Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Labor Day Weekend

On Friday, we went to Mexico as planned. The trip was fun but not as adventurous as I had supposed. My main concern was that the potholes in the road were going to put me into labor. Not because I was particularly worried about giving birth in Mexico (at least no more so than about giving birth at a hospital in the US, but that's a different story), but because I can imagine it would be quite a hassle trying to bring a baby born there over the border.

Here is a picture of the ER entrance of the hospital we passed - it looked a lot more dilapidated than I was able to catch in this photo because we were just driving by.

15 dollars for a whopper? I thought Mexico was supposed to be cheaper?! Turns out, they use the $ sign for their pesos, so this is equal to about US $ 1.50.

Of course, you can always shop at this pharmacy if you are short on cash. After all, they advertise the fact that they are "sheaper" than McDonald's!

When you run out of money, this friendly gentleman protects you at the ATM:

Our group out for lunch:

The boys having their picture taken on a donkey:

Solomon and Isaac:

Apparently, the town was getting ready to have some kind of parade that night:

The kids and I spent Saturday morning sleeping in and relaxing. In the early evening, we all went to a preaching class at our church where a lot of different men preached, which I really enjoyed. Solomon also got to preach, which was especially entertaining.

Sunday was spent mostly at church, but we did go out for some ice cream after the evening service.

Today, Monday, several people from our church met up to drive out into the desert to shoot guns. I got to shoot a semi-automatic AK-47, as well as 5 or so other different guns. It was hot and sunny, so we all got a little bit of a sunburn, but it was fun nonetheless. I really have to sign up for the concealed weapons permit class before the baby is born, or else I will have to wait at least a year to do it (because I breastfeed exclusively, I cannot leave the baby with my husband for very long until they are about one year old).

Hope you had a nice holiday weekend, too!


  1. It was nice to see pictures of your Mexico trip. How long did you stay there for? Can you please tell me how the restrooms are? Can you flush toilet paper down the toilet? My cousins are missionaries in Mexico, but they live in a border Texas town.

    Did you all drink out of bottles (ex: coke bottles) to ensure you all didn't drink any of their water? I'd love to hear more details about your trip.

    You mentioned that your midwife was in Mexico before. How is Ob/Gyn care in Mexico? Are there a lot of midwives and female gynecologists in Mexico?

  2. Glad you all had a nice time! AK's are great, aren't they?

    Here's a bumper sticker that'd go great with your minivan! I had one similar to this and always received quite a few stares.


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