Thursday, February 26, 2009

Name that photo!

In keeping with my last post, here is a little giveaway:

I will send one box of fresh, tree-ripened, hand-picked lemons from the tree in my backyard to the person who comes up with the best title for the photo below. Simply leave your title in a comment. I will be using a USPS Priority Mail flat rate box, to give you an idea of the size, which ships to anywhere in the country in 2-3 days.

Rules: (1) Your entry is void if your comment is rejected because it is inappropriate or links to a website with questionable content. (2) You must have a US mailing address to receive the lemons, although entries from all countries are permitted. If someone from overseas wins, they will have the honorary title, but the lemons will go to the next closest US runner-up. (3) Multiple entries are permitted. (4) Contest closes on Sunday night, March 1st, at 11PM mountain standard time. (5) Winner will be notified on this blog and asked to email me their mailing address. (6) Entries made via email are not accepted. (7) You don't have to like me to enter :)


  1. I saw this and thought of you. If you haven't seen it before, enjoy:

  2. hmmmm....I'm not in the states but I'll enter anyway!:)

    "just too busy living life!!"


  3. "Ketch'n'up on some sleep" ?

    Please see rule # 7 :)

  4. "down and out in Arizona" or whatever state you in.

    "some people can't hang"

    "they got the best of me"

    "he worked a little to hard for his dinner"

    I can't take no more of this day"

    "catching up on his beauty sleep" He IS one cute kid.

    Sorry for so many, I couldn't help myself.

  5. "Two more to go Mom... can't you just find it in your heart to help a man out!?"

  6. "Bliss full dinner"

    "Last time this happened I was nursing!"

    "waiting for more"

  7. hittin' the sauce a little too hard.

    (i think that's actually ketchup, but it looks close enough...)

  8. I'm in a food there a food ICU?

  9. okay, here is mine:
    it pretty much says it all:-)

  10. "Must have been the tryptophan in those turkey meatballs..."

    "Man, this Sleepytime herbal tea really works."

    "I'm dreaming about a lady in South Carolina who would really love to win those lemons."

  11. "I'm NOT tired!!"

    "Just one more bite please..."

    Okay, so I am not good at name the photo contests, but I love to play anyway!!

    And it's a precious picture!

  12. mmmmmmmmm....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I'm going to close my eyes for just a second.

    I'm not that sleepy. I just need a little nap.

  13. "Dinner, dinner will put them to sleep" Like the wizard of Oz Poppies will put them to sleep.

  14. I vote for hbowman's entry even though she apparently doesn't like you. :)


  15. Here are the comments my kids made when they saw the picture.

    Josiah (2yr old) said "Night, Night". He kept pointing at the picture and repeating his "Night, Night"

    Robert (4yr old) said "uh, oh, he fell asleep at the table"

    Abby (4yr old) asked "Why he went to sleep?"

    My husband and I came up with these comments

    "Gravity still works."

    "I should have taken a nap when mom told me to."

    "There's got to be an easier way to eat this food."

    "I should have never slept through eating class."

  16. I laugh every time I think of this picture. He is so cute. You must have a happy home. God bless!

  17. Sorry I was logged into my husbands account LOL! This one was from me.

    "Two more to go Mom... can't you just find it in your heart to help a man out!?"

  18. "Full-Filled"


    "...and before the last two bites he rested"

    "And he beheld all that he had eaten and it was good"

    "Food-Filled Dreams"

    What a precious moment to have captured, it's priceless!

  19. My husband had one more comment.

    "Don't try this at home!"

  20. And then the Lord said, "Let there be rest," and it was good.


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