom line: If you're ever sick, all you need is the power of prayer! well, take care and I hope everything is going smoothly down at the church :) Sincerley -Jarleanne

  11. Herd immunity. I suggest you google that phrase. It's the only reason why your children have not yet fallen seriously ill. Maybe instead of "finding it amusing" you should consider thanking those other parents who are responsible enough to have their children vaccinated against dangerous, potentially life-threatening illnesses, because by doing so they are saving your own children too.

  12. There is a good book on vaccines by Dr Bob Sears called "The Vaccine Book." That gives great information on vaccines and reasonable recommendations for what to give your child and what not to give.

    Kris has a balanced veiw. All vaccines are not good. All vaccines are not bad. Some states don't "REQUIRE" most vaccines. The issue is not with the vaccine itself usually, it is with the levels of mercury and aluminum as well as other trace metals found in many of the vaccines and the effects that a build up of those metals have on a newborn/infant.


  13. As for needing a hep B shot in college, some states require that vaccination for college students (California is one I know). I personally had one among many others when going into a third world country for missions work.

  14. Keep sharing your information. It's important to stand up for what we believe and it is commendable.

  15. Hepatitis B is given to babies because a major route of spread for that virus is mother-to-child during birth. In Asia a huge percentage of their population is born with hepatitis B. The same is true of Asian immigrant populations in the US. Since hepatitis B is an obligate human pathogen, a program of vaccines could entirely eradicate hepatitis B - and then no one would need the vaccine (see smallpox).


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