Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Moment with Dad

My husband is a great Dad. Unfortuantely, he sometimes has to work long or travel a lot in order for me to be able to stay home with the children and still live the comfortable life that we enjoy. Then again, he never watches TV or hangs out with his "buddies", which frees up a lot of his spare time. I think he is as involved of a father as any I have ever known, and the kids love playing with him. They think of him as the "fun guy", whereas I am just plain old mom who lays down the law for them on a daily basis.

Our parenting styles are very different. I expect the kids to act as mature as they can for their age, while my husband gets totally wild and goofy with them. Sometimes, it's like having another child in the house. My husband thinks that certain things are safe to do with the kids that would make my heart stop if I ever found out about them. And that's okay, too, as long as I never do find out.

Last week, Miriam convinced him to read her favorite book to her for the umpteenth time. He was already holding Rebecca, and then Johnny joined them on the sofa, too. I thought it was such a precious moment. I especially love how baby Rebecca kept staring at her Daddy's face as he was reading with a lot of expression.


  1. Those pictures are precious! Rebecca is really focusing on her daddy.

    There's Miriam and her bare feet again! I love your attitude towards that; some parents would make an unnecessary fuss about it (I remember your posts from last Summer).

    Also, John with the shoes on the wrong feet ... so sweet.

    You just let your kids be who they are and give them direcction as they grow. That's the best way, I think.

  2. how precious! it's great that you're capturing these moments on camera right now! your kids will thank you some day. :)

    ~Kathie LaRue

  3. Sally,

    you are very observant! Miriam almost never wears shoes, although she loves buying them. She has way more pairs than I do. John and Isaac almost always wear their shoes the wrong way around, they say it feels nicer that way. They all have weird little quirks. Thanks for the comment!


    Thank you. I love keeping my camera within reach at all times.


    I really like your blog! I can't believe you've been married for almost a full year now - wow. I feel so old!

  4. I love those pictures! It's nice to see an other side to men~when they are gentle and kind to children.

  5. This is so cute. Love Rebecca's face it's priceless. My husband was reading to the dog the other day... I need to have this kid fast!

  6. Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. My husband is the goofy one who always takes things like it's no big deal where me I have to have a plan for the plan LOL!

    I think the differences in couples helps to give the children and each other balance in relationships.

    I have to say that with us I'm the one that gets the kids to do things while daddy is at work that would make him pass out! I'm more the "find me a challenge" one in the family. My husband cringes whenever I say we went somewhere because he almost knows it's going to be something he would never let the kids do :) I'm still trying to convience the kids to jump out of a plain with me... it's still "no way mommy!"


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