Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Solomon's loose tooth

(written by Solomon)

Good news!My loose tooth is gone!!!!!My grandmother came to my house. She would pull my Dad's loose teeth.Well,she wanted to pull my loose tooth out.At first,I would not let her pull my tooth out.But mommy,and my grandmother wanted to pull it out.Finally,I fell for it.She pulled it out;and after she pulled it out,John started crying.But I thought it was fun.
Here are pictures, and one video of her pulling it out.


  1. How neat! Wasn't this the first time Solomon lost his tooth? Why did John cry? Was he scared? Did your mother in law come to visit so she could see Rebecca for the first time?

  2. No,No Misty.He was crying because he
    thought he would have his loose teeth
    pulled out.(solomon)

  3. Hey Solomon, did it hurt when they pulled it out?


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