Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our week

We had a really nice anniversary yesterday. I had to pick up my husband from the airport shortly after 6 AM, and was very tired because John and Miriam had a cold and kept me up the night before. I was too tired to even want to go out for lunch, so my husband cooked instead. As you can see, I lived to tell the story! Actually, it tasted really good, although I don't really know what to call his creation. It was a mix between a burrito, a soft taco, and grilled chicken.

After church, we went out for dinner at the "Melting Pot", which is probably my favorite restaurant. They offer a 4-course fondue meal: cheese fondue, salad, meat cooked in a broth fondue, and chocolate fondue for dessert. The whole thing takes about 3 hours and tastes absolutely wonderful. We always ask the waiter to omit any alcoholic ingredients, and the fondues still come out perfectly. Unfortunately, this place is on the expensive side, but we had a gift card as well as a coupon for free dessert so we ended up paying less than half of what it would usually have cost (and about the same as what we would have paid going anywhere else with a family of 6). Here are a few pictures:

Today, we are going to have some cake in honor of Miriam's half-birthday. This is not something we usually celebrate, but 1 1/2 is a big step in my mind. I am also making a trial version of the cupcakes I want to make for Solomon's birthday next month. I bought some all-natural blue food coloring and want to see how well it works for coloring the frosting.

Earlier this week, I made another learning game. I got the idea from Lakeshore's "Fun to Count Games". My cookies are made from polymer clay, but the kids thought they were real at first. John knows how to count very well and likes to play this with me.

Before we started school, I was debating whether to have John start in a kindergarten curriculum for 4-year olds or the one for 5-year olds. At 3, he is very advanced for his age, but I wasn't sure if I could handle the extra workload the K5 program would put on me. The K4 curriculum, however, seemed too easy and he already knows most of what is taught, although the extra practice would certainly be beneficial. I eventually decided to stick with the K4, but found it is, in fact, a little boring for him. So I had this brilliant idea that I would teach him every other lesson, and skip the rest. That way, he will complete the program in one semester (rather than in one year), and could spend the second semester going through K5. Isaac should be able to work more independently by then, which would give me the extra time I would need with John. So far, that has been going very well. Solomon started 1st grade at age 4 (almost 5), and at this rate, it seems that John will be starting even a few months younger than that. But for now I will just wait and see how it goes.


  1. okay, so this is a little off topic... but i know that your church feels strongly about girls wearing pants and men wearing dresses and such. Well there's a new fad among young people with guys wearing tight girl blue jeans and I told my friend that I would ask cause he wasn't sure if that was appropriate or not. you don't have to post this, but if you could answer, that would be great! Thanks!

  2. It sounds like your children are very smart. They would probably be so limited if you had sent them to public school because public schools are usually strict about skipping grades. They also would not be able to get individualized attention because there are so many children in public schools. It's wonderful that your children can move up to the next grade when they are ready.

    You mentioned that you went to college in Germany. I am just curious. What was your major in college? I have a BSBA degree in Computer Information Systems.


  3. did you guys try the YIN AND YANG chocolate fondue at the melting pot?? it's DELICIOUS!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary.
    The melting pot is one of my favorite places too!


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