Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Good enough" isn't

Mom Arrives at Day Care to Find Infant Son Alone, Locked Inside Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daycare Provider Gets 30 Days in Jail

Toddler in Daycare Bitten Till She Bleeds

Montgomery Man Admits to Molesting Kids

Inver Grove Heights man sentenced for criminal sexual conduct

Mothers Upset At Day Care Centers For Leaving Kids In Vans

Need I go on? I realize that these stories are the exception rather than the rule (I hope), and that sometimes in our ungodly society single mothers are left with no other choice than to go to work, and thus are in need of someone to watch their child(ren).

However, the fact remains that the vast majority of children who are in daycare either have parents who could afford to live on one income to allow mom to stay home with the kids, or that the parents themselves brought such an unfortunate situation on themselves through divorce, having children outside of marriage, or other poor lifestyle choices on their part.

Even aside from all the freaks and perverts, daycares are such a poor choice. Not only are these children exposed to bad influences, but they are completely deprived of such good influences as a mother's love, affection, teaching, discipline, care, cooking, interaction, etc.

Instead, children are taught about "sharing" - if child B wants a toy that child A has, child A has to surrender it without a fight in the interest of the higher ideal: Peace At All Cost. After all, child B might otherwise throw a screaming fit. Since daycares are incapable of administering the necessary discipline (and rightly so, as this is a parent's job), the teachers and other kids would then have to listen to brat B carry on. It's much easier to teach child A to surrender what's his, because it's not really his, because he is not at HIS house playing with HIS toys. When child A grows up, he will be a great socialist and vote for Obama, and child B will be a great welfare recipient. The children who didn't go to daycare will be footing the bill.

Instead of loving discipline, there are time-outs, shaking, screaming, and ignoring. Please don't fool yourself into thinking that it doesn't happen. My husband installs fire alarms in many different national daycare chains, some of them the posh, super-pricey ones, yet they are all the same: bad smell, snotty noses, dirty faces, and yes, all the aforementioned substitutes for proper discipline. Who in their right mind actually thought that a single girl with no kids who is just barely old enough to work at a daycare actually cares about little children that are not hers? She is just thinking about her boyfriend/car/myspace/Friday night/lipstick instead of caring about kids.

Instead of children playing with their own siblings and learning about helping out Mom and Dad at home, building strong family ties, they are herded like cattle with others their exact age and demographic. I offer homemade, custom-fit childrearing for each of our kids. A daycare is a conveyor belt of cheap, "Made in China" merchandise produced by people who hate their job.

Instead of home cooking, children are fed institutional, unhealthy "food". Please don't tell me it's not so, because I shop at Sam's Club once or twice every week, and every time I walk by the daycares' carts (who fax in their orders) they are packed with ready-made junk. Their objective is: "What is the cheapest we can get by with feeding to the kids that still looks and sounds nutritious? What will make US the most money while making US look good?" My objectives are "What do my children need to eat to be as healthy as possible? What do they like that is still healthy?"

Children belong in the home, not in a paid institution.


  1. I used to work in a daycare while I was going to college. I used the money to pay for my Early Childhood Ed degree.

    I was the only one in the building who had any actual experience or training. Very few had CPR trainig. I never saw any sexual abuse, or anything that even looked close. But I did see women degrading small children because it was a job, not a loving environment.

    Our family sacrifices a lot of extras so I can stay home with my 3 girls. I have had friends who've needed childcare assistance & I've helped them out with that a few times.

    If women need that sort of care, it seems that a friend who you know to be a loving mother would be a good alternative. Sometimes that extra money could be a big blessing to her family too.

  2. AMEN! My kids NEVER WENT to a daycare. I am so glad of that.

  3. Hi Zsuzsanna.
    Who can disagree on the statement that a mother's care and affection cannot be found anywhere else?
    And bugs? Children are sick all the time in daycares and preschools. And they go home and give the bugs to their parents and young siblings.

    But come on! Are you being a bit melodramatic about the rest here? Let's talk about sharing. Are bad manners a bad thing? Here's how they teach it at my daughter's school. Both child A and B need to be polite. A toy will not be 'surrendered' to child B because he is screaming. The goal is to have child B ask politely for a toy and be able to wait for his turn if they toy is in use. And for child A to learn to 'surrender' a toy that holds no interest to him anymore when he is finished playing with it, instead of holding on to it just because someone else wants it. Anyway, I heard Obama was homeschooled....just kidding!

  4. Don't know if you've read this one yet http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2009/03/13/20090313windshield-ON.html
    makes you wonder how people can be so stupid to mistake wiper fluid for kool-aid and what is this place doing giving kool-aid to the kids in the first place. There is nothing in this world worth ever putting my baby in the hands of strangers.

  5. Here's another one: Kids drink windshield fluid at daycare. Apparently they thought it was koolaid


  6. http://childofastranger.blogspot.com/2008/11/this-was-submitted-anonymously-to-site.html

    This one is about being a child of an anonymous sperm donation

    You might find it interesting too.

  7. I agree about daycare dangers, disadvantages, lack of familial guidance and love, and mistreatment/negligence. My mom babysat my neighbors' sons many years ago. I agree that a Christian, loving and trustworthy friend, neighbor or relative is a good alternative to daycares, particularly if they are a parent too.
    My daughter went to daycares (which wasn't my choice since I don't have custody) but my son was spared from them.
    I'm in Arkansas, which is where the daycare served windshield wiper fluid to children. I can't believe or imagine how careless, inadvertent, inattentive, negligent, oblivious and/or hurried that worker had to be to make such a mistake!


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