Monday, September 8, 2008

My night of R & R

On Saturday, my husband got home from working out of town around noon. We all had lunch together and hung out and played (too wild for my taste, as usual) at the house until about 6 PM, at which point I left for some "me" time. My plan was to return in time to tuck the kids into bed.

Some of the exciting things I got to do were:

- Ride an escalator: I can't remember the last time I stepped onto an escalator. I always have little ones with me, so I use the elevator even if I am not using a stroller because I'm afraid one of them might get scared and fall.

- Try on clothes: I was shopping for a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding. While the boys are old enough to stand outside the waiting room, I always end up with the baby in the changing room with me. Any nursing mom knows that getting changed in front of your baby to them is just an invitation for a leisurely dinner, so I usually skip the trying-clothes-on part. But not so tonight!

- Browse the magazine section at Borders: Most magazines these days are so horrible I would never even walk down the magazine aisle with the kids. I have been wanting to find some nice craft magazines to give me ideas for the ladies' activities at our church, so tonight was a good time to look for them. Did you know there is a whole genre of magazines for dog owners??? One title that caught my eye was "Modern Dog". I didn't know that there were modern dogs - as opposed to what? Old-fashioned dogs? Fuddy-duddy dogs? Our dog is just a plain dog. She eats, sleeps, and barks if anyone tries to get into the yard. She has few, if any, opinions of her own as far as I can tell.

Since I didn't end up buying anything, I stopped to pick up some dinner at California Pizza Kitchen to enjoy with just my husband and I after the kids were in bed. I think this was a great idea and a much better option that taking the whole family out to eat. On the drive home, I was sure to stop for every yellow light just to extend my evening by myself by a few minutes.

See, I like to get a break from being a mom, too. But at the end of the day, I wouldn't trade riding escalators for raising kids on a permanent basis.


  1. Good for you! Mom's do need some alone time. Especially in your case of expecting a baby in weeks. Then you will not be able to take a mommy break.

  2. Glad you got some R and R. We all need it....

  3. You don't know me but I came across your blog in a funny way. I have also heard your husband preach (on your church website) which I came across a totally different day about two weeks ago, and so I felt lead to write a comment, it's not by accident that I found your church website or your blog. I think that it's great. We are similar but opposite with out children. I am expecting our 5th also (Jan.6th). I have three older GIRLS, my 4th was a boy, and we found out we are having another boy! Well, I'll be back often to read your blog, you are welcome to check out mine as well. and

  4. I'm sorry, I did not even give you the correct blog address. It is actually: It is funny, I guess I never type it out because I automatically wrote pelkeyfamily. I apologize!



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