Thursday, September 18, 2008

If I could live anywhere in the world...

... it would probably be someplace like this. Pitcairn Island is tiny, and only has about 50 inhabitants, most of which are descendants of the mutineers from the HMS Bounty. It is pretty much the most isolated place in the world today. I am not saying I would necessarily want to share that particular island with the inhabitants, I am just saying I like their secluded way of life.

The kids and I recently stumbled across a book about the "Mutiny on the Bounty" at the library, and this particular account was fascinating. It is a juvenile non-fiction book, but illustrated beautifully just like a children's picture book. What I found especially interesting was the depiction of the characters, which traditionally in movies has been somewhat black-and-white, with the ship's captain portrayed as unreasonable and mean. According to the book, this is not accurate. A search on Wikipedia gave similar details. A very fascinating story indeed! You should check to see if your local library carries a copy of the book.

Imagine living in a place that is inaccessible by any modern means of transportation. There is no airport or even safe harbor. Supply ships come to the island twice a year, but stop short of the island - goods are transported there by longboat. No television service, no cars, no hospitals. Everyone lives off the land (and sea for fish), and makes a little money on the side with souvenirs. Compare that to the busy, noisy, and dirty metropolis that I live in - which is actually much nicer than just about any other major U.S. city.

Well, one can dream.

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  1. It is a wonderful dream. I'd love to live in a place like that, too, away from the world's influences.


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