Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fascism coming your way

Important update: If you live in the Phoenix area, you can watch reports on this on local news channels during tonight's evening news. Some of their websites show the news online live streaming. All of the channels will make the news videos available for online viewing in the hours following.

9 PM - Channel 3 - click here to view the news clip, click here to view the entire uncut footage
10 PM - 5 News
10 PM - ABC 15

Phoenix New Times is reporting on it here.

Channel 13 in Sacramento, CA is also reporting on this in the evening news tonight - click here to view the clip.

Please contact us if you are aware of any other news reports on TV or radio.


Here are two clips of what happened to my husband the night of April 14/15:

Last night, my husband was preaching on Isaiah 53 in his regular midweek Bible Study, and since this tied in with the subject, he told the story in more detail. You can listen to it here.

Please, no stupid comments about obeying "the powers that be". The highest authority in our country is the Constitution. Idiots who blindly follow their wicked government also made Hitler's Third Reich happen.

Welcome to the USSA. Wake up people and realize that we are headed for a totalitarian dictatorship.


  1. So So Sorry thing happened to your husband.

    I hope he goes to court with a lawyer by his side.

    I'm praying all works out and your husband heals fast.

  2. Whoa.. I'm speechless. That's awful!! America does need to wake up!

  3. This is nothing new. I am a Seventh-day Adventist, and we have been preaching this for the past 100+ years.


    The Bible speaks of a remnant people who will proclaim the truth as the Second Coming approaches.

    The reason why this happened to your husband is simple..... he is now on Lucifers "watch list". As your husband continues to preach the hidden truths that The Lord is continually presenting him with, your persecution will only worsen.

    This is happening in my religion as well. There is a massive rift being created between people who want to live comfortable lives and listen only to "cotton candy" sermons from useless preachers.... and the very few who are waking up and proclaiming what is to come.

    God's people WILL go through the massive tribulation that is to come in the future BEFORE the Second Coming (or as some call it, the rapture).

    Prepare yourselves and hold steadfast in God's truth.... for we are entering the final times.

    Go to, type in "David Gates", and listen to his sermon THE COMING CRISIS.

    What is happening to you must not catch you by surprise. There will be change coming... and it will not be pleasant for God's people.

    Let's not forget also, the final times of Tribulation that are to come, will actually be 14 events, and not 7 as many people have believed. Read the Book of Revelation closely...

    By the way, your husband is now on a 'list'. You will understand what I mean soon.

  4. I am so sorry this happened to Pastor Anderson!!! I really hope you guys fight this and hopefully get some justice. This makes me so mad and sick. It would be hard to see your husband all beat up. Sorry you guys have to deal with this. Youre in our prayer.

  5. Yep it's disgusting, and it's only going to get worse. I can't believe that so many CHRISTIANS voted for Obama and this mess.

    By the way, it is illegal for Obama to be the president, therefore, since he is ineligible, he is NOT the president. He's a masquerader and anything he signs into law isn't valid.

  6. Wow Zsuzsanna! I am so sorry!!!! I could not believe my eyes.... Berto and I are praying for you guys. Let the kids know how proud they should be of their Daddy for standing up for what's right! ( I am sure they are) :)

    We love you guys,


  7. Since there are cameras and they tape everything at those checkpoints, are you guys obtaining a lawyer to get those tapes? I would definitely pursue some sort of legal action to at least get copies of the tapes, then go from there. I hope he is feeling better.

    And I'm not trying to hijack this thread or take away from the severity of what happened to your husband, but can I ask Mrs W above how it is illegal for Obama to be president? Thanks.

  8. This is terrible! I'm so sorry this happened to your husband; it's inhuman the way they treated him. And some say this is necessary for our "national securit."

  9. I am sorry for your husbands injuries , I am greatful for his martyrisim.

  10. I want to point out that the searches of American citizens on American soil is a legacy of the Bush Administration's attack on civil liberties, not something President Obama put into place.

    I advise you to look at the website and the companion blog,

    There is a scholarly article, Fascism Anyone? by Laurence W. Britt, which identifies 14 warning signs of fascism.

    The article The Fourteen Points of Fascism compares Britt's 14 warning signs with the behavior of Bush and individuals in his adminstration.

    I also advise you to read

  11. This is truly horrible! I certainly hope these people are held accountable for their actions! Are you going to report this? Who do you even report something like this to? I hope your husband heals quickly, I am just stunned that this could happen.

  12. Praying for you and spreading the word about the injustice.

  13. Hi Anderson family -- I am a regular reader here and while sometimes (okay maybe lots of times) I think your posts are over the top....this one is just CRAZY.

    My very soon to be husband happens to be in his last year of law school. He watched the video at the same time as me and said if things happen as your husband say they did then you certainly have grounds to file a lawsuit. He gave me the section it fell under, but had to leave for his classes this evening so he said he will look specifically at what you would file the lawsuit over. I'll come back once he looks it up and post that information for you if you'd like.

    Like I're over the top on a whole lot of things but I truly feel for your family this time. Some people in power don't know how to handle themselves (obviously right?)

  14. It's frightening (but not at all surprising) that those who are sworn to serve and protect we the people have done such a thing.

    Your husband is a hero and a patriot to take a stand against those who would try to rip the Constitution to shreds. We could use a lot more like him.

  15. I am sorry I am commenting again but I just cannot stop watching this and am so disturbed by the thought something like this could happen. How could this happen? This is awful, this could happen to anyone and that scares me to my core.

  16. My heart breaks for what is happening in this country! I pray for quick healing of your husband's injuries. We, too, are a large family with 7 children. We home school and daily desire to follow Jesus. I will be sharing this news with ALL of my friends on many different computer networks. Individual's rights in this country continue to be eroded daily by those with a Socialist agenda...

  17. 1) Incredibly sorry your husband went through this, but we all thank him for standing up for his rights. They expect us to all just obey without question, and the more people do that the more control they have. Thanks again.

    2) @Mrs. W is probably talking about the fact that there is some question as to whether or not obama technically qualifies to be president as he was a citizen of another country which would supposedly take away his eligibility because he would not longer be considered a natural born citizen. I am not sure what the latest on this is, but regardless this is not obama's fault. This is the fault of stupid people abusing authority in arizona. This would happened if bush was still president. Christians shouldn't have voted for mccain or obama. They both have the same platform, which is to destroy America.

    3) @Liz Ditz - regardless if this is the result of bush or not, it's still awful. Mr. Anderson obviously has no agenda here with Obama; it is with America and our loss of freedom. He doesn't mention anyone by name expect his assailants. Bush did many horrible things to and for America under the guise of making it a safer place and Obama is doing the same thing (just as McCain would have).

    4) @rey George - I don't think this happened because Mr Anderson is a pastor. While I do not doubt that christians are persecuted all the time, I believe this would have happened to anyone resisting an unlawful search. To cry persecution seems a bit rash, especially considering there is no talk here of them saying anything to him about his faith. Just because you are a christian doesn't mean that is the reason you are mistreated.

    5) This will keep happening as long as Americans don't stand up for your rights. Read the constitution, read the amendments, stay informed, and vote wisely.

    6) Thanks again. It was a very brave thing to do.

  18. I'm not being inflammatory here but I am wondering why he just didn't answer the initial questions? I think what followed after that refusal is appalling and in should no way be condoned but why not just answer the questions? Surely they were just simple ones about where are you going? where have you been?
    We have been watching the dismantling of basic rights in the name of 'security' here in Australia and quite frankly, it's alarming. It seems that since September 11 America has been losing a lot of freedoms in the name of catching terrorists. It's ridiculous. We flew around the states about a year or so after that incident and at every single airport, at every single checkpoint my husband and I were searched. The last time it happened I asked why we had been singled out and the reply 'it's random ma'am' to which I replied 'random is when it happens once. It's happened every single time. That's about 7 times now. That's not random' He did not reply
    Good luck with getting some justice. I think they are going to regret picking on your husband

  19. Call Fox News and try to get on Glenn Beck's show and on Judge Andrew Napolitano's weekly internet show "Freedom Watch." I don't trust Beck (the only mainstream guy I think I trust is Lou Dobbs), but Judge Napolitano is the real deal. In any case, the more exposure this gets, the better. We need to expose and defeat the New World Order police state. Also call Alex Jones' Infowars and see if you can get on that show.

    And call the Alliance Defense Fund, American Center for Law and Justice, and even the ACLU (bad as they are on some issues, they might take this case for free).

    Thank you for standing up to tyranny. The Constitution --- created by we the people --- is the supreme law in our nation, not the will of the federal authorities. The Constitution is our nation's 'king.' And nobody has any responsibility before God to obey unrighteous, unlawful (e.g., unconstitutional), or usurped (i.e., outside of the sphere of authority God has given to civil government) commands or laws from the government. We only have a moral obligation to submit to lawful, just, and God-ordained government authority.

  20. I just want to send my condolences. For your husband and for you. It must be tough having a husband that puts his RIGHTS above ALL ELSE. My thoughts go out to your congregation as well. So many people relying on a man with this behavior and constantly putting himself in harms way is certainly sad.

    I do wish there were another alternative to handling this kind of thing, maybe calling a lawyer while he waited an hour would have been helpful. It would be all over the news by now had the agents allowed a trunkful of dead bodies go through just because someone refused a looksee. I don't know much about durg dogs but something tells me that the general public doesn't "need" to know how the dogs react to situations.

    If you're planning a lawsuit you may come much more crediable if you pull all of your videos. They will most certainly help the other side.
    Keep putting yourselves in these kinds of situations and surely you will get what you want eventually. Good luck.

  21. I tried to email your churches address and it bounced. I would imagine you have been flooded with emails! Email me please! clint (at)

    I am a youth pastor (from Texas that lives in Victoria, BC)

    I hold on the same values as you do on the authority of the Constitution rather than the unconstitutional powers to be. I am so tired of Romans 13 being thrown in my face by so many other Christians I know.

    I was wondering if you had some good information about where we Christians stand as patriots rather than the mindless followers that we have been told to be.

    thank you and may the Lord Jesus Himself be with your spirit,


  22. We'll be praying for your victory.

  23. Clint, check out this list:

  24. Dear Anderson family,
    I disagree with your views on IVF and I've found your posts hurtful in the past. But I recognised your name when I saw a YouTube video of your husband on BoingBoing and I will pray for you guys. It's terrible what happened to him and no one should have to endure what he has endured. You must have been so scared for him. I'm sorry this happened. I trust in God that this situation will come out well for you guys when it is resolved. I know to you I'm just a baby killer but beyond you and me God will make this right. We may not see his justice but it will be and is eternal and I know we agree on this. God be with you, you and your family deserve better than this.

  25. The 2 Witnesses of Revelations 11 will soon come forth...and those who seek to
    promote brutality on matter what color, no matter what creed..will have severe plagues pronounced upon them as in the days of Moses and Elijah.
    Malachi 4
    The Solution to the New World Order


    For the servants of the Almighty Spirit will come with words fo FIRE and POWER from on HIGH. For if ANY MAN try to hurt these woe be unto them!!!


  26. It was awful about what happened to your husband. Those policemen had no business beating up him. That's not the way policemen are supposed to be. Your husband was not a threat to them. They could have opened the car doors if they were that demanding to look through the car. I've heard of some people being beaten up by policemen.

    I hope that those policemen will be fired from their jobs.

  27. Good grief.. this is just crazy.... I'm so sorry to hear about this. :(

    As for the dogs, they are trained to SIT DOWN as a sign when they smell drugs..

    When you try to fly to holland from the caribbean, you have to stand in line and have dogs sniff you as well.. if the dogs sits next to you, you're it...

    Greetings from the netherlands

  28. For future reference, here are eight reasons never to speak to the police, even if you're innocent:

  29. My thoughts are with you. Michelle

  30. Yes, this is bad stuff, but you must not have noticed yet that this has been going on since just after 9/11/2001. This is not a result of new policy, and attaching the significance of this unconstitutional behavior to the brand new President has to involve either ignorance, or willful self-deception.

  31. I'm sorry to hear that this happened to Steve. Great work on documenting all of this and getting the news involved! I saw this yesterday on youtube. After verifying that this was real (by searching on the internet for your church) I then started emailing all of my friends and family with the youtube video. I even made it my status message on facebook! This is OUTRAGEOUS! Them doing this to your husband is as if they were doing it to me too as well as everyone else in America! All of us are affected by this. It is a knock against Liberty. May God save the USA!

  32. I'm so sorry what was done to your husband and rest assured he is being prayed for!


  33. Mrs. Anderson, my heart aches for you and your family regarding what has happened to your dear Steven in recent days. I'm so sorry and ashamed of the abuses your husband suffered at the hands of government agents.

    I became aware of your troubles via a YouTube video of Pastor Stevens telling what happened to him. I'm gobsmacked and disgusted to see a law-abiding citizen such as Steven to be so cruelly worked over by those sworn to protect him.

    Mrs. Anderson, we may stand in different camps with regards to politics, religion and social issues. Maybe not. But as Americans, we cannot let this stand. What unites us is far greater than what divides us.

    I'm going to go make noise now. I'll be telling friends and coworkers to watch the video. I'll post on Facebook. I'll link to video and start emailing anyone and everyone from friends to representatives. Money's a little tight but I'll send a few bucks to help out. This tragic incident must be made widely known in order to be corrected.

    Mrs. Anderson, my thoughts are with you and your family. Let's go get you some justice!

  34. Please, contact The Rutherford Institute.

    Your husband's beating is being discussed over at and that's how we found out about him.

  35. My name is Frances and I was shock by this horror story and what happen to you.I saw this story on Alex Jones channel. I watch Alex jones to keep up what is happening to my country Australia, America, and the World, and pray every day for all of us. I pray this never happens to you again. You have a beautiful family, love your web sight.
    I send you Gods Blessings and love and protection.

  36. Ow I can't believe... well no I actually can believe it. I was so upset when I had seen this especially when it's someone you know (blog world of course).

    Please if for any reason you need anything please feel free to reach out to me at I'm in Gilbert so I'm really close by.

    Anything at all please don't hesitate to reach out to me. My husband and I are praying for your husband as well my children will be sure to add him in their nightly prayers.

    May the Lord bring peace into your lives. God bless,

  37. You know, I'm one of those people people who are familiar with and despise your husbands political and religious views, but even I agree that this and other border patrol checks NOT taking place on our actual borders are blatantly illegal and a severe violation of our civil rights. My question to you is: Why didn't your husband make a stand when Bush was busy implementing these fascist policies?

  38. I find it odd, that the last president was the one who put into place the over-arching security apparatus that chafes us all, yet responsibility for it is laid at the feet of Obama. Obama did not authorize the Patriot Act, Obama did not autorize warrent-less wiretapping. Bush did.

  39. This has nothign to do with being Christian (on the victim end), this has purely to do with teh fear that has been bred into americans since 2001. This is not new, this stuff has been occurring for many years now, the fear or terrorism and other cultures and people has allowed authorities to violate the constitution with regularity. Where Christianity does play into this is that faith was used as a tool to keep the Bush Administration in power for long enough that this has become the standard, rather than an exception that happened occasionally before hand. While I think your husband is an idiot in many ways, he's a victim in this situation, and I hope he takes this all the way to the SCOTUS if need be.

  40. I must have deleted my response by accident.

    I just wanted to say that our prayers are with you and your family. Please if there is anything that you need to hesitate to reach out to me. I live real near by in Gilbert. Email me if you need anything

    Peace be with you!

  41. Maybe Bush did put these procedures in place but since our new president hasn't been remotely shy about signing executive orders to reverse Bush policies, why didn't he change this one? I don't believe the prior administration abused this power, but fear the current administration will. Also, I didn't think America tortured....Seems to me this law abiding citizen suffered at the hands of these agents. Our enemies threaten all kinds of harm, but our agents cannot even threaten to put a bug in a cell.....we live in an upside down world. God be with you and your family! You will be in our prayers.

  42. I'm indeed very sorry that this has happened, just as I was the last 300 or so times people were actually KILLED with Tasers in the past few years. I sincerely hope that the only reason you are all upset isn't because the victim this time is a white Christian pastor.

    This is how it works with civil rights. Folks come up with all kinds of rationales for this type of behavior when it happens "those" people, and then they're so shocked when it finally happens to them. Y'all should have been speaking up all along.

  43. You should definately contact the ACLU. Our civil liberties have been eroded all under the guise of "national security" and "patriotism", and now it's time to fight back!

  44. Hi to all, very sorry to here of this unjustice act , i am sorry but i can't afford a donation at this moment but can add your blog to my personal website, you can contact me at , if you wish me to add your blog with a comment about this cruel and vile act, may the LORD be with you in these troubled times, best regards bignik

  45. I don't know about the ACLU. They are a VERY liberal organization supporting legalizing gay marriage and such things. I really can't see them having much to say to Pastor Stevens on his issue. Just my opinion.

  46. Despite what people have been led to believe (twenty years ago I was very active in my state GOP and a follower of James Dobson, Don Wildmon, Ralph Reed, etc., so I know the rhetoric well), the ACLU is not an evil aggressive secular humanist plot to destroy Christianity. I know an attorney who consults for them, and he is very dedicated to preserving our Constitutional rights. They believe in defending religious liberty and if your case has merit they will not turn you away just because you're a Christian.

  47. I don't want to turn this into some political diatribe against your husband for his political beliefs and for perhaps improperly laying blame for this at Obama's feet (as if the President is responsible for the behavior of individual agents or that Obama has actually signed any laws that caused this action or protected the agents). Besides, I haven't seen any evidence that blame has been lain anywhere beyond where it should be, at the feet of the agents and the agency to which they report. I do think this is an extremely important reminder that an infringement on the rights of one American, regardless of political persuasion or belief, opens the door to potential infringement of the rights of all Americans. Its not a left or right issue when unchecked power is abused in any fashion.

  48. I am very sorry. No words.

  49. We don't agree on a lot of things, but I do agree that it's appalling the extent to which both major parties have allowed our civil liberties to be eroded (especially seeing as this is inside of the US). My thoughts are with your husband.

  50. I appreciate the fact that he did not allow a search without a warrant, and that he confronted them with the lie that the dog had "detected" drugs--when the dog had simply walked away. Will they pay for the damage to the car and the medical costs? Be sure to submit a bill to them. We all need to prepare ourselves for the illegal search and seizure that may occur even in our own homes.

  51. THANK GOD THIS HAPPENED TO PASTOR STEVE! (and just before he was to preach on Isaiah 53!! God's perfect timing!)

    Why do I say this? Because I live in southern Arizona and my daughters (!!!) have ALL been harassed by BP at the local checkpoint & on dark rural roads where there's no cellphone service. THANK GOD your husband is brave and is taking the (unpopular-in-Christian-circles) stance of STANDING UP TO TYRANNY.

    Brothers & sisters in Christ: DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Study the lives of Dietrich Bonhoeffer & Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Christians who knew what tyranny was & how it came to their land. They agree-- if they had stood up to tyranny early-on they could've stopped the deaths of millions of their fellow citizens!

    STAND on the Constitution; UPHOLD the law; EDUCATE your local police, BP agents, legislators. Obey God rather than men!

    Those of you NOT in a border state, you don't understand what is going on! We live in what is called the Constitution-free zone, where anyone within 100 miles of the border can be searched at any time for any reason. TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL, Period.

  52. Hooray and hugs to Pastor Steve Anderson, our active military and veterans, Dads, patriots, those who believe in or support and/or who post in defense or support of them, our freedom, liberty, rights, the U.S. Constitution, and opposition to government (i.e. injustice system) abuse of authority, citizens, power and taxes!
    Our government is civil servants who answer, serve, submit to, work for and are paid by us, not vice versa!!

    The Border Patrol, Dept of Public Safety, DHS, FBI, highway patrol, Clintons, Obama, police, State of Arizona, Maricopa Co. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, most judges, many of our arrogant, complacent and corrupt government officials are guilty of abusing power, intimidating, oppressive, punitive, terroristic and treasonous actions under color of law, including undermining, violating and warring against the U.S. Constitution. Globalist, socialist, badge-kissers, politician-kissers, Taser-kissers and tax-return-lovers defend and support them and their abusive actions.

    These domestic/internal checkpoints/roadblocks, the supposed illegal immigration policy, the War On Drugs, and the War On Terrorism are really a conspiratorial cover and deception to criminalize, dominate and terrorize the American population, steamroll and wage a War On The Bill Of Rights, innocent citizens and their liberty and privacy, and search and seize their personal information and property as they please!

    Law enforcement agents are more hinderance than help. I've been harassed many times unnecessarily. I know of at least four crimes committed against me or my family for which the authorities hav failed or refused to investigate or arrest. I think their main agenda are to deceive and entrap (regardless of guilt or innocent), consume coffee and doughnuts, hold a double standard between them and the public about: asking and answering questions - obeying laws - the right to carry and use arms - and shining flashlights at you, to interfere in civil matters, intimidate with badges guns and uniforms, invade people's privacy, occupy the public like an invaded military, obstruct justice, help raise revenue through citations and fines, spend (waste) tax revenue, suspect and detain and interrogate people as guilty until proven innocent, and to terrorize and torture with guns, Tasers, and other means. Citizens and taxpayers are their masters. Law enforcement agents are public servants, just as any other government employee or official. They are hired to protect and serve but don't really care about citizens' families, justice, liberty, privacy, property, rights, safety, sovereignty, truth, etc.
    like We The People do !

    There's a double standard and like a taboo between law enforcement officers/personnel and the public about the right to carry arms and use them or other force for defense. "They can but you can't." When civilians fight back, otherwise use force or shoot a cop they get "the book thrown at them", are condemned and reviled by all other cops, the whole justice system and society. When cops beat up, demean, dehumanize, humiliate, intimidate, murder, mutilate, shoot, Taser, terrorize, torture or traumatize people they usually are only put on temporary "administrative" leave and the incident is merely cursorily or nominally "investigated" or "reviewed" before returning to work as usual. In civil and criminal lawsuits the decision is often in cops' favor. Courts are usually persuaded by cops' evidence and testimony over civilians'. Abuse and corruption of power is so prevalent among cops and other government agents that they each should be considered just as another armed individual and potential threat rather than legal and reliable protection. In a group they can be as dangerous as, and should be considered as, a criminal or military organization.

  53. I especially like Pastor Steven's *CORRECT* explanation of Romans 13!!!

    Please continue to use what happened as a launching point for American's to climb out the multi-cultural, pluralist slime and re-embrace their God-given and blood-bought Constitutional heritage!

    Please take the time to re-embrace the many historical documents relating to Romans 13 such as:

    Vindici Today!

    Simultaneously keeping in mind that freemasons, mormons, Roman Catholics and other subversive Khristian Kabbalist Kults are recruited by the NWO to act as agent provocateurs.

  54. So sorry to hear of this horrendous and terrifying abuse to which the pastor was subjected. In a similar story, we were stopped one night in our RV for no reason (except he thought we were "carnies") by an IDOT officer in Iowa a month ago. He accused us of having marijuana and would not take no for an answer. He was out of control, threatening, malicious, and terrifying. He was by himself, there was no dash cam in his vehicle, so there was no witness to what was going on. We could tell the incident was going to escalate into something like what happened to the pastor, so we agreed to a search. We were within 10 miles of home after completing a 3600 mile trip and wanted to get our gear and our dogs out of the RV.
    He called his buddy,made us stand in the headights of our RV, searched the RV for all of ten minutes, found no drugs, of course, and gave us flack about our firearms,all of which were legal under Iowa CCW law. Even so, totally ignorant of the laws, this officer threatened to get the CCW permit revoked, said he could because we were in violation, blah blah blah,..thereby infringing on our Second Amendment rights.
    Then after 45 minutes of tormenting us and stomping allover our constitutional rights, he let us go.
    We have been raising a stink in the Iowa media . IDOT has tremendous power in this state and it is a totally corrupt government agency. We have opened a can of worms. Now I guess we need to sue. Need to find a lawyer with guts enough to go after the government. Any ideas anybody?

    again, so sorry for what you suffered, we can only imagine what you feel like, we feel bad enough, after this kind of degradation people are never the same...God bless you and your family,

  55. Obviously, it would have been easier for you to do nothing. I admire your courage.

  56. I am 55 years old. This is NOT the America in which I grew up.

  57. It is sad that this happened. I go through checkpoints twice a week and the only reason I deal with their crap is that I'm working. I am glad that you guys are making sure this story is heard. Unfortunately it seems to take things like this to get people to actaully pay attention...

  58. Hi Steven and family,

    Im so sorry this has happened to you... its happening in uk now also and we have to find remedy for this asap. Have you thought of becoming a free man on the land. Under gods law , common law a souless entity which are the agents of governments around the world have no jurisdiction over a living breathing soul. This is an illusion which mathew here is trying to inform us of. when you were born your perents informed the government and they then contracted with (they were deceived)them to make you into a person a corperation on which they could perform their evil and deceptive acts. One must also free oneself from the worldly agreements one has made in order to be free from its contracts.

    Agree with thine adversary quickly, while thou art in the way
    with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the
    judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be
    cast into prison. Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no
    means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost
    farthing. Matthew 5:25-26

  59. May God grant you peace

    love emma

  60. if u dont like the way things work here go back where u came from


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