Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tying up loose ends

My husband's younger sister is coming to visit today, and staying through Saturday. We are planning on taking a day trip tomorrow to Nogales, Mexico, something my husband has been bugging me to do for the longest time. Not exactly my idea of fun (the Mexico part, not my SIL visiting). For one, I won't take my van across the border because I like it a little too much to want to get it stolen/damaged in an accident/have drugs tacked onto it. So we are getting a rental van instead, but the Mexico insurance on it is just astronomical. Secondly, I won't be eating anything while across the border because I am 33 weeks pregnant, and getting a stomach bug could put me into labor at this point, or seriously hurt the baby. Not that I am just dying to eat there if I weren't pregnant. Thirdly, driving 6 hours there and back in one day at this point in pregnancy isn't very fun, either. Add to that 4 little kids that need frequent bathroom stops. Lastly, I just don't know what is so appealing about Nogales - maybe shopping? I guess if nothing else, after this trip I will be able to say that I have been to Mexico.

Anyway, since I knew I would not be home to do schoolwork with the kids on Friday, and would want to spend most of Thursday cleaning the house and running errands (so I won't have to do that on Saturday after our long trip), I worked ahead with the kids Monday - Wednesday. We got almost all of the week's work done, but I still have to finish up history, science, and art projects with them today. Then I have a bunch of phone calls to make, finish cleaning the kids' playroom (where our guest will be staying), run a few loads of laundry, and put away about 8 loads of clean laundry that have been piling up all week.

I'll post pictures of our adventurous trip once we get back.


  1. I feel your pain about kids and bathroom stops. Maybe you can bring an ice chest full of drinks and snacks for you and the kids. Last time I was in Mexico, I ordered Coke in a bottle--just remember not to ask for ice.

  2. Yeah, I am packing an ice chest with a meat & cheese tray and crackers, and a bunch of water. Of course, the more they drink, the more they need the bathroom. And I am so pregnant I have to go every hour myself. Do they have public restrooms in Mexico?!? I know in some European countries there are practically none.

    The bummer about bathroom stops is that it wakes up the sleeping baby, and then she wails about being stuck in the car seat.


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