Monday, August 25, 2008

Girls are FUN - most of the time

As you can guess, after three boys, we really were hoping for a girl when I was pregnant with Miriam. Not that we wouldn't have loved a boy just as much, but there wasn't as much of a "novelty factor". Lo and behold, a girl we got. On a side note, I'm pretty sure that this baby #5 is another girl.

There are many benefits to having a daughter. You can dress them up pretty. You can fix their hair (as opposed to just buzzing it short every few weeks). They are smarter and learn everything earlier. They are more compassionate and intuitive.

But boy, oh boy, does all that come at a price! Miriam is even more stubborn and opinionated than I am (hard to beat that). Seems like just this week she has taken a major turn for the worse. While I have never experienced the "terrible twos" with any of the kids, I do find 18-24 months a rough patch where they try to figure out who the boss is. Miriam is not trying to figure that out at all. Rather, she has decided that she IS the boss.

Her current obsessions are:

1) Refusing to wear any shoes, ever. Doesn't sound like a biggie until you consider that I am 8 months pregnant and don't feel like carrying her everywhere when we are in public. The asphalt is too hot and dirty to let her walk barefoot, and she doesn't want to ride in the stroller when her brothers are walking. If I wrestle her down and put shoes on her anyway, she will throw herself on the floor screaming and refuse to get up and walk even a single step. The public is not a good place to deal with this, so tonight I decided that starting tomorrow I am going to make her wear shoes in the house all day long, that way I can address her behavior and (hopefully) remedy this problem.

2) Refusing to sit in her car seat. Instead, she wants to sit in a booster seat like her big brothers. Not only is she 2 1/2 years too young for that, but it would be ridiculously unsafe for her to do so. Last week, it took me a good 5 minutes (literally!) to get her buckled in her car seat, as she was kicking and flailing everywhere, arching her back and screeching. Had I been at home trying to leave, I would have taken her back into the house, but I was trying to get home from a shopping trip.

3) Refusing to wear anything that goes past her diaper. This means she basically wants to wear a shirt and a diaper at best. After a couple of run-ins with me about this last week, she seems to be giving up on this battle now.

4) Chocolate. She is absolutely addicted to chocolate. I'm not a fan myself, but I guess it's a pretty typical girl thing.

5) Demanding to go swimming in the pool by herself. This one is even more ridiculous than the car seat issue. She recently decided that she will NEVER let anyone put her in her floatie again, nor will she allow anyone to hold her in the pool. She wants to climb in and out of the pool on the steps by the edge all alone, without anyone touching her, and no life jacket or floatie. She also wants to go walking up and down the side of the pool by herself. Obviously, I cannot allow her to do either. She cannot swim or even float on her back, and I cannot keep my eyes on her 100% of the time when there are 3 other little kids also swimming in the pool. So I can either leave her in the yard by herself, on the other side of the pool fence, while we are in the pool (and listen to her angry protest) or I can let the other kids go swimming while she is asleep. The last couple of times, I finally forced her infant life vest on her and let her play by the steps in that (once she decided I wasn't going to take her out of it no matter how angry she screamed). I think I am winning that battle, too.

And many, many more other, similar obsessions. Moody outbursts became a daily norm with her this past week, and I am trying to work really hard on correcting much of that before the new baby arrives.

On a more positive note, she has been very good in church. She still needs to learn to stay in her seat the whole time as opposed to walking around by my feet, but she is silent the whole service almost every time now.

Here are some more photos of Little Miss Independent:

This is a nice shot of what her freshly trimmed hair looks like in the back. A little short, but not bad considering she was still pretty much bald just a few months ago. Hopefully it will be a lot longer in a couple more months.

Blowing kisses at the camera after I promised her chocolate if she smiled for the picture. Solomon being the perfect big brother as he always is. As far as he is concerned, she can do no wrong.

On Sunday in her pretty new dress. Notice the two battles she won: she got the purse she wanted, and she is barefoot.

This is the little ottoman she likes to sit on during church.

This is her after she realized that there was no more candy left in her purse.

I'm glad I am a woman because I'd hate to be the guy that has to be married to one of us women for the rest of his life!


  1. She is adorable! Bratty and all. lol I guess you now have your hands "full", just with her alone!haha

  2. I blame it all on her Daddy and her big brothers, who let her get away with way too much.

    As far as the shoes go: let's just say that she is happily pitter-pattering around the house in shoes now. But certainly not without a big fight first.

  3. My missionary friend just had her 5th. Only one girl in her bunch. To quote her before she had her daughter, "Good biblical discipline will quickly get rid of the terrible twos." And after, "Girls are just different creatures!" haha

    As far as the pool, does she have a bathing suit with the built in safetly floats? That way she wouldn't know she was in a float and she could bob around as she wishes.

  4. I think Miriam is very cute. She is definitely strong willed. I am strong willed myself too. Miriam reminds me of you.


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