Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Recipe for Lángos

Tereza, this post is just for you. And for me to vicariously enjoy the thought of getting to eat these. Note for my non-Hungarian readers: this is kind of like Indian fry bread.

The recipe was taken from Culinaria Hungary, which is worth every cent and vital if you ever feel homesick for Hungary. Amazon carries a paperback version that costs less, but I love the hardcover edition and use it often. Every food I have ever eaten in Hungary in my life can be found in this book. It even has a recipe for making túró!

Zsírban sült lángos

150 g soft-cooking potatoes
30 g fresh yeast (or use 1 1/2 tsp. dried yeast)
400 ml milk
3 tbsp powdered sugar
400 g flour
50 ml oil
oil for frying

Cook potatoes with skin. Dissolve yeast in 100 ml lukewarm, sweetened milk and let rest in a warm spot for 10 minutes. Peel potatoes and mash while warm. Sift flour into a large bowl, pour in milk and yeast. Add potatoes, oil, remaining milk and some salt and knead into a smooth dough. Sprinkle with flour, cover with a kitchen towel, and let rest for approx. 1 hour in a warm spot (until doubled in size). Fill a pan with approx. 6 cm of oil and heat. Tear off a piece of dough, make a patty approx. 2 cm thick, and lay it in the hot oil. Fry until golden, turn carefully, and fry other side. Sprinkle with salt and enjoy hot.

Just be careful not to let the oil get too hot.

I apologize, that was in totally poor taste. I feel terrible for whoever suffered this fire, honestly. I just couldn't resist.

Lángos taste great plain, but can also be eaten with any of these toppings: garlic, sour cream, ham, shredded Swiss cheese, feta, dill, káposzta, or pretty much anything else that strikes your fancy.

Please click here if you need to work up an appetite.


  1. THANKS!!!!
    I just showed this to my husband! I can't wait to make this!!!

  2. Looks good. I'm not a metric person, English measurements would help! I don't know how to convert. I'm 48, give me a break!

  3. Rose:
    250 ml is 1 cup. I go from there and things turn out good!

  4. Tereza, thanks! Here is another helpful website for those conversions:


    or you can search on google for other calculators

  5. oh great! I'm on a diet and you post this.....it sure makes my turkey burger look awful unappetizing...ha! It reminds of me of the fried dough we used to eat at the fair growing up...yummmy!

  6. These look delicious. I'm curious about something--is there a specific reason why you cook the potatoes with skin on and then peel after they're cooked? I usually peel my potatoes (for other recipes) prior to cooking them, just wondering if it makes a difference for some reason.

  7. Thank you all. If anyone made these, I'd like to hear how you liked them.


    no idea why they do that but I think it might keep the potatoes from getting too mushy/water logged. Just guessing though.

  8. My hubby will be thrilled. His father is in Hungary; my hubby misses his cooking.

  9. Liz,

    Please let me know how your husband liked them.

    My Dad's side of the family all lives in Hungary, too. He is coming to visit us in a few weeks.

  10. That fry bread looks so good!! I know it's far from authentic, but would like to dip in marinara sauce.

    BTW, love the fire pic.... you are hilarious!!!

  11. I was gifted this book and have used it way too seldom. I'll have to pick it back up. I didn't see the Turo recipe. My husband makes fun that Turo Rudi are the first thing I grab whenever we visit.


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