Friday, November 14, 2008

Thirty minutes of my life

I walk into the bathroom and discover that Miriam has been rubbing liquid soap all over her hands, arms, face, and hair for no apparent reason. I am past the point of wondering why she does what she does. I exclaim: "No, not the soap again!" (this has happened about a dozen times in the last 24 hours), stash the soap back in the bathroom cabinet, and pick her up to go wash it all off her. I notice she has a stinky diaper, but that has to wait until I get the soap off her face before she rubs it into her eyes.

While I am standing at the kitchen sink scrubbing her, I notice the grilled cheese sandwiches I am fixing for lunch are getting burned, so I plop Miriam down in the chair at the table and save the lunch. This reminds me to call the older ones, who were playing in the backyard, in to eat: "Wash your hands with soap and sit down for lunch, boys!" Ten seconds after disappearing in the bathroom they are all back and sitting down, and I can guess how thoroughly they must have washed up. Immediately, they all begin to inform me of what I still need to give them for lunch: "Mom, I need a spoon", "Mom, why did you give him the blue cup that I wanted?", "Mom, you gave me too much cantaloupe, I don't like cantaloupe.", "Can I have something to drink, please?"

Once their plates are all fixed, the issue of who eats of what color plate that day has been solved, and they have all other necessary utensils, I go to fix my own plate. Before I ever get to have a bite, Solomon has wolfed all his food down and is asking for seconds, and I start another round of filling everyone's plates and cups. I look over to see a fat fly (which came in when the kids left the back door open again) sitting on my food, and suddenly I'm not hungry any more. Which is good, because Isaac accidentally knocks over his freshly refilled cup of milk. Half of it ends up covering the table and John's plate, which makes John have a crying fit of indignation. The other half ends up on the floor underneath, and combined with the spilled cheerios from breakfast it would make a nice meal if it weren't for how dirty my floors are.

While I am on my hands and knees trying to clean the whole mess, Isaac nonchalantly informs me that John has been passing the time in the backyard by picking up dog messes WITH HIS HANDS. John in defense explains that he was only picking up the ones that had dried. In a very agitated voice, I ask John about how thoroughly he washed his hands before lunch, only to have him tell me that there was no soap in the bathroom. Duh, that's right, but why didn't you remind me of that when I told you to go wash with soap?!? I take John to the bathroom, cut his fingernails as short as I can, hand him the soap and tell him to wash for as long as it takes to sing "Happy Birthday". As I walk out, I can hear him singing in his happy little voice, not phased at all by the reality of how grossly dirty his hands must be.

Back in the kitchen, Miriam has since decided she is not hungry any more, and instead wants to rub her dessert of yogurt all over her face and hair. Once more I take her to the kitchen sink to wash her up, while trying not to slip on the wet mess on the floor. My nose suddenly reminds me of Miriam's dirty diaper. I change her before I get sidetracked again, and put her down for her nap. The baby wakes up hungry and wants to nurse, so I lock the older kids in the backyard while I sit down and feed Rebecca. Suddenly, I realize that I have not had a chance to drink any water, or use the bathroom, in the last several hours, and I need both.


If you think this must be one of my worse days, think again. On a BAD day, the baby would have woken up crying and hungry before I ever got everyone else fed for lunch. Isaac would have dropped his glass onto the floor rather than just knocked it over, which would have exploded into a million pieces on the tile. Cleaning a milk spill with leftover, reconstituted food and tiny pieces of glass is no fun. On a worse day than today, Miriam would have decided to change her own dirty diaper, which is more disgusting than anyone would want to experience. She would then have stepped into a piece of glass that I inevitably missed to sweep from some distant corner of the house, and started screaming in pain, just as my husband called on the phone asking to do him a favor.

It's all relative, I guess.


  1. ha ha:) I relate:) But there are happy moments too!!! I have lots of pictures to proove it which is why I take so many! So on any given day I can look at them ans say "see we did all those fun things and see they are smiling and see they love eachother" :):)
    Having a new baby is no piece of cake.....hang in there!(Not that you'd have time to eat it even if it was:):)

  2. Awww sweetie! I feel your pain! I have 5 but they are spread apart farther! *hugz*

  3. And you want 7 more?! LOL! Sounds like a nightmare (but then again I don't have 5 kids and could not fathom!) Good luck!

  4. ha ha . I completely understand. There are days I wish I had four hands or better yet eight. Or at the very least someone to do laundry for me. I hate laundry.

  5. Thank the Lord that I'm not the only one! You are describing every day for me too with my 4children - one is 6 months old. My daughter does the very same things you describe and I'm wondering all the while why she does these crazy things. If there is one way to learn patience - this is it! You are not alone!

  6. Since I wrote that during naptime today, Miriam has changed two poopy diapers herself. I still can't get the smell out of the house. I know there must be a mess somewhere that I haven't found yet and therefore didn't clean. The first time, I did find a spoon in the bathroom sink that she had used to scoop the mess out of her diaper. The second time, Isaac started throwing up just as I was trying to get Miriam and the mess cleaned up again.

    It's not that he's sick. I gave them sliced strawberries with sugar for a dessert for dinner and Isaac decided to inhale them in a matter of seconds. I know this makes him throw up because that's what he did last time I served them, too.

    It's one of the worse days around here, but I still wouldn't trade it for a day in the life of someone without children.

    Solomon is a great help with the new baby, and she calms down when he holds her and sings to her almost as well as she does for me. She even falls asleep while he rocks her in the rocking chair.

  7. I know Miriam is older and compare to me, you are a pro....but my daycare baby Hezy was doing that during nap time, so when I would come to check on him, I would find a "nasty decoration all over his crib and the floor of his diaper changing technics" Completely gross.....
    Anyway, Even though he is 14 months now, we still have him wear bodysuits so, he can't help me and his mom with his diaper.

  8. I love that someone who I think has it all together has the same kinds of days I do.

    Ahhhh, motherhood, wouldn't trade it for anything.

  9. That is strange about Miriam changing her own dirty diapers. When did she start doing that? Maybe you can get some diapers that are child resistant and she cannot take them off anymore. I am not sure if there are any diapers like that.

    It sounds like you've had a really busy week. I hate to hear about John playing with dog poop. That is really gross. I hope he doesn't get sick.

    How old was John when you potty trained him?

  10. Tereza,

    I agree. There are lots of happy moments to make up for all the frustrating moments. A piece of cake sounds great right now!


    thanks. These last two babies were closer together than they usually are, something my midwife said is common with girls. It can be rough, but I'm sure they will grow up to be best friend.


    my two pet peeves are laundry and mopping the floors. It never lasts for more than 5 minutes before hours of my work are undone again.


    Girls are definitely very different from boys. It's fun, because I can see myself in them a lot. Miriam is really funny and weird.


    I often think about you when I am having a rough day, and how you handle running a daycare. It's one thing to clean my own kids' messes, but I can't imagine doing it for someone else's child. That must be hard!

    Yesterday, I was actually the one who took Miriam's onesie off because it got all wet when I was washing her up. She made the mess before I had a chance to get a new outfit on her.


    Thanks for the laugh. If there is one mom who doesn't have it together it's me!!!


    I don't think they sell child resistant diapers. Miriam doesn't take them off herself that often, only if I forget to change her. Kids do gross things, especially boys. John was 2 when I potty trained him.

  11. I so feel your pain at the diaper disasters.

    Sydney is REALLY bad at taking her's off. She loves to finger paint with her poop as well. Makes me want to vomit. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    I got so frustrated, I took a stapler, and stapled the diaper on. The ends were outside, so the smooth part was by her skin. She couldn't get it off. :)

    I'm the oldest of 5, so I have an inkinling of what life is like.

    But poop. EWWWWWWW

  12. Thank you for this post. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't remember to change my child's diaper! Usually by the time I do it he need a complete change of clothes and maybe even a bath! I am thankful he hasn't started taking off his own diaper, yet!

    When my daughter started taking off her own diaper, I decided she was ready to potty train, but you don't need that challenge with a new born.

    I am amazed at how many disgusting and dirty thing kids can find to get into. It makes me wonder if me and my siblings did that too when we were kids.

  13. Fun times with Miriam! When I was in high school my family had foster kids and one of the little girls we had insisted on changing herself at times...oh the horror...on more than one occasion we were unable to find her diaper for weeks (although we could smell them) she like to hide them inside of the couch cushions and behind my dresser!

  14. Sarah,

    That is terrible! It obviously left an impression for life!

  15. Loved reading this, Zsuzsanna. Denny and I went to California and cared for four grandchildren for 5 days. I just had to LOL as I remembered back some of what we dealt with in those days.......

  16. I know everyone has already said this...but I am so glad to read a post like this because I TRULY thought that I was the ONLY one who had days like these. It's not even that I have days like these...but this is life with 4 (almost 5) children. It is more like everyday life for us, but like you said you wouldn't trade it! And to other people it's so overwhelming but it's just our life, it is what we are used to, it is what we do. I have a lot of family that thinks I shouldnt have so many children, or I should at least not homeschool them too, or whatever...but you just have to remind them and yourself what our number one calling is as a RAISE children to the Glory of GOd! Sometimes I do even wonder if I am doing that underneath the mess of it all....but we are :) Nicole Pelkey

  17. I realise with the number of children you have you may think it is not worth the extra work but if you used washable nappies with pins then she wouldn't be able to take them off herself.


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