Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More interviews

Please click here to listen to today's "Alex Jones Show", where my husband was a guest. He also did two other interviews today, that are not yet available to listen to online.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, my husband and his attorney will be on the Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano from Fox News around 11:30 am PST. The show can be watched live online at the above link.

Also tomorrow, he will be doing a live interview with Pastor Butch on "Call to Decision" at 6 pm PST.

is a link to the New York Times article about the Supreme Court's ruling TODAY on the ability of the police to search the cars of people they arrest.

Here is another YouTube of border patrol agents harassing Pastor Anderson in New Mexico a couple of months ago. This particular checkpoint is about 75 miles north of Mexico, on a road that does not intersect the international border at all. My husband has the names of all the officers involved in this incident and will be filing a complaint with DHS regarding their behavior. BTW, border patrol agents are NOT peace officers as they claimed during this incident, and drivers do NOT have to show their driver's licenses to them.


  1. Wow, Excellent video. Thanks for standing up for EVERYONES rights. After seeing this, the more recent videos feel like Steven was target of a hit job IMO. Maybe its a stretch but I think they wanted retaliation against him for making them look like idiots.

  2. What can we do to help this situation and prevent it from ever happening again?

    This is too much!

    Have you contacted any major news networks?

  3. This should help you in your struggle, best wishes.

  4. I was just going to send yall a link to the Supreme Court ruling.. ;) I am so glad yall are on the ball. God bless... The Judge interview will be awesome I already know it.

  5. We have friends in the UK and they will know about this. Check out TPUC

    At Your Service,
    EW Keane

  6. AZ v. Gant doesn't seem appropriate here. See the special needs exception, and US v. Martinez-Fuerte.

  7. Hooray and hugs to Pastor Steve Anderson, our active military and veterans, Dads, patriots, those who believe in or support and/or who post in defense or support of them, our freedom, liberty, rights, the U.S. Constitution, and opposition to government (i.e. injustice system) abuse of authority, citizens, power and taxes!
    Our government is civil servants who answer, serve, submit to, work for and are paid by us, not vice versa!!

    The Border Patrol, Dept of Public Safety, DHS, FBI, highway patrol, Clintons, Obama, police, State of Arizona, Maricopa Co. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, most judges, many of our arrogant, complacent and corrupt government officials are guilty of abusing power, intimidating, oppressive, punitive, terroristic and treasonous actions under color of law, including undermining, violating and warring against the U.S. Constitution. Globalist, socialist, badge-kissers, politician-kissers, Taser-kissers and tax-return-lovers defend and support them and their abusive actions.

    These domestic/internal checkpoints/roadblocks, the supposed illegal immigration policy, the War On Drugs, and the War On Terrorism are really a conspiratorial cover and deception to criminalize, dominate and terrorize the American population, steamroll and wage a War On The Bill Of Rights, innocent citizens and their liberty and privacy, and search and seize their personal information and property as they please!

    Law enforcement agents are more hinderance than help. I've been harassed many times unnecessarily. I know of at least four crimes committed against me or my family for which the authorities hav failed or refused to investigate or arrest. I think their main agenda are to deceive and entrap (regardless of guilt or innocent), consume coffee and doughnuts, hold a double standard between them and the public about: asking and answering questions - obeying laws - the right to carry and use arms - and shining flashlights at you, to interfere in civil matters, intimidate with badges guns and uniforms, invade people's privacy, occupy the public like an invaded military, obstruct justice, help raise revenue through citations and fines, spend (waste) tax revenue, suspect and detain and interrogate people as guilty until proven innocent, and to terrorize and torture with guns, Tasers, and other means. Citizens and taxpayers are their masters. Law enforcement agents are public servants, just as any other government employee or official. They are hired to protect and serve but don't really care about citizens' families, justice, liberty, privacy, property, rights, safety, sovereignty, truth, etc.
    like We The People do !

    There's a double standard and like a taboo between law enforcement officers/personnel and the public about the right to carry arms and use them or other force for defense. "They can but you can't." When civilians fight back, otherwise use force or shoot a cop they get "the book thrown at them", are condemned and reviled by all other cops, the whole justice system and society. When cops beat up, demean, dehumanize, humiliate, intimidate, murder, mutilate, shoot, Taser, terrorize, torture or traumatize people they usually are only put on temporary "administrative" leave and the incident is merely cursorily or nominally "investigated" or "reviewed" before returning to work as usual. In civil and criminal lawsuits the decision is often in cops' favor. Courts are usually persuaded by cops' evidence and testimony over civilians'. Abuse and corruption of power is so prevalent among cops and other government agents that they each should be considered just as another armed individual and potential threat rather than legal and reliable protection. In a group they can be as dangerous as, and should be considered as, a criminal or military organization.

  8. So sad what this country has become. . .

    Good on y'all for standing up to the tyrants!

  9. curious, why is it that most of the border patrol agents are Spanish??

  10. Watching your case. Good work. (My brother just watched all of it also, and he was just hired by the border patrol).

    Anway I did a check. Where I live in Peoria is 121 miles from the border. About 90% of the valley is more than 100 miles from the border. So I would say only 25% or so of the AZ population lives in the 100 mile limit, not 88%. Your church is 111 miles away, congrats!

  11. I was amazed at the ending, after all their lies, my boss says we got better things to do, HUH, This is typical of people with badges, they feel that their badge gives them all the power and the constitution does not apply to them, watching this video, I was able to see the power of that document, this is the reason I served in the U.S. Military, for yours, mine, our rights, people have got to understand that it's not just an historical piece of paper, the people who wrote it up for a reason, I am very tired emotionally of all the hoops I have to jump thru, I drive a simi truck cross country, I run into it all, BP check points, port of entry (bug check), commercial enforcement check points, suprise commercial enforcement check points, local police check points, DWI check points, and if this were not enough I have to watchout for red light cameras because if you cannot make your turn in time (trucks are slow when loaded), you can be subject to fines for "running a red or making a right against the red" plus here's a kicker, local cities have seen the dollar signs and have begun patrolling truck stops so they can give CDL drivers tickets for idling longer then 5 minutes, what do they want when it's 100 degree's out and in the truck it will be 15 to 20 degree's hotter, how can we be expected to rest and be ready to drive many hours if we cannot rest due to fatigue from being cooked alive, oh yes, you can go to jail if you leave your child, and elder, or even a dog in a hot car, but if your a CDL driver you don't matter, this pastor is correct, give them a hand and then they want your arm.

  12. I would like to correct a statement that you made in this post. In New Mexico, Border Patrol Agents DO have peace officer status.


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