Saturday, July 12, 2008

The bad and the ugly

There has been a steady flow of negative comments, all of which have been rejected for a variety of reasons. This post quotes some of the most unique of these comments, and my response. This will be the last post referring to my original IVF post.

"I am so glad that all these babies died so she could leave her 2 living children in the care of a nanny all day and call them terms I would never even call this woman herself."

This is a quote from myself in the "Thanks for all the laughs" post. There have been dozens of comments and e-mails saying I was a bad person for being glad the 78 babies died. I am NOT glad they died. The sentence was written in a sarcastic tone. I was basically saying "Why did this woman kill 78 children, so she can leave the 2 that lived in someone else's care all day?" You would expect someone who goes to such great lengths to have children to at least like them enough to want to spend time with them and not call them nasty names.

"Your children are inbred"

I heard this probably 20-or-so times. They are not any more inbred than all human beings, since we DO all go back to Noah and his sons. Maybe God didn't give you children because you are vain and just wanted them as a fashion accessory?

"I sincerely hope that one day you might be "Saved" from your life of narrow-mindedness, judgment and self-righteousness. It terrifies me to think that people like you are educating your children to memorise Bible verses rather than be exposed to a range of ideas and learn to think for themselves."

"Such a hateful and hurtful post I believe is something that a truly religious person would not think. I hope that you find peace with your feelings and learn to become a tolerant, kind, and forgiving person."

Hateful - yes. "Ye that love the LORD, hate evil" and "Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD." come to mind. I don't think it is wrong to hate murder, much less on such a large scale by the hands of a "mother". As far as hating this woman personally, I never said I did. I find her repulsive and sick, but what can you expect from someone who is their own authority in life instead of obeying God? In fact, I never once commented on her blog or even linked to her because I wasn't trying to tear her down personally (she is blind and ignorant because she doesn't believe the Bible), but rather anonymously use her as a bad example to show the cruelty and selfishness behind IVF.

Narrow-minded - yes. My mind is about as narrow as the spine on my Bible.

Tolerant - no, not very much. But shouldn't someone who writes to teach me about being tolerant be tolerant of MY views?!? Oh, that's right - people only ever want to be tolerant of more permissive views (which make them look so on top of things), not higher standards (that they may not measure up to).

You are the type of person who gives religion a bad name.

Well, I guess as much so as the person who went and "tattled" on me after my anonymous post to the woman who is now certainly going to hell because of how judgmental and hateful I am (at least that's what I have been told).

I'd also be interested in your opinon on IUI? Are failed IUI cycles also murdering children?

IUI is a euphemism. From my experience, all marital acts ending in a pregnancy come from IUI. Of course not the "turkey baster" kind, but rather the natural, God-ordained kind. But no, if what science calls IUI fails, it is not murdering children, because conception never took place to begin with. It's still wrong to try and play God (who opens and closes the womb), but it's not murder. If nothing else, it's gross.

Gives you an "ethnic" look is a disadvantage? My word you are racist!

(1) I am one of very few women who DOES wear a wrap-around sling because I DON'T mind that it looks ethnic. So how am I a racist?
(2) Getting strange looks from others should fairly be named with disadvantages, whether or not those people should be staring in the first place. I think it is human nature to be suspicious of something unfamiliar. People stared at me funny during our vacation to Germany because I was wearing a long skirt and had 4 little kids. Asians stared at us at the Grand Canyon because we have all blond kids, and several actually asked if they could have their picture taken with them. One lady (White American) asked if she could take a picture of us all with her camera because it had been so long since she had seen a normal family. Everybody in the world is "ethnic", but they don't necessarily stick out because they usually live in an environment where people are of the same ethnicity.

I know this, IF God does not want me to have children, He will NOT provide me with the funds to do so, and He will not give us the courage to endure injections and treatments on a monthly basis, and most of all He will break our spirit when we loose an unborn child.

Um, yeah, I wish it were that simple. I guess God is helping all these women who have abortions fund those, too. And for you to KNOW that, may I ask what Bible verse you are basing that on? "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge"

While I'm not a huge fan of Paul, I wonder if there was a grain of truth in his statement that women should not be allowed to speak/preach in church?

I think this one made me laugh the most. I AM a fan of Paul (as much as of the rest of the Bible), I think there is more than just a grain of truth in that verse, in fact I believe it is the word of God, and I absolutely agree that women should not be allowed to teach or preach in church. However, I didn't know that the blogosphere is part of our church, or that women are never allowed to talk about Biblical matters in public.

That's it. I will neither answer any more e-mails on this matter, nor post or respond to any more comments. But check back often, because exposing IVF is one of my regular subjects on this blog.

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