Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Firefox has been giving me some serious grief lately. Most notably, I could not update the column on the right side of my blog without jumping through a lot of hoops, or using Internet Explorer which is painfully slow. Tonight, after the latest Firefox update, Blogger was working perfectly again and I updated my blog roll, what I've been up to, etc.

Please don't hold me responsible for anything Matt Stucky writes on his blog, though. The guy is nuts.


  1. Hi Zsuzsanna,

    I left you a message on the forum in your inbox. I don't know if you have checked it lately or not. Firefox has been giving me trouble lately too, so much so that I started using Internet Explorer which is a pain in my personal opinion.

  2. I have not looked at Matt's blog, but if he is nuts, why do you have him on your blog roll?


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