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Women in the military

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Women in the Military: A Gross Social Experiment

Dec 12, 2008 - 12:21:23 AM

I served in the US Navy for nearly nine years. I joined the Navy because I wanted to leave home and see the world; and because my single mother and I did not get along.

When I was 17, my mother and I signed the enlistment papers and at 18, after waiting in the delayed entry program, I was off to boot camp by way of the Military Entrance Processing Station. It was after my physical exam at MEPS that I was offered my first package of birth control pills without having to ask.

I learned that sexual immorality was accepted and expected.

In nearly three months of boot camp I learned how to march, was made to get up at wee hours of the morning, learned to cuss “like a sailor,” and to determine by casual observance those who were lesbians and those who were straight.

I learned that sexual perversion was prevalent but protected.

My class “A” school was full of young people away from home for the first time, many of whom got married after knowing each other only a few weeks or months.

You could hear instructors voicing frustration at the number of marriages that were occurring almost every weekend. Sadly, no one ever taught a General Military Training class about how young women would naturally want emotional security after being away from home for the first time and going to school on a base full of men. But we received plenty of training on STDs and how one should use a condom so as not to contract AIDS on the beach from unscrupulous men who prey on young women.

I learned that women desire husbands, are often lead by emotions, and that promiscuity was considered normal while purity was not worthy of mention.

My first overseas duty station found me in mixed male and female company during indoctrination, where we were told by the "health counselor" that we should be wary and make sure we had condoms handy. The condoms were then freely dispersed for the taking. And if one got pregnant, there were places she could go to get rid of the "problem."

I learned that though we were in service to protect a nation, murder in the womb is an acceptable practice when one's career is at stake.

The duty station was in a very beautiful part of the world and the “scuttlebutt,” or rumor, was that girls, military and civilian alike, were leaving with suitcases full of cash. This cash was profit from operating a little “business on the side.” I learned that, right before my arrival, a high-ranking officer had been relieved of duty because of an affair he had been having with an enlisted sailor.

Any off duty night on the beach would find both soldiers and sailors making “movies.” Meanwhile, it was not uncommon for married men to initiate relationships with females at work. Ten or more hours a day in mixed company is more temptation that many will or are able to bear, especially when their spouses are half a world away.

More than one weekend party found a young enlisted woman assaulted or taken advantage of because of drunkenness in mixed company.

I learned that marital fidelity was not the norm, adultery was expected, women were left unprotected and, as a result, often preyed upon--and if you’re not asked, you don’t have to tell.

It was not difficult nor was it long before I found myself caught up in a life of immorality even as I pledged to honorably defend my country. It was not until the Lord called me to Himself and changed my heart that I realized what a gross social experiment it is to allow women to serve in the military.

The military has become a subculture which reflects the immoral culture and twisted values of our present culture. It is foolishness to encourage women to defend a nation when it is the duty and privilege of men to execute this duty.

It is absurd for women to expect any organization to “respect” their roles as mothers and wives, and even be treated with dignity as women, when these same women have volunteered to act in the same capacity as men.

It is shameful for men who serve in the military to allow their wives and daughters to leave home in the same capacity, leaving their children potential orphans and allowing these wives and daughters to work in an environment where femininity is not exalted or honored, but degraded and trampled upon.

Through God’s mercy and grace, I have learned that to be a woman is a blessing and a privilege and to be called to marriage and motherhood is the highest honor.

I do not condemn my sisters in Christ who serve in the military, but I do ask them to examine themselves and the role God has created for them using the standard of Scripture alone and to leave the feminist lies behind.


  1. I think this is a very one sided post. The woman who wrote this article is very much entitled to her opinion; however, to suggest that the things she says are the norm everyday in the military is just plain wrong. Why do I say that? Because I guess I'm the "feminist" -- I have served 12 years in the military (not the Navy so I can't speak on their behalf) and to suggest that they treat all women like sex objects is simply inaccurate. Are there indiscretions in the military branches? Absolutely I would agree...but to suggest it's one big ole sex fest with married men or officers and enlisted soldiers is just plain ridiculous and false.

  2. My nephew is in the Army. My daughter was joking about joining. My nephew almost fell out of his chair to get to her and inform her she will not. He started crying and explaining that hell itself was the only place worse for women. I think it was then we realized our calm, loving, protected young man had seen things he din't know could happen.

    He has been one of the lucky ones. His commanders have always gone on about how he will not go with the crowd. But, I guess you still hear and see things you shouldn't or don't want to. He has served his time in Iraq and has been stationed in Japan for 2 years. He is counting down his last year.

    I have never thought women should join the military or the police dept, of be a fire fighter. My list goes on but, I'll stop.

    Thanks for posting this. It is something all young women should read before being allowed to sign up.

  3. I have to say that, although I dont believe this girl is making any of that up, I think she is making it out to be way worse than it actually is.

    I myself planned to join the Royal Navy when I was 18. I was offered a contract and all I had to do was sign it and I was in. I only had second thoughts because of my age.

    I still have contact with some of the girls I went through the enrolment process with, and apart from one, they are all still serving, and despite some political issues that arise, they are loving it. They are equel to their male counterparts, which they should be.

    Nothing this girl has said is as common as she believes.

    And how can she say fathers are shamful for allowing their wives and daughters to go into the services? My parents were not actually jumping for joy at my choice, but they showed me respect toward my adult decision.

    It is something in fact I think about redoing. Although I think I am too lazy to do the fitness and the exams again!

  4. aimee,

    not a critism, but why allow you're son's to join the Navy, but not you're daughters? What if they really wanted too, bet you would be just as proud as them.

    I'll never understand why some people think certain jobs are for men only, I see it to be backward thinking and if baffles me!

  5. Thank you for this post Zsuzsanna!

    With respect to the above posters - you say these things aren't as common as the article's author makes them out to be. So just a couple instances of immorality, rape, infidelity, abortion, etc are ok? It's just the alleged rampantness to which you object? I'm sorry, if those things happen ONCE they are wrong and those women shouldn't be there. Horrible affronts to God need not be the norm before we object.

  6. I allow my son's to join because it is a man's duty to defend our country not a woman's. Men and women are emotionally and physically different and it baffles me as to why women think they can and should do everything a man does. If my daughters serve I would strongly recommend it to be in clerical and nursing. As it is my older daughter wants to be a mom when she grows up and wishes to have 12 children and that is perfectly fine with me :-)
    I only removed the other post because I was in need of a nap when I wrote it then found that I had made some embarrassing errors with the use of their that I couldn't edit.

  7. I can't for the life of me understand how a woman, especially a mother, can leave her home strap on her body armor and her m-16 and go into combat and kill people. If doing those things make many men messed up in the head, I can only imagine what it does to a woman. We have periods which makes us more emotional and sometimes irrational and we should be out in the front lines? Our military should never have done away with the WACS and WAVS. Those separate branches of the military that were for women only were perfect ways for women to serve our country and not be put on ships and in army and marine units where they are greatly out numbered by the men. I don't believe that is ever a healthy environment for the men or the women.

  8. I've been in the Army for three years and at least for us, none of this is true. If anything, the atmosphere is of encouragement to join an evangelical church while you're there and read your Bible constantly. Copies of the King James "Gospel and Psalms" are everywhere and in Basic, church attendance is strongly encouraged with non-attendees rewarded by cleaning barracks on Sunday.

    Aimee's comment is bizarre in the extreme as the U.S. military forbids women from going into combat and the M-16 is for defense, not offense. I'm a paralegal and the biggest danger to myself is paper cuts. I would also like her to cite me a news story about a woman going crazy in theater because of her period. That's just ignorant.

  9. With all due respect, not allowing women to join the military may protect women, but it does not address the bigger problem at hand: men are not living up to their call as true men after God's own heart.

    The problem is not that women are in the military, but that men are taking advantage of women. I think to solve this problem, the women in the military need to call men to a higher standard and hold them accountable to their call to uphold the dignity of women. Otherwise, bad men will still find a way to take advantage of women.

  10. reported cases of sexual assault in the military rise
    also while women are not allowed into direct combat, they are still on the front lines losing their lives.

    Stephanie, you are fortunate to have an occupation in the army that allows you to not be put in harms way.

  11. Aimee, you said that you couldn't understand why any woman would strap on body armor, pick up an M-16 and go off and kill people. I said the M-16 is for defense, not offense, and it remains true. Yes, women have died downrange. They died when they were restricted to being nurses (a noble profession!) too. Look into the women who died during Korea and Vietnam.

    As for the rape, that's not a function of there being women present. A female friend of mine said that in Afghanistan, they were having a problem with men raping each other. Rape is a symptom of a deeper problem, and simply removing women from where they are needed will not eliminate the problem.

    I turned 40 in basic training, having joined because I had no children and thought this would be a good way to serve the United States and give some maternal guidance to these kids. I've never looked back. I've given away Bibles, given many a hug and dispersed a lot of advice in the past years. I'm doing a lot more positive things than if I was sitting safely at home, being challenged by nothing.

  12. I have never understood why a woman would want to serve in the military. Men should be the ones protecting us.

    Many years ago when I was 19 I almost joined the National Guard. It was to pay my way through college. Something in the back on my mind stopped me from doing it and being older now I am so happy that I did not do it.

    There is something really wrong with women putting on a mans shoe.


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