Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My skiing experience

I just went skiing for my first time!It was really fun.(but I crashed alot,and I never hit anything)

1.The places I skied

Do you know how at ski places,they have these ratings like:

-green circle

-blue square

-black diamond

-double black diamond

and from green circle to double black diamond,it gets harder?Well,when I was skiing, I went on a
blue square, first. Then a green circle.Then, Dad lost his map and, by accident, took me on a black diamond!!!Then it was a green circle again.

2.The best part

Pretty soon, I got to a part where from there on there would be only flat ground.Dad told me to do my best.So I started skiing.I was doing very good.(I don't think this, but Dad thinks I was going 30 M.P.H.)Pretty soon, I was in the place where all the buildings are.All of the sudden, I had a crowd of over 100 people!I had to throw myself down.

3.The food

Then we ate at a food place.We had to wait so long that they let us have the food for free!!!

I had a very good time skiing.

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