Friday, December 19, 2008

New e-mail address

Just a quick post to let everyone know that my e-mail address has changed, it is now [edited to remove email address].

I changed my e-mail address because my husband got me a new G1 phone for Christmas - YAY!!! I am very spoiled. He bought one for himself yesterday, but it is pretty much indispensable for his business and considering how much he travels. I really have no excuse to want or need a phone like that, other than wanting to be able to go online at high speed regardless of where I am or when. And looking very cool and important at the playground.

Anyway, I made no secret out of the fact how cool of a gift I thought it would make, but of course I never imagined I would actually get one. After all, I have been using my husband's old discarded phones for years because he would break his so often that all the new models would always go to him. In fact, I just got his hand-me-down yesterday after he got his G1, and it was still a pretty nice phone. Especially compared to what I had been using before that: a phone that Miriam had washed with soap and water in the kitchen sink and it had major damage to it ever since then.

So when I got a message on my phone from t-mobile today welcoming me to my new G1, I thought it was sent to my phone because it had been my husband's until the day before, when he got his G1. It didn't make sense, though, and I told him about it. His mouth twitched ever so slightly, a hint of a grin, and that gave it away - he had gotten ANOTHER phone for ME, which is why they sent that message to my phone.

Of course, I didn't want to wait until Christmas to get it, and he gave it to me today. I am very spoiled!

Enough bragging already!


  1. That is nice you have this new cell phone. It works like a PDA in some ways. You better keep your new phone away from Miriam. It is funny how she washed your cell phone. Does she like to wash things with soap? I remember you talking about how you found her in soap one day. She must love soap. :)

  2. That is an awesome gift! I love all things electronic and that is definitely a phone I have had my eye on. I have an iphone and I knew the minute I got it, that another phone I wanted more would come out and it has:) You are one lucky lady! Please post about it and let me know how you like it. Merry Christmas and enjoy your gift:), just keep it away from dishwater and Miriam:)

  3. You better believe that I am not letting Miriam anywhere near my phone!

    What I like most about this phone is that it receives all my emails, so I never go on the computer just to check if I have any mail or unmoderated comments, hence it actually saves me time. It also works as a GPS, and if I need to find a business while out and about I can first look it up and then call it with one click.

  4. Just wanted to clarify that I was the one who left the previous comment. I didn't realize the computer was logged into my husband's account.

  5. Oh that was you, lol. I was just going to say funny Steve would say he wasn't letting Miri near his phone when she has already called me from it 5 or 6 times!

  6. Putting the dots and "at"s like that means that your e-mail address can't just be copied and pasted - it has to be manually edited(sp?) so it can only be used by a human who has looked at it and not an automated program which searches through the web looking for e-mail addresses to put on spam mailing lists.


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