Thursday, January 15, 2009

Worse than I thought

I am totally against putting children in daycare, as you may recall from this post. It is detrimental to their health, their mental wellbeing, their behavior, and their safety. Still, I was shocked to read the following article on the local news:

Police: Toddler was smothered to death during nap time

A daycare worker in Chandler accused of smothering a 2½-year-old more than two months ago was still working at the preschool up until Tuesday when she was arrested on second-degree murder charges at her home.

Candelaria Bradford, who children and parents knew as "Candy," is accused of pressing Selenia Moreno's head and body into a mat as she cried during naptime at Colorful Kids Preschool on Nov. 5.

Bradford had already finished her shift for the day when other daycare workers found the child not breathing 45 minutes later. Bradford told police she didn't intentionally or accidentally hurt the child.

Bradford was arrested Tuesday afternoon at her Tempe home and accused of suffocating the toddler.

The child had a purple bruise on her forehead, a red mark on her hand and her skin was discolored purple, consistent with smothering, according to police reports.

The article goes into further detail than I copied here.

Then, I searched the website of the Arizona Department of Health Services - Division of Licensing Services for any records of reports against childcare facilities in the state of Arizona. A total of 184 PAGES of providers popped up (2752 different childcare centers) that had all failed inspection or had a charge against them!!! Each of these centers had several incidents listed against them, and the farthest back I found on my very brief search was from 2006.

It's just sickening. I feel so bad for these children.


  1. Hmmm. Very tragic, I agree. However, it seems like if you research hard enough, you can pretty much find a story to back up whatever you believe.

    For example:

    Horrendous abuse. From homeschoolers. And no one knew, cuz, ya know, they were homeschooled! It comes down to the individuals, not the system. There are good people, and there are bad people, and unfortunately, both types have access to children.

  2. hbowman,

    I agree with you completely, as your argument actually proves my point: it is impossible to say who is and who isn't an evil person who would hurt children. Hence, daycares are not safe because you have no way of knowing whether or not the workers are freaks and perverts.

    We NEVER leave our children alone with ANYONE ever for any reason whatsoever for any length of time. They are with at least one of us parents at any given time. The only exception to this would be my husband's parents, who raised him and obviously could be trusted with our children since they did such a wonderful job at raising him. In fact, when our oldest was little, I often left him at their house while I ran a quick errand. Unfortuantely, they are now divorced and remarried to other people, hence we won't leave our children with them, just as we wouldn't leave them with any other acquaintance/friend/relative.

    It's not that we think everyone is a predator. We just don't know who is. If I let my SIL (who is a great Mom and Christian) watch our kids, but not some other relative that I think might be questionable, that other relative would be offended, and rightly so.

    Your conclusion that nobody knows about homeschoolers being abused is self-refuting, as you sent me an entire news article on it. Apparently, cases like that DO get found out. It's not like we live out of civilization. On any given day, my children interact with dozens of other adults as they join me on errands and go to church with us.

    My guess is that statistically, a much higher percentage of kids in daycare/school are abused than those who are homeschooled.

    Also, kids in daycare/school still go home to their parents every night, who may or may not be abusive. Hence, they are exposed to potential freaks and perverts at daycare/school AND at home, whereas homeschooled kids are only exposed to this "danger" from their potentially abusive parents.

    You may not know this, but the type of people who abuse their children do so because they hate them. Hence, the last thing they would want to do is keep them around longer. Daycares and public schools are just holding facilities to babysit children whose parents don't want them around. While their trashy mom has a screaming fight with her 5th live-in boyfriend that month, gets beat up by him, and winds up in the hospital and he goes to jail. But not before he has had an opportunity to beat up the woman's kid because it was disturbing him while watching TV and knocking back a few beers.

    I am not saying that all single moms are trashy, I am saying that trashy moms are most often single.

  3. Zsuzsanna,

    So sad. I worked in daycare for a very short period of time. All the workers were nice enough, but some of those kids were there from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. five days a week.


    I agree with you that both good and bad people can have access to children. People who abuse their children usually always get found out though regardless of how they choose to educate their children. I think Zsuzsanna's point was that in a daycare or school setting you do not know for sure who is watching your children. There are documented cases I have read about where people who had been accused and in some cases convicted of serious crimes where allowed to work in daycare centers and school systems. The really bad thing is that in many of these instances the daycare center or school district knew about it.

  4. There was another story in the news recently about a teenage babysitter who put a five month old in the dryer.

  5. Well my kiddos go to school and I'm not trashy:):):):)

    I could never send my littles to daycare and not die of missing them and wondering how they are treated in my absence though....they are just too little to tell me and to seperate their treatment form their self worth. Older children can seperate that and tell me if anything is off.

    I think it's sad when a mom has to go off to work and leave her children but I do have a few friends where that was neccesary for a time until a door was opened where the husband could make more money and the mom could stay home.

  6. Me,

    I read about the same news story. How sad!


    I didn't say or mean that all moms who send their kids to school are trashy. I'm sorry if I came across that way. The post was really talking about daycare. My point was that whether homeschooled or not, children will be around their (possibly abusive) parents, and that parents like that were less likely to homeschool. I don't think moms who send their kids to school are trashy, but I do think that just about all trashy moms send their kids to school to have them off their back. I also think that homeschooling is the best option, but that there are a lot of great moms who can't or don't want to homeschool.

    Back to the daycare issue, I agree that there are some rare cases where a mom, through no fault of her own (say, her husband died in an accident and she has to start supporting the family) will end up putting her children in daycare. I feel sorry for these ladies, and I am sure that they don't want to leave their children any more than I would. Personally, I would work from home as a translator, or seek other employment from home.

    However, these cases are rare. How many children are in daycare because, unless their mom left them there and went to work, would actually starve to death or be homeless? Very few. It's kind of like large families and small families: some people with 1 or 2 children say they can't afford another, but really, it's not a question of subsistence, it's a question of lifestyle. Would any family really starve and die if they had yet another mouth to feed? Are they so lean that they don't have an extra few bites every day to feed another child and some old clothes to pass down? Hardly. Over 60% of Americans are overweight or obsese, so it seems that they could feed a lot more mouths on the same amount of food, and even be healthier as a result.

    The issue, rather, is that having another child would sacrifice some of the comfort level. Maybe the parents would have to drive an ancient vehicle, or only have one car (as we did for many years). Maybe Dad would have to work two jobs rather than mom and dad both working one job and leaving the child at daycare.

    Having children is all about being willing to sacrifice for them, and taking the responsibility to care for them ourselves. But unfortunately, many parents today have one or two "token" children that are more their fashion accessory than someone they would be willing to sacrifice their own life for.


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