Saturday, July 5, 2008

Great new store

For those of you who live in California, Arizona, or Nevada, you may be interested in a new store I recently discovered called Fresh & Easy.

It's kind of a cross-over between a health-food store and a regular grocery store. The store brand items are mostly all-natural and/or organic at very reasonable prices. In addition, the store also carries the major name-brand staples so you don't have to go to two different stores to get your shopping done. The store is intentionally kept small to keep you from having to walk two miles by the time you get everything you need.

One of my favorite departments is the bakery, where you can find both all-natural specialty breads as well as cakes and pastries that are all made from wholesome ingredients (as opposed to shortening, preservatives, etc.). Another favorite of mine is the meat and cheese aisle because of the vast selection of meat, fish, and cheese available. Just about any staple, as well as lots of different specialty products, are available and can be found easily. The meat comes from animals that are fed a hormone-free diet of grains, which is better than what most stores have to offer. Fish is always fresh and never previously frozen.

However, my absolute favorite aspect of this store is that every morning, perishables (meat, dairy, produce, baked goods, etc.) that are expiring that day are marked 50% off. Because the store is very dedicated to only offering the freshest items, their turnover is really high and their expiration dates very short, meaning there is lots of stuff every day that gets marked down. Most other stores throw such items out to discourage customers from waiting to shop until stuff goes on sale. At Fresh & Easy, an employee starts going around the store around 9 AM marking things down. As soon as the items have the new half-off label, they pretty much fly off the shelves within less than an hour because they are still very fresh and can either be frozen the same day, or even keep in the fridge for another day or two just fine. What most people don't know is that you can take any item that has not yet been given a new price tag to the employee doing the markdowns, and they will print a new label right there on the spot. Since each package is clearly labeled with the expiration date on top, it only takes one quick scan to see what is expiring that day, and you can beat the rush of everyone trying to grab the best deals. Their employees have encouraged me to do this every time I have shopped there, so it must not be any trouble for them - or maybe they felt sorry for me because I am pregnant and have 4 little kids in tow.

This is a great way to stock up on some all-natural foods at prices lower than the grocery store versions. Their meat is some of the best I have ever found anywhere.

Another perk is that each time I check out, I am given a $5 coupon off a shopping trip of $20 or more for the next week. Not sure how long that promotion is going to last. As far as I know, the store does not accept any manufacturers' coupons, though.

So if you live near one of these stores, give it a try and go there sometime around 10 AM and see how you like the sales.

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