Sunday, November 2, 2008

A "First Lady" in sweatpants?!?

Sorry to go off on a political rant this morning. What is up with Michelle Obama and her daughter wearing sweatpants on the campaign trail?!? These pictures were taken yesterday in Washington, so it's not like she has hired an image consultant since then. Is she trying to look trashy to appeal to the type of people who would be stupid enough to vote for her husband? How classy. I wouldn't be caught dead in an outfit like that.


  1. Haha. She's no Jackie O.

  2. Hey Zsusanna,

    Who would you recommend voting for?

    Obama is definately out and then there is McCain/Palin but after really looking at them, I don't like them either.

    1. I thought women aren't supposed to be ruling over men

    2. Mccain doesn't take a hard enough line against the gay agenda IMO.

    3. Palin allegedly does but her best friend of 30 years IS Gay.

    4. Mccain:

    # Would be “comfortable” with a gay president. (Dec 1999)
    # Ban on same-sex marriage is unRepublican; leave it to states. (Nov 2006)
    # Voted NO on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage. (Jun 2006)

    I am just sick of all of this. When I look on the "issues" page, Alan Keyes seems to be all that is left.

    I am very frustrated.

  3. Want to know the type of people that will vote for Obama? Type "Peggy Joseph" into YouTube - the second video is a 25 second spot of her celebrating the coming win of Obama because, with him President, she "won't have to worry about paying for gas, won't have to worry about paying for her mortgage." Freeloaders - that's who will vote for Obama.

  4. I am voting for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. I prayed about it and couldn't get peace about voting for John McCain when I disagree with so many of his policies.

  5. When I look at that picture the first thing I think is - she is dishonoring her husband (don't worry, I'm NOT an Obama fan!). He's wearing a suit and she is dressed, well, badly (to put it mildly!) and has taught her daughter the same. I wonder how many times I dishonored my husband before the Lord showed me about modesty! I shudder to think of it.

  6. Jasmine,

    personally, I would never vote for McCain because of his beliefs, and the fact that the vice president would be a woman. My husband is voting for Chuck Baldwin. I don't vote because I don't think women should vote, but that's a different subject.


    I viewed the YouTube clip - how insane! "Vote Obama for Change" must mean that change is all we will be left with once he steals my husband's paycheck? Or maybe change is what he is trying to hand out?


    that's who my husband is voting for as well. I agree that nobody should vote for the lesser of two evils.


    You made a good point about her dishonoring her husband. She is also dishonoring the country indirectly by showing such disrespect for her husband's position should he be the next president. Obviously, none of us will ever be the perfect wife, and she is not even capable of much improvement because she is not a Christian. But still - some respect for a high political office is not too much to ask.

  7. I will say is it is possible to wear pants without looking so trashy. She looks like she just crawled out of bed or something. The jacket does not cover up the fact that it is so tight. And when you look at what Obama is wearing she looks really bad in comparison. Maybe someone should remind her that she is a mother? And sadly probably the next first lady of the United States?

  8. I'm voting against someone for the 1st time ever. It drives me nuts but I feel the need to do so.

    The Bible is clear that women aren't to rule in church, I don't think it talks about government.

  9. I agree with everyone here, she looks TRASHY!!

    I am voting for Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party!

  10. Be sure to also check out this post about Obama:

  11. Zsuzanna,

    First off, congratulations on a healthy and beautiful baby. She truly is a blessing from the Lord.

    On to my many (and I'm trying to be respectful here) questions.

    Why did you become a citizen of the US if you don't plan on voting? Maybe I don't understand, but I thought the only real difference between permanent residency and citizen was the right to vote, to run for office, and to get called for jury duty.

    Sure Michelle Obama's outfit is not the snazziest, but hey... it's better than Sarah Palin's 150K wardrobe bought for her by someone else. I'm not going to defend her wearing ill fitting sweats out in public, I would not wear those pants on the campaign trail. Maybe to the gym or grocery store for milk and bread, but not somewhere where I knew I'd be photographed. I'm guessing that you and many of your readers find pants on a woman immodest. Why? And how is her poor choice of clothing dishonoring her husband? (Oh, and PS, here lots of mothers dress just like that.)

    Why do you say she is not a Christian, when she states she is? If she is not a Christian, than what is she?


  12. Michelle definitely should dress better than that when she's on campaign trail with her husband. Maybe she had just gone to the gym or something.

    I am going to vote for McCain. He is not the best, but he is so much better than Obama. If Obama is elected, more abortions will happen and gay marriage may be legalized. We are in a moral crisis and this is why I want McCain to win. Unfortunately, third party candidates have no chance of winning. :( This is why I'm voting for McCain. There are certainly some things that I don't like about McCain, but he is far better than Obama.

    I disagree with you about women not voting, but you have right to your opinion. You will find both men and women who support abortion. Unfortunately, we cannot go by gender. One of the worst abortionists in the US is Dr. George Tiller and he is male. You will be very upset if you found out what all Dr. Tiller does. Dr. Tiller has contributed money to the Democratic National Party. Obama doesn't care about unborn babies. He didn't support the life of babies born alive after blotched abortions. McCain is much better because he has voted against abortion.

  13. I agree her clothes are just terrible to be wearing in these shots. The color and how tight it is does not flatter her at all. But think about it she dresses to what her personality reflects and that is butch, harsh, manly, dominating, and just down right mean looking.

    I am voting for McCain. Frankly Obama scares me and like Misty noted third party won't have a chance. It's a shame because sometimes those 3rd party votes could shift an election dramatically. Also Palin is great overall and knows how to shake things up. I know the women in power scares some folks but I think putting that asside she would do a terrific job.

  14. Does is truly matter? I can't stand politics because frankly -- they are BOTH liars. Both promise things they can never deliver. I'm most DEFINITELY not an Obama fan but I could care less what his wife wears. At least she seems more human than McCain's all too made up wife.

  15. Thank you for commenting Zsusanna. I remember your stance on women not voting. I actually wanted to know who Your dh was voting for but was trying to ask without coming out and asking cause I know he is a pastor and has to be careful.


    To previous posters:

    I am still wondering about the whole woman ruling thing myself.

    Genesis 3:16
    Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

    And even if we want to argue all day whether a woman is allowed to rule in government over people, Palin winning would be "ruling" over her husband, would she not?

    The one wild card I know of is Deborah, didn't God himself appoint her judge over Israel?

    But maybe that is an exception to the rule?

    I, myself was looking at Alan Keyes and looking into Mr. Baldwin, lately. We have prayed about it. I have asked my dh what he thinks. He isn't crazy about the McCain/Palin combo either but like other posters have said, it is getting really tight here.

    We really do NOT want Obama in office. I told him to make the decision and I would respect it and go with it. He said McCain.

    No matter who wins, God help us all. And we are also in Ca and are going up against prop 8. Yeah, I am NOT happy!!


    Please take a GOOD look at Obama again and ask yourself if you think this man really is a christian. People can pay lip service to this all they want.

    He is all for gay marriage and even partial birth abortion. He has ties to socialist and marxism. He is looking to get rid of our freedoms. I am sure someone else can explain it better.

  16. Zsuzsanna - I'm leaving a comment here because apparently it's the only place I can leave it. I read your comment on Ginger's blog and I read the very hurtful things that are on your church's readers' site. I want to make one thing clear. The woman who is posting as "Ermengarde" is most likely the other woman who was banned from Prairie Homemaker when Ginger left. She is looking to post gossip around about Ginger and hurt her anyway she can so she posted here. She stated that Ginger was banned from Prairie Homemaker and that is not true. I'm one of the global moderators and was privy to the decision to let Ginger leave. She did not slander anyone on another blog nor did she beg for money. I think leaving lies on the site that you have is wrong and very unGodly. Honestly, I'm shocked that there is even a series of posts about a sister in Christ who happens to cover. What I see posted there is so unbelievably petty and childish and beyond anything that any Godly person should write.

    I respectfully ask that you see about removing the post from "Ermengarde" and remove the photos of Ginger. She publicly stated that she wishes for the photos to be removed. Please honor this woman's request.

  17. I don't think it is right to vote for the lesser of two evils. McCain is very weak on pro-life issues, Palin shouldn't be in office, and the Republicans want big government and waste money as much as the Democrats, just on different agendas (war vs. welfare). Basically, we have the choice between a socialist and a fascist.


    my husband did delete the entire discussion on the ning, and "Ermengarde" (no clue as to who that was) was banned from our group. I find that very gracious considering that Ginger falsely accused my husband, as well as his brother-in-law, neither of whom had anything to do with this. Yes, we do think it is wrong for women to cover their head with some sort of a "prayer veil", but that does not mean he ever attacked her personally. I'm sure Ginger thinks smoking is wrong, but can every smoker claim that she is attacking them if a reader of her blog speaks out against smoking? Hardly.

    I agree that attacking Ginger personally in regard to her appearance is wrong. I also agree that relating third hand information about what may or may not have happened on another website or in her personal life is both unsubstantiated and gossip. Obviously, some people are having personal vendettas here.

    But I do think that Ginger is a false prophet, evidenced by the false gospel she puts forth on her blog. That is worse than all the other accusations brought against her, and the Bible many times points out false preachers and warns against them. I don't think she is saved because she is trusting faith + works, and trying to convince others of the same.

  18. Zsusanna - I do thank you and your husband very much for removing the discussion. As someone said there, it was very junior high-ish IMO and not worthy of anyone who claims to be a child of the king.

    As for Ginger - do not worry. She is not a false prophet. She may not be correct in all of her theology but "works" is not what she is counting on for salvation. Believe me. We've had many long talks. If you are speaking of headcovering, she knows what you wear or don't wear isn't going to make a difference in getting into heaven - it's only by the blood of Jesus. Ginger has a pure love for her Savior and there is no question that she's saved.

  19. mamame,

    BTW, I do find it interesting that you would write to me asking to remove the discussion from the ning, when you yourself criticized me publicly on you blog just a couple of weeks ago:

    You didn't even have the courtesy to link to me, though. So you attack me for saying that Clay Aiken is visibly gay when, in fact, it turns out he is??? So I wasn't accusing him wrongfully, and I never even talked about him looking gay until after he admitted to being a fag. How many other people who have not yet come out of the closet have you heard me accusing of being a flamer?

    As far as you "counseling someone out of that lifestyle" - that is impossible because the Bible says they are reprobates and no longer can be saved. You wasted your time.

    Ginger is not saved because she believes a false gospel. I know that she doesn't think she is going to heaven because she "covers", but she does think that in order for someone to be saved they must be willing to "turn from their sin" and that "there will be some fruit". That is adding works to faith. If you believe the same way, you are not saved, either.

  20. Hi, Zsuzsanna. I don't know who this Ginger person is, but you stated, "I agree that attacking Ginger personally in regard to her appearance is wrong."

    But in this post, you are attacking Michelle Obama about what she is wearing.

    I am not trying to be disrespectful here, I just don't see how one can rectify the disparity in what you are saying when it comes to attacking what someone is wearing.

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby!

  21. I want to state that I am trying to be respectful here. I do not know what all is going on as I do not post very much at either board. I missed any relevant threads. I don't know what went down and I don't need to know.

    I want to say though that Mamame I have always had alot of respect for you even though we have disagreed on alot of things in the past.

    You were always kind to me and I appreciate the few pms that we shared a few years back.

    I have read what has been said here and I can piece it together. I think that is great that you would care enough about a friend to ask for a hurtful thread to be taken down.

    Zsusanna has done this.

    I have seen on someone elses blog that Ginger has a link that says:

    Faithful Word Listeners
    1 day ago

    So Ginger has a blog post about the Faithful Word Listeners. I tryed to click the link and her blog is private.

    I do not know what is being said there. It sounds to me like you said Zsusanna left a message on her blog before. So that leads me to believe that her blog used to be open. And now it apparently is not.

    SO that leads me to believe that she made the blog private and may now be talking about the people of Faithful Word. I think that is wrong.

    So I am a friend of Zsusanna and I am respectfully asking that Ginger take down her blog post about the members of FaithFul Word.

    Or if there is no ill intent there, then perhaps she could make the blog open to the public so we can all see what is being said?

  22. I did not vote for Obama. I'm very surprised that you would make the comments that you did regarding what she is wearing. I think "trashy" is too strong a statement and very judgemental. My Bible says to "Judge not, lest ye be judged..."
    I'm not trying to be ugly, just find it sad that you would say those things about someone when you don't know the "back story". God bless you.

  23. Lisa,

    Your Bible DOES say "Judge not, lest ye be judged"...

    So if Pastor Steven ever decides to run for office, Zsusanna, leave the sweat pants at home! LOL

    Come on now.

  24. Pascha,

    I do not think anyone should be criticized for their physical appearance that they have no influence over. Clothing does not fall into that category, because people chose what they wear. I am not talking about people who are poor and can't afford expensive clothes, or who have different tastes. But as a soon-to-be first lady, Michelle Obama represents the United States, and thereby you and me. Going in public in sweat pants is anything but classy, and I think given her new position, she should dress for the occasion. If she showed up at a wedding dressed like that, people would be offended. Her attire should be becoming of a lady, and especially of a "first lady".

    I DO NOT think people are wrong to point out that wearing a head-covering is scripturally wrong. It shows a lack of understanding of the Bible. But that is different than for example pointing out that somebody has a funny nose, big feet, etc.

    Sorry to all others who asked questions that I have not answered. Honestly, I don't have time to.

  25. "she is not even capable of much improvement because she is not a Christian"

    Don't say that. We're supposed to have HOPE for people who aren't saved, remember?

    I, for once, used to dress like that.. I used to hate everything to do with God, and I even called myself a satanist. Now I have been saved for over 6 years and wouldn't dream of walking out the door like that any more.

    Michelle Obama can also be saved. Barack Obama can also be saved. We should pray for them instead of hoping 'they drop dead the sooner the better' - christians should not say such things, for how are we better than them if it wasn't for God's grace?

    greetings from the netherlands!

  26. Linda,

    What I meant was that M.O. is not capable of much improvement because she is not a Christian, therefore she would be doing it in her own strength (in the flesh) rather than with the help of God.

    The reason why I would rather Obama dropped dead today than tomorrow is because by lifting the ban on partial-birth abortions (as he has promised he will do as soon as he takes office) he will be responsible for the brutal murder of more children. The Bible clearly states that murderers should get the death penalty. In the Psalms, David over and over again prays for the death of his enemies.


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