Monday, December 15, 2008

More portraits

Here are this year's Christmas photos. They are only of the kids and not all of us this year because it's near impossible to drag my husband into a portrait studio. Works for me, I myself don't like having my picture taken very much.

And here are some of the portraits they took of Becca.

In case you were wondering, we usually have portraits taken of each of the kids on their birthdays, as well as a family portrait (with or without us parents) on Christmas. The new babies also have their picture taken any time during their first year when one of their siblings has a photo appointment.

I highly recommend the JC Penney portrait studio. A $30 portrait club membership covers all the sitting fees for 2 years, and includes other relatives and even friends (like grandparents, cousins, etc. - the rule is that at least one of us has to be in the picture). Sheets up to a size of 10x13 are only $4 each, and one 8x10 per sitting is always free (I picked the one in the very top of this post for my free sheet this time - regular price would have been $30). I never order the fancy special sheets (like the ones with multiple images) because they cost about $25-30 each. Instead, I count on buying the extra 3 sheets that always get sent back along with what I ordered, for $18 for all three (at least 2 of which are the fancy kind). Usually, I order 3 sheets at the sitting for $12, plus my one free sheet, and then I buy the three extras when I pick up my order for $18 - that's 7 sheets (with several expensive special ones) for $30.

The portrait studio by our house has really good photographers, and because we go there so often they know us and always give us outstanding service. Which is great because they are the ones who pick which extras will be printed, so they pick the ones they know I like best.


  1. Those are soooo cute. The children all look very nice.

  2. Those turned out great!!!! I usually just use my digital camera and have a family portrait (with parents:) just before Christmas to hand out to fiends and relatives.
    Those are some great deals you got there!

  3. The pictures of your children were great. It is interesting that they took some pictures of Rebecca sleeping.

  4. Of course they are very nice to you....they know the number of clients you bring over keeps growing : )

  5. The portraits turned out wonderfully!

    Thanks for the sharing the JCPenney studio tip. We need to find out if those great prices are available in our area.


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