Monday, March 2, 2009

Isaac's birthday party

We celebrated Isaac's 6th birthday last Saturday. The theme was "Construction".

First, the kids all decorated their own hardhats and toolbelts. Next, they (with the help of some adults) built a large "house" from appliance boxes, and then painted it.

The kids played a game of demolishing a cereal-box tower in the order of which the boxes were numbered, without knocking the wrong box down.

I made a pinata that looked like a construction cone. The kids pulled on strips of "Caution" tape, only one of which opened the trap door in the bottom and let the candy out.

For decorations, I put yellow "Caution" tape all around the front yard, and also used it for streamers. It was funny because all morning as I was setting up for the party, people who drove by stopped and stared at our house. I'm pretty sure they thought that it was cordoned off by almost identical looking "Police Line - Do Not Cross" tape.

I served the food in paint trays and buckets, with putty knives for the serving utensils. Instead of cake, I made dirt cupcakes with construction-themed toppers, and brownies that were made to look like a dirt pile.

As we usually do, we invited everyone in our church, although they were not all able to come. But we did had some special visitors from California...

... Scotland...

... and most importantly, my Dad, from Hungary.

After the party was over, he made us real Hungarian goulash in a kettle over an open fire pit, which was the best meal I have had in years. Seriously! Needless to say, it was completely gone very quickly.

Of course, the evening would not have been complete without making s'mores over the open fire.

I love our church, and I love that so many of our members were able to spend their Saturday afternoon and evening with us. The last few weeks have been especially exciting, as there have been many new and returning visitors, some from around the world as I mentioned. Our attendances to the services have been bigger than usual, and while we always enjoy a kindred spirit in our church, this has been even more true this last month. Everyone is excited about church and serving God. I truly think that our church is the best church in the entire world!

The play house is still gracing our front yard, and the kids have played in it for hours every day since the party.

If you find yourself thinking, "Wow, she is so creative" please let me tell you that I am not very creative at all. I myself would never have thought of any of this. BUT I do know how to find party ideas on the internet as well as in my favorite family magazine, which anyone can do.


  1. So fun...I'll bet the kids will never forget!

  2. I just love Miriam's purple face. This looks like a great party! I'm sure they will all have great memories forever.

  3. Saturday was the greatest day ever! Our family had so much fun. You really know how to throw a birthday party!! And yes Church has been so exciting this past month, so many great visitors! I believe God is really blessing FWBC, the spirit of fellowship has never been better. PRAISE GOD!

  4. What an amazing party! This is one that your son will remember for sure, and what a blessing that your dad could be there. What a beautiful family you have...makes me miss the days of when my guys were little ")

  5. I still think you are so creative! How amazing!

  6. Its really great that your father was able to make the trip. I hope he's found a good, biblical church in Hungary.

  7. That is so great! It is a great idea for a boy and love the painting it's very constructive. It really allows the kids to bring out their creativity.

    You should be very proud of your church. It is an accomplishment to have it succeed as it has. That is wonderful that you have so many members be able to join your family on such a special event. We are moving soon to Apache Junction and I found a IFB church there too so we are going to try it out. It's so wonderful that there are preachers out there who are willing to share their stonge beliefs.

    God Bless!

  8. Looks like a great party. I want to get a fire pit with a pot like your dad cooked in!

  9. What a great idea for a party! Please tell me, though, that the guy in the blue shirt is not making GANG signs...


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