Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some new photos of the kids

It's been a while since I posted any pictures of the kids, as I just realized. Here are some:

Miriam ate two of these huge chocolate cupcakes. While I really don't care for chocolate myself that much, she will do anything to get some. Must be female hormones or something. John preferred the white cupcakes with vanilla frosting.

The kids waiting for the fireworks on 4th of July

A cactus garden that John and Solomon made out of salt dough. The needles are broken angel hair pasta.

What's summer without ice-cream every day?!

A documentary that Solomon recorded himself at the Desert Botanical Garden. My battery died just before he was done so the end is a little abrupt. He was trying to say that the last cactus is called an "Old Man Cactus".

And finally, a clip of Miriam, who is very proud to have graduated to the "big kid" chairs at the counter (as opposed to her high chair).


  1. Your kids are adorable (no news to you, I know!)



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