Monday, December 1, 2008

Our "not so new" newborn

Rebecca is 6 weeks old today, a milestone that is generally considered to be the end of the postpartum period. She is just as sweet and lovable as she was on the day she was born, if not even more so.

In honor of the last 42 days that we have thoroughly enjoyed with her, here are 42 things I love about Becca (in no particular order).

1. her skinny little legs, that are still bent from being in the womb
2. her sweet milk breath
3. the fact that I am her favorite person in the entire world (although the rest of our family are close runner-ups)
4. her mellow and easy-going nature
5. how she feels snuggled up against me sleeping
6. the fuzzy hair on her back
7. her soft, soft skin
8. the way she smells
9. how she already adores her older siblings
10. that she still fits in newborn diapers
11. her stubby little nose
12. the way she sticks her little tongue out like a turtle
13. how she smiles back at us
14. that she never spits up
15. her downy hair
18. the fact that her head still fits into the palm of my hand
19. how she looks at Daddy when he sings to her
20. that she knows exactly what she wants, and how to get it
21. her left eyebrow, which has a very stubborn "cow lick" and is always sticking up
22. her long, beautiful, and perfect fingers
23. the way everyone who sees her is full of admiration
24. that she is such a good sleeper
25. that I get to eat 10 extra Weight Watchers points every day because she is exclusively breastfed
26. how carrying her in the sling covers my postpartum belly
27. her toes, that look like tiny earthworms
28. the way she makes my spot in bed all nice and warm by the time I get to go lie down after a long day
29. how she likes to take baths with her big sister
30. her little head snuggled against my neck when I carry her
31. the fact that, physically speaking, I am 100% responsible for every last bit of growing her into the 10 lb baby that she now is
32. that she likes to ride in the car
33. her fuzzy sleepers, which make her feel like a little teddy bear
34. her little belly button, which is a bit of an "outie"
35. the way she purses her lips - perfect for a kiss
36. the fact that she makes me feel more beautiful than any fancy clothes or jewelry ever could by the way her face lights up when she sees me
37. her little round chin
38. how she rarely ever cries
39. that she knows how to nurse while her and I both stay asleep
40. how she loves church, and calms down when she hears singing, preaching, or the Bible being read
41. that she is too young to get around and make a mess of the house
42. how she is all loving and trusting

I took these pictures tonight after her bath.

(Her tongue is white because she ate right before these were taken.)


  1. The pictures of Rebecca are very cute. Is Miriam still trying to change her dirty diapers?

  2. She looks exactly like a baby smurf with the bug eyes, big wide nose and huge forehead!

  3. She is beautiful. My daugter want to see more pictures. She adores baby Rebecca.

  4. Thanks for the compliments.

    Misty, I just started potty-training Miriam this week, and so far it's going well. She hasn't taken her own diaper off in a couple of weeks.


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