Friday, September 19, 2008

Something you apparently don't learn in school

That is: don't put your newborn baby in the trash can. I could hardly believe when I read the following local news story, and how stupid the principal is:

Principal who found newborn baby in school trash can talks

PHOENIX -- Osborn Middle School Principal Marty Makar is the one who first came upon that heartwrenching scene - a baby tossed away with the litter of everyday school life.
Makar shared how events played out that day as she walked back from a meeting and an unexpected sound caught her ear.
”So I went to look in the trash can."
There was a plastic bag, open, and a wad of clothes in it.
”It didn't look like anything special , except that the clothing inside the bag was moving."
Makar called for the vice principal and says they immediately called 9-1-1. Their first concern was the little new born boy, but the fabric in the bag matched their school uniforms - opening new questions about the mother.
“He was healthy he was sucking on his hand, he was doing fine thank goodness, but aside from all that emotion for the little boy, we know this girl, she is part of our Osborn Middle school family."
While Makar says they had no idea at that point who the mother was a janitor had seen drops of blood in the nurses office.
School nurse Ellen Phungrassamee confirmed a girl spent most of the day in her office complaining of cramps.
At 4pm the girl left, saying she felt better.
About 90 minutes later the infant was found in a school trash can.
While some say the newborn's mother should have known better, the principal says that's asking a lot from a 14 year old.
”We are asking a child who we aren't even sure if she knew of her condition, who is experiencing something hardly any other child goes thru, to find a safe haven. I don't know how fair that is."
They "don't know how fair that is" to expect a 14-year old to know not to throw a baby away?!? That is "asking a lot"??? Sounds like the girl is not that stupid if she gave birth on her own, with a few drops of blood the only trace left. Sounds like the principal is a complete moron herself.
It's not that the girl was too young to know better. Maybe she was confused after hearing her whole life that abortion is fine. Maybe the fact that our governor of AZ has repeatedly vetoed a ban on partial-birth abortion made it hard for this girl to see why it is fine to kill a baby during birth, but not once it is fully born. Maybe when you teach kids in school that they are just a highly developed animal, they start acting like one.

This happened at a MIDDLE school. What goes on at high school?!??


  1. Thing is, legally, at least here in Utah, a 14 year old cannot consent to sexual contact with anyone. She's most likely a victim of sexual abuse. Note, this DOES NOT excuse what she did at all.

    Does Arizona have Safe Haven laws?

    That poor baby. From God's arms to the trash heap. My heart weeps for him. I hope he ends up with a loving mother and father who adopt him and love him.

    Where are her parents? How could they miss their 14 year old daughter being pregnant? My pregnancy was miserable, I could not keep it a secret for more than 3 hours, because I'd be vomiting. Did they not notice that she stopped asking for pads? Did they not notice as her breasts swelled and her belly grew and moved?

    All too often, the father in a teen pregnancy is an adult. Teen girls get pregnant, while adult males go on their merry way to impregnant more girls.

    Watch, I bet NOTHING happens to the sperm donor and rapist, even though he legally raped her. She *might* have said yes, but she legally could not consent to it. She very well could have been groomed, used, and discarded by a sick predator.

    I very much believe that the culture we live in, which very much disrespects life, and discards it as worthless leads to these sort of things. Honestly though, I don't think that your state's failure to pass a partial birth abortion ban crossed her mind as she did this.

  2. This is sad. One young lady from a college I graduated from years ago discarded her baby in the trash. Unfortunately, the baby died. They charged this lady. She got a number of years in prison. I am not sure if she is still in prison. I didn't know her personally. But my cousin knew her. What is sad is that if this lady had an abortion, they would have not put her in prison.

    I understand it must be hard for a 14 year old girl to have a baby. But she has the option of giving up her baby for adoption to a wonderful Christian couple.

  3. That's disgusting. Of course she knew better. She should be tried as an adult for what she did.

  4. How about we blame the parents? Sure seems to me people are SO quick to blame the school....ummm since when is it the schools job to raise children? Last time I checked....the parents better feel the most responsibility!

  5. Oh and let me follow up with...I do believe the principal is a moron....but I am just tired of people so quick to put the blame on someone else.

  6. Arizona does have safe haven laws. Even if the girl was unaware of that (which I doubt), she could have given the baby to the school nurse. There were really no consequences for her to fear, other than everyone finding out she was pregnant. She obviously didn't want anyone to know, which is why she hid the pregnancy.

    Obviously, the parents completely failed at their job. But I still think that the blame should be on the girl. If I asked my 3-year old if it is OK to put a baby in the trash can he would be appalled and say of course not. This girl had every intention of killing her baby in order for nobody to find out.

  7. Sorry ladies, I agree with Zsuzsanna. The blame here is on the awful 14 year old girl. Regardless, of how she got pregnant you do not put your baby in a trash can !!! And as for her possibly not knowing she was pregnant, I laugh. She knew. She had every intention of leaving that poor child there to die. She should be tried as an adult no questions asked. Her parents failed too. The principal is a moron. No respect for life at all is taught in schools unless of course you happen to be an endangered species. If she was raped of course the rapist needs to be punished ,but please don't tell me that she did not know any better. I almost cried when I read this . How heartless can you be to leave a baby in a trash can !?!!

  8. OK, this made me VERY excited about moving out to Arizona now! Ow my GOD! I'm sorry but this is just crazy. I have to wonder how is it that anyone would not know they were pregnant. I mean missing your period could be a huge clue. Maybe the unexplained bump could also be a sign.

    Personally not only do I not understand this young girl but I don't understand the parents and the nurse that didn't happen to notice this bump and questioned her cramps.

    Maybe I'm being unreasonable but this seems shady to me. I think they should hold that girl accountable for her actions of doing such a horrific thing.

    But like you pointed out our government and schools sure send a different message to these young kids.

  9. I agree that the 14-year old girl should be held responsible; however, she is still a child. Therefore, her parents should be held responsible as well...not the school, not the principal, not the teachers, and not the state legislature.

    Now, let's put ourselves in the place of the 14-year old girl. Can you imagine how frightened she must have been? I was 22, married, and in a hospital when I gave birth to my first child, and I was scared to death. Honestly, when I was 14, I had no idea about sex or how a girl got pregnant. Call me naive or over-protected by parents, or whatever, but that is the truth. So I can't imagine what this girl was going through. I'm just glad that the baby survived and I hope that some childless couple who can give him a good home will have the opportunity to adopt him.

  10. I do not think it is fair to put this one on the parents. Most good parents tell their children what is expected of them, show them right from wrong, make their children deal with the consequences of bad choices and their children still go out and do something that they knew was wrong. I was one of those kids. My mom and dad warned me about early pregnancy, taking school seriously, choosing my friends right, and obeying the law. There were times when I listened and times when I didn’t. But I was taught right. And if I went out and got pregnant, never did my school work, hung around the wrong crowd, and committed crimes, it wasn’t because my parents didn’t tell me. It was because I was disobedient and my parents should never be faulted for that.

    You can’t tell me that every murder had no one to tell them that murder was wrong. You can’t tell me that every teenage mother wasn't warned about what would happened if they participated in sex too early in life.
    The 14 year old knew what she was doing. At that age, you know what will happen if you have sex…and you know what will happen to your life if you have a baby. She had to have heard the warnings to try to hide the fact that she was having a baby.

    Simply put: You can be the best parent in the world and your children will still disobey or ignore your teachings

  11. I would just like to point out that the girl might have been in a severe mental state, eg PTSD, postpartum psychosis, etc, especially if a trauma led to her pregnancy. It's a lot for a 14-year-old to go through, and she was probably desperate. I know the girl did the wrong thing, but you should find it in your heart to forgive her...she is a victim too.


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