Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Questions and comments

I receive a lot of questions from readers, and I apologize that I just cannot answer all of them as fast or extensively as I would like to.

While I really don't think it's that important what I think or have to say, I do feel bad about ignoring or postponing these friendly inquiries.

My idea is to compile regular Q&A posts, which I'm hoping would reduce people asking a question that I have already answered in the "Comments" section before.

So if you have a burning question, you can either e-mail it (see my complete profile) or leave it as a comment, and I will answer them periodically.


  1. okay that sounds good!
    So question #1. What's your current daily routine if you have one and how do you fit in homeschooling. I'n asking this because if I were to want to homeschool I have NO IDEA how I would fit that in there!!

    did you always wear skirts and why?

  2. Do have any recommendations for good sewing books? I'm getting a new sewing machine and I took a sewing class in high school , but I have forgotten a lot. I would like to start wearing only skirts and dresses and have come to the conclusion I am going to have to learn to sew. So any advice you have on this would be appreciated.

  3. Hi,
    Just to help out on the question of sewing. One of the best books around for helping to learn to sew is the Reader's Digest Complete Book of Sewing. I find copies of this book fairly regularly at used book sales - the edition you buy really doesn't matter much, sewing is sewing and doesn't change much (if at all) from year to year.

    Also I love PatternReview.com. I take on-line classes there as well as read the tips, reviews and message boards. And I have learned a lot (a huge amount) by perusing the sewers blogs - there are a lot of free sewing lessons, tips, and links to video tutorials. Having said that - I can't recommend all the items sewn by others - I just use the lessons that help me imporve my sewing and leave the rest.

  4. Oh my... I used to have Q and A sections at the bottom of my posts, and the Q and A started become over 2 pages long each day. So... I decided that I'd just do a Q and A Friday each week, and figured that a lot of the questions were the same ones, asked by different people.

    Well, after doing a Q and A Friday, which was 20 pages long - I gave up. :-?

    Q and A is great if you have the time. But my goodness, it can get way out of hand. :-P

    BTW, my name is Candy. I've listened to some of your husband's sermons online, and have even played some in cyber church in my Meez room at meez.com/prayzgod .

    I've been wanting to check out your blog for quite a while, because you have a rep for being quite bold, and I am bold as well. Stop by "my place" and say hi. :-)

  5. I'm not sure if you are planning on answering anymore questions, but if you are I have a couple.

    When do you start your babies on solids?

    Did you get to keep the puppy you found?


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