Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Funny things the kids say

I really should be much better about writing down all the funny things the kids say. Whenever I find an old scribbled note with a quote from one of the kids from long ago it really makes my day. My husband likes to say I have "swiss cheese brain" (I call it pregnant brain) so I am sure there are many, many funny things I will never again remember.

Solomon asked me last week what ingredients were in birth control pills.
Me: Hormones
S: What, so they kill people to get the hormones??!?
Me: No! They make artificial hormones in a laboratory. It's kind of like real sugar made out of a sugar cane, and artificial sugar made in a lab.
He thought for a minute, and then said: "Oh, so it's kind of like a wig!" I didn't understand what he meant for a second, but then I saw his point and couldn't stop laughing. True, true - although I'd rather wear a wig than be on those pills.

As I sat down at the computer tonight, I found two sheets of paper that Solomon had written on top of each other on the desk. The first said: "Dare to go to the next page. See what you find." The second one read: "I love you as much as 55,550,000." Sweet, huh?

Isaac on the other hand always cracks me up because his brain is wired backwards. He looks at things in a way no "normal" person would. He is the type that if you showed him four pictures of a dog, a cow, a duck and a table and told him to pick out which didn't belong, he would point to the duck. If you asked him why, he would tell you (puzzled at your ignorance) that it is the only thing that doesn't have four legs. He is also the child who is not scared of ANYTHING, something that I find worrysome. He has been telling me for years that when he grows up, he will always be speeding in the car. I have told him that I will never let him get a license, which makes him grin, point at me with his dirty little index finger, and inform me that Daddy will let him get it. So I told him the police would arrest him, and I cannot post his response to that on here or I will get arrested for teaching my child civil disobedience. So it was no shock to me tonight when on the drive to the grocery store he suddenly got this smirk and asked me if you had to obey the speed limits on a bike. I solemnly affirmed as sternly as I could, fully well realizing that he was probably not likely to ever go 45 mp/h on a bike. What about on the sidewalk, he wanted to know. What about ... Thankfully we got to the store before we could play through all different terrains and scenarios.

So yes, it's fun. And if I didn't have to empty the dishwasher, fill it again, switch the laundry, mop the floors, and clean up the entire house tonight I might actually have time to write down more of the funny things they all said today. But the only way to have that much spare time would be by not having kids. It's a catch 22.


  1. You can always print your blog posts about the kids and put them in a box somewhere.

  2. I've been thinking over your last post all morning (sorry, I know it's cheating to comment on that post via this one, but I am not here to berate you, I promise).

    What I've been wondering is - is it possible that God may be working, in His very mysterious way, through this woman who had so many IVFs? From her blog she does not seem to be a Christian (I think her sister is), but I do know that God may work through anyone, whether they follow His Word and will or not.

    I know that there were many many embryos/babies that died as she tried to have the living children she has. I just have to wonder if somehow, one or both of her living children are destined by God to do great things for Him. Obviously He allowed them to be born despite the method used to get them here.

    I am rambling, I know. I just feel that somehow God has laid it in my heart to try to see His will being done in this as in all things, while it often seems so hidden, it is worth the struggle to understand.



  3. DD,

    You may very well be right in that her children could grow up and do great things for God as much as any other person. God can take a bad situation and turn it around for the better. But that doesn't mean that people should purposefully chose the wrong. I am not saying that her two children should never have lived. I am saying it's a shame that they didn't all get a fair chance to live.

    The goal of my post was to stop others from undergoing IVF by showing how many babies die in the process, not to tell the woman why I think she is wrong. If I would have wanted to do that I could have just commented on her blog. As an unbeliever, I don't expect her to believe that "conceiving seed" is equal in the Bible to "being with child". I don't expect her to "marry, bear children, and guide the house" as opposed to living in fornication, pursuing a career, and getting married late. We will never know if she could have a child naturally because she only tried for a few months before undergoing years of radical treatment with artificial hormones. It seems that God's plan for her life may have been not to have children. If I went out and had my 6-month old baby aborted, I could not legitimately claim that it must have been God's will because He didn't supernaturally intercede. I am sure that He would forgive me and help me to move on in spite of my grievous fault, but that doesn't mean it was His will to begin with.

    Thank you for your comment.

  4. Do you not think it inappropriate to be discussing birth control pills with a child of Solomon's age?

  5. gkk,

    apparently, I don't. Nor do I see any reason why I should. Solomon knows that birth control pills work by pretending to the mother's body that she is already pregnant, as well as make her womb a hostile environment for the occasional pregnancies that still occur (5-60% of the time depending on what hormonal method is used). I can't see what's not age-appropriate about that.

    Besides, I dare say he is more intelligent than the average 6-year old. He is starting 3rd grade this fall, reads at a better level than most adults, has 15 chapters of the Bible memorized word-perfect, is teaching himself to play piano with both hands just by watching others, and on and on. Might have something to do with the fact that he has never watched TV in his life, but rather heard or read the Bible every single day, which makes wise the simple.


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