Sunday, August 10, 2008

First week of school in review

Last week was our first week of starting homeschooling again. Here is how it went:

Long day mostly because the kids are not yet in the habit of working on their own papers while I work with one of the other kids. Lots of reminders of "Don't talk while you are working" and "Do your own work", but the kids enjoyed school nonetheless.

Much better. We are done with almost all subjects by lunch. In the afternoon Dad comes home asking if we want to go on a business trip to California with him. We quickly pack up and go with him, and stay at the same fancy resort we went to a couple of months ago.

Solomon works on some penmanship and math that we brought for the hotel, but other than that, we do no schoolwork. The kids spend 3 hours swimming though, and this is our day for P.E., so that works out nicely.

We catch up Wednesday's work, and also do all of Thursday's and about half of Friday's work so we can have tomorrow off for a field trip to the museum. Done by early afternoon, and we run lots of errands.

Visit the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum in downtown Phoenix, which is awesome. Run more errands in the afternoon.

Finish off this week's work, which only takes a couple of hours. Clean the house so it's ready on Monday and we can focus on school work instead of chores.

In all, this week was very easy and smooth. Then again, the full work load doesn't start until tomorrow, because the curriculum purposefully allows for an easier schedule the first week of school to help the kids adjust. I may be singing a different tune in a week from today.

Here are a couple of pictures of Miriam. She loves to sit in the school room with me and her brothers and scribble on paper.


  1. A few points:

    #1: Miriam's diaper is OBVIOUSLY visible in picture 2. Extremely immodest; I am offended.

    #2: Even for a transitional week's coursework, the workload seems extremely light if you are able to finish almost 3 days worth of work in one morning/afternoon. Just a thought.

    #3: So how many vacations does your family take each year? Considering the children will be given a month's break from "school" in October, skipping out on whole chunks of their scholastic schedule to go to a resort doesn't seem especially wise.

    #4: They swam in the pool. And you're counting that as a class. Right. Well. It's certainly a testament to the academic rigors of home "schooling." I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
    #5: The Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum, huh? While field trips and exposure to outside information and research is certainly admirable, let's all be honest here. Given the curricula you have chosen, the kids will most likely never achieve (or even aspire to, I dare say) any level of real scientific proficiency. Seems like a waste of time to me...

  2. 1. If you find a baby's diaper immodest, you must think it is somehow sexual, which makes you a pervert in my eyes.

    2. No, my kids are smart and pick everything up the first time, rather than having to sit around a classroom waiting for all the dummies to get done.

    3. More than you want to know! With 180 days of school in a year of 365 days, we can afford to go places every other day.

    4. I would say that swimming for 3 hours is physically taxing, and doubt you ever swam more than that in one day at school.

    5. Wow, I am impressed that you know anything about what curricula I have chosen. You must be a regular reader of my blog! My kids are already smarter than anything that comes out of the public school. Our 6-year old is in a 3rd grade curriculum (that by Arizona state standards is more like 4th grade) and reads better than most adults. He reads science and history books written for adults in his spare time and knows more than you ever will. Our 5-year old is in first grade and reading like a 3rd grader, and our 3-year old is in kindergarten and learning to read.

    I posted your comment because it is so stupid it is funny.

  3. I agree, Kellys comment is stupid, who can get offended by a baby's diaper? I am offended that she even commented on that in the first place.
    I commend you Zsuzsanna for having the patience and willingness to devote your time to your children's education.

  4. Kelley R:

    Only one of Zsuzsanna's kids is even of compulsory school age! If anything, her homeschooling schedule is too rigorous! She's obviously doing a great job with these kids. Why would you think that taking the month of October off instead of August makes any difference? Have you ever heard of year round school?

    You must be jealous or something, because your comment makes no sense.


    I thought that some of the comments the first person made were puzzling. I don't see anything sexual about diapers at all. Miriam is not even 2 years old yet. I have seen toddlers running in just diapers many times and I see nothing wrong with that since they are just kids. I feel like this person has taken it to extreme. As you know, I agree completely with you that male gynecologists are wrong. They examine private parts of women who have sexually matured. That's a big difference.

    I think it is nice that you take your children on field trips some. They can certainly learn some things from those trips. Swimming is a good way to exercise so you can certainly use it for P.E.


  6. Comment from Miriam's cousin:

    "Miriam kind of looks like me." --Erika

  7. Erika,

    Miriam DOES look a lot like you, that's why she's so cute!

  8. Zsuzsanna,

    I applaud you for educating your children at home which is how God intended in the first place. Kelly R.'s comment was not only weird but rude. NOBODY in their right mind is offended by a diaper!! The rest of the comment was ridiculous as well. Nothing educational about rocks and minerals ? Well, when I was in school it was considered science. Raani is right . She must be jealous .


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