Saturday, January 24, 2009

Solomon's first time skiing

My husband and Solomon went skiing in Show Low, Arizona a couple of weeks ago. Solomon just turned 7 and had never been skiing before. I was not completely in favor of them going, because (knowing my husband would be bored by the "bunny slopes") I had a feeling he would take Solomon down the steepest slope. They assured me they would be using the bunny slopes and "green circle" (easy) slopes only.

Of course, on the way home they called gloating that Solomon was such a natural at skiing, they had gone on all different slopes, including "blue square" (intermediate) and "black diamond" (expert). How typical! They had lots of fun, and as long as they always come home in one piece, I don't care what happens while they are gone. At least, I try to not care.

Here is a video my husband made of the day:

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  1. What a terrific job he did! I would have fell flat on my face going down that hill. What a trooper he is.


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